Skydiving is a thrilling activity that most people should do at least once. Not every city is suitable for this daredevil sport, as it requires long sunny days, plenty of open space, and an abundance of airplane fuel. Across the world, these factors have created thriving skydiving economies with a high volume of customers. This article highlights some of the cheapest places to skydive.

A lot can affect jump prices, including the altitude of the jump, the weight and experience of the jumper, and local aviation regulations. It is generally more expensive to skydive in and around big cities, as there is a lot of air traffic and resources are pricier. For this reason, most of the skydiving hotspots are a bit out of the way.



More Destinations For Skydiving On A Budget

Flying alongside the sky creatures is possible with skydiving. However, many people wonder where they can do it on a budget. This list was updated to include an additional cost-friendly skydiving destination, and that is Belgrade in Serbia.

California, USA

The Lodi Parachute Center in Acampo, California, is famous (and infamous) for being one of the cheapest places to skydive in the United States. The location, about 40 minutes away from Sacramento, is ideal for skydiving due to the dry sparseness of the land.

The family-owned company has been in operation since the 1960s, manifesting its vision of making human flight accessible to everyone. They possess the largest and fastest airplane in all of Northern California and have a sizable fleet of Otters and King Airs.

Since a tandem master is not needed for experienced jumpers, tickets are $15 at full altitude, which is 13,000 ft. They also have a Hop N Pop package that costs an unbelievably low price of $10 a jump. This involves a jump from 3,000 ft, where the parachute is deployed immediately.

  • A 13,000ft jump lasts about 60 seconds.

For newbies with no experience, a tandem jump with gear included costs $150.

Outside of military situations, skydiving should always be conducted in the daytime with high visibility. For this reason, The Parachute Center closes at 3 PM. Thanks to the consistently sunny weather in Acampo, they are open every single day.

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Himachal Pradesh, India

The Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh is famous for many reasons. It is home to the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government-in-exile, and according to Hindu scriptures, the land was once roamed by ancient Gods. Within Himachal, there are several popular attractions, such as the toy train of Shimla, the monasteries of Dharamshala, and the cannabis cafes of Manali. However, only one place is famous for its aerial sports economy, and that is Bir Billing.

Bir is a two-hour drive from the nearest big city, Dharamshala. Being squarely in the foothills of the Himalayas, the air currents are tame, and the cloud base is suitable. Unlike other cities in the Himalayas, the land sees a lot of sunshine.

While traditional skydiving is available in Bir, the most popular aerial sports are paragliding and base jumping. There are plenty of cliffs to jump off and stunning expanses to glide over, making it one of the best paragliding destinations in the world.

A 30-minute jump and glide costs around $35, while a shorter, 15-minute jump costs a little more than $20. Generally, the maximum weight limit for a jumper is 200 pounds (90kg), and the minimum is 30kg. Small children weigh so little that they might get carried away by the wind, so the weight limits automatically disqualify them even though there are no explicit age limits.

Swakopmund, Namibia

Namibia is considered one of the cheapest places to skydive. In addition to being the second most sparsely populated country in the world, there is an abundance of open desert and lots of old planes with no better purpose than to lift skydivers high up in the air.

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Southern Africa is home to several airplane graveyards from where parts are extracted and reused. A tandem jump at 12,000ft with all of the gear included costs around $130. For experienced skydivers with their own equipment, the price drops to $30.

Take in the glorious scenery from high above as the foggy ocean and desert get closer and bigger. Local tourism website, Namibiahub, recommends Ground Rush Adventures for skydiving in Namibia.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Like a lot of things in Brazil, skydiving is relatively cheap. Brazil is a globally renowned beach and vacation destination due to its long, warm sunny days. If the climate is suitable enough to walk around all day in nothing but a pair of speedos, it's probably a great place to skydive.

  • A person in freefall drops 200 feet per second.

According to, skydiving prices are as low as $55 in Sao Paulo. It is likely that potential divers will need to know someone local to find a place with such prices. Tourist-facing skydiving companies will always charge a lot more, but even with the premiums, the prices are not bad. Clube Escola de Paraquedismo charges about $120 for a tandem jump.

See the blue beaches, green mountains, and technicolor metropolis all at once from thousands of feet in the sky.

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Pondok Cabe, Indonesia

Pondok Cabe is a small town south of Jakarta. The landscape is marked by thick, lush forests that emanate mist. It is a prime destination for golfing in Indonesia, as the prices are cheap and the climate is relaxed.

  • Good golfing weather is usually suitable for skydiving

At a reasonable cost, divers will experience cool dampness while freefalling through the forest-generated clouds. The Skydive Centre in Pondok Cabe offers several options. Jump tickets for experienced divers are $20 at full altitude, while a tandem jump with gear and pictures costs around $180. According to TravelTriange, this is cheaper than any other city in Indonesia.

This has been a brief introduction to cheap and unique skydiving destinations. There are many other places where this sport can be enjoyed at reasonable prices. South America and Africa are reliable options for cheap skydiving, but not in tourist traps. The United States is one of the best places for skydiving, so long as the drop zone is far enough from the nearest city.

Belgrade, Serbia

People who visit Belgrade in Serbia will enjoy a more underground experience since the area is not well-known yet as a hotspot skydiving destination. No words will be able to describe the adrenaline rush felt when reaching 4,000 meters up in the air at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Moreover, people may notice that Belgrade is not that exotic. However, once they meet the breathtaking skyline of the city and they see the Vojvodina and Danube in the distance, they will not be disappointed.

Additionally, the tandem master will take of everything for the guests and guide them to the landing point safely. This will allow visitors to sit back and relax. The Belgrade experience is not only about skydiving! For instance, it's worth seeing the colorful bars, enjoying the lively nightlife, and trying the boat parties of this famous city. For more information about enjoying the best skydiving experience in Belgrade, Serbia, on budget, people can visit

  • Cost: People looking to enjoy an unforgettable skydiving experience in Belgrade expect to pay between Euros 170 and 300.

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