There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to travel and connect with people from all around the world. A Hostel is the newest and best alternative to standard lodging. These places are cheaper and socially more inviting than hotels and offer experiences that most can’t find anywhere else. Guests get to wake up to free breakfast everyday, have roof terrace parties, take surfing classes, have free Wi-fi in their rooms, and participate in an evening of Russian Dumpling making. The sky’s the limit with Hostels. The best part is that they literally cater to all types of people. So, whether some people are outgoing or shy, travelers can choose from several Hostels that’ll best suit their personality. There are even hostels where guests just binge on Netflix all day.

While hostels aren’t just exclusive to Europe it is true that the country has some of the best establishments, especially in Amsterdam. Here are 10 of the most awesome hostels in Amsterdam that travelers can’t get enough of.

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10 The ClickNOORD

Variety and diversity are key features at any Hostel. No one lodge is the same. The ClickNOORD, for example, offers a workspace that’s great for artists of all types. Those who love making sculptures, screenwriting and composing music, this is the perfect Hostel for them. The ClickNOORD offers a laboratory, a spacious atrium and an entertaining saloon known as the ZincBar, is where guests can make new friends.

The hostel also has a self-catering kitchen that guests can help themselves to when they get the late-night munchies. Speaking of the evening, room accommodations include co-ed and girls-only dormitories, fitting between 4-18 people per room. ClickNOORD also has rooms for solo travelers and couples which include doubles, singles and twin private rooms. This hostel will make any traveler fill right at home.

9 The Youth Hostel Meetingpoint

Another note-worthy hostel in Amsterdam is the Youth Hostel Meetingpoint. The name, unfortunately, signifies that it’s only meant for young travelers but don’t get discouraged. Not all hostels are meant for young people. There are plenty that allow for older guests to stay at their establishment.

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The Youth Hostel Meetingpoint is great for travelers who are just passing through and need a place to rest for the night after a long day of sight-seeing. The hostel offers great accommodations like an on-site bar and café place but with must-see spots nearby like the Red Light District, it’s hard to stay in. This hostel has great amenities and puts travelers right at the heart of the city.

8 The Hostelle

Hostels give guests the chance to meet people from all walks of life. The chance of meeting individuals as unique and interesting as those found in hostels isn’t likely, which makes sense to try visiting one at least once in our lives. Hostels are so diverse in their guest list that it’s anyone’s guess who travelers will end up with.

For Hostelle, their lodging establishment is all about forming female friendships and girl power! This hostel is exclusively female-only. They’re all about providing a safe and fun space for women who are traveling to Amsterdam. For women traveling solo for the first time to Europe, this Hostel should be their first choice. Hostelle offers themed dorm rooms, a top-notch hair salon and tours of places like the Anne Frank House. Don’t miss out on this hostel!

7 The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Another great hostel to visit in Amsterdam is the awesome Flying Pig Beach Hostel. Like the Youth Hostel Meetingpoint, this hostel sits right in the middle of all the city action. Guests who love exploring new places and partying till daybreak will love the Flying Pig Beach Hostel.

This establishment has a rep for having one the most relaxed and chilled-out vibes in Amsterdam, making it a perfect option for all kinds of travelers. The hostel also offers great activities that guests can enjoy to the fullest, such as the Pig Bar. There’s no other place that serves great drinks, a lively crowd and unforgettable memories with new friends. Who doesn’t want to go to a Pig Bar?

6 The Cocomama

Amsterdam hostels come in all variations and the best just so happens to be the Cocomama. The Cocomama has received high praise for its daring ability to be different from other big-name hostels that claim to have all the luxury and comfort travelers look for. It features Holland-themed dorm rooms, luxurious feather duvets, and a garden right at the center of the common room.

The Cocomama also comes with a resident kitty that’s there to greet guests in the morning. Come on, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a cute, furry cat? The staff are also available to help plan group activities for guests, such as game night and big family dinners! Cocomama is a great place to establish long-lasting relationships. Even better, this hostel is perfect for first-time travelers who don’t yet know how to navigate around the city. Talk about accommodating.

5 The CityHub

Hostels were created to cater booth solo and group travelers in affordable and safe ways. Some are even better than the average luxury hotel, offering much of the same accommodations and more.

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Though hostels act as an alternative to the standard lodging options, it doesn’t hurt to combine both a hostel and hotel into one building. CityHub is that great mixture of the two worlds coming together, offering both a safe space to interact with guests but also the privacy of our very own personal room—or rather, a Hub. Each Hub is equipped with wi-fi, app-controlled lighting and a music playlist that goes according to our musical interest. If that’s not enough to convince travelers to visit CityHub, then perhaps the tourist attraction De Hallen will spark some interest. This hostel is the best of both worlds!

4 Durty Nelly’s Inn

With great hostels like CityHub and the Hostelle to choose from, what else can travelers expect to find in Amsterdam? Can they really ask for more? Honestly, yes because Amsterdam is full of so many hostels and lodging options that travelers can’t help themselves.

Who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to fly out to a new place and stay for cheap at a hostel? Durty Nelly’s Inn is an affordable destination for travelers looking to save a few extra dollars. It’s situated in downtown Amsterdam as well, where guests can see all the entertainment the city has to offer. Durty Nelly’s Inn also has their own on-site, world-famous Irish Bar that offers the best beers and food in town! When staying at this hostel, guests are automatically entitled to a 20% off discount from drinks or the like! Don’t miss out on this hostel!

3 The St. Christopher's At The Winston

This award-winning hostel has more to offer than just a few entertainment spots and a bar. At the St Christopher’s Inn, travelers can expect a slew of options to choose from. For one, this hostel franchise owns three locations throughout the city of Amsterdam, one of them being the Winston. Sitting right dead smack in the Red Light District and being just minutes from tourists hotspots like the Dam Square, what’s there not to like?

Everything is so close in distance to the St. Christopher’s hostel that travelers can even ride their bikes to tourist attractions such as the Vondelpark and the Van Gogh Museum. The hostel has a wealth of accommodations to choose from, such as a beer garden and a restaurant, where guests are also given a 25% discount for food and drinks. At the St. Christopher Inn at Winston travelers will have so much fun, they’ll want to bring their friends along next time!

2 The Hans Brinker Hostel In Amsterdam

Like all lodging options, no single hostel can always be the best of the best. There’s always competition among companies that try and outdo one another through advertisements and the media. However, the Hans Brinker Hostel in Amsterdam isn’t at all pretentious. In fact, their website reads so much like an honest movie trailer that it deserves some credit for at least advertising their establishment.

This hostel doesn’t have all the perks of a luxury hostel but that doesn’t mean travelers still can’t have fun. At the Hans Brinker Hostel, there’s an underground bar, free breakfast every morning, allergy-friendly rooms and a welcoming hostel staff. Not to mention, it’s very affordable for the average traveler! Hans Brinker Hostel may be not as flashy as other hostels but try and keep an open mind. The 3.7 star rating has to mean something, right?

1 The Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein

Another hostel that values the arts, is the Youth Hostel in Leidseplein, which is also located in downtown Amsterdam and just a few short blocks away from the famous Leidsesquare. The hostel has loads to offer travelers and will expose guests to a variety of new things. The Leidsesquare showcases talents such as clowns, performing artists, and football artists who show off their tricks.

The Youth Hostel is also surrounded by a lot of history and allows travelers to carry a piece of it along their travels through Amsterdam. Guests will see sights such as the 17th-century canals, known as the Grachtengordel, and also come across several museums. Nothing beats art and history, especially when lodging at a hostel that offers both.

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