February and March are both very frustrating months if you live in a country that has a cold climate. The holidays are over, and there is not really anything to look forward to, and the weather is horrible.

It is cold, windy and wet, and you just can’t wait for it to all be over. It will be over, but it seems like it never will. That is why a lot of people look to take a little vacation during these months. They want to take a break and get a bit of relief from the cold weather.

The Bahamas is a popular vacation spot for anyone who wants to get away. It is sunny, warm and has some of the best beaches out there. It also has some great all-inclusive resorts. To help you pick the perfect one, we are going to go through 20 of them to see which one comes out on top.

20 Sandals Emerald Bay ... The Splurge Is Def Worth It

What makes this resort great is that it is adult-only, says Jetsetter. If you are looking for an adult-friendly all-inclusive then this is the one for you. It has three pools, a thatched cabana and a spa for adults to enjoy. The resort also has 7 restaurants!

19 Fowl Cay Resort Is A Place For People And Birds

This may be one of the more expensive resorts in the Bahamas, but you get what you pay for, including a more intimate experience. They have six plantation-style cottages that come with ocean views, fully stocked kitchens, wet bars and a personal boat for the guests to use at their discretion.

18 Lighthouse Pointe At Grand Lucayan - Come For The Sun, Stay For The Beach

There is one problem at all-inclusive resorts, and that is up charges. When you get everything for free, but the bare minimum. If you want something better, you will have to pay. This is not the case at Lighthouse Pointe. Everything is part of what you pay. This includes a kids’ club, premium drinks, room service, beach BBQs, meals and golf.

17 Sandals Royal Bahamian Boasts All The 5-Star Dining

We have another Sandals resort on our list, and that is because the experience at Sandals will always be worth the money. The architecture at the Royal Bahamian will make you feel like you are staying in a royal palace. One of the selling points of this resort is its own private island stocked with restaurants and bars that the guests can enjoy.

16 Via Wyndham Fortuna Beach Has Good Food And Service - It Ranks In The Middle

This is one of the few all-inclusive resorts located in Grand Bahama (The Bahamas is made up of a lot of smaller islands). The rooms are kept simple, but that doesn’t take away from the charm. They have three restaurants, poolside snack bar, theater as well as tons of activities that adults and children can enjoy. This includes trapezes and weekly themed parties.

15 Small Hope Bay Lodge May Be For You If You Want To Stay In An Actual Lodge

The Small Hope Bay Lodge is the island’s oldest dive resort, and it is a classic stay for anyone traveling to Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas. This resort draws people of a more outdoorsy type. It's known for its bonefish guides as well as the quality of the diving tours, which are some of the best.

14 Melia Nassau Beach May Be #1 If You Are A Teenager

This resort is located closer to Nassau, which is where a lot of Bahamas travelers find themselves. It is a larger resort, but it still manages to provide a quality and enjoyable stay. The resort has 694 rooms and was recently renovated. There's a swim-up bar as well as a great stretch of white sand beach to dig your toes into.

13 Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island Falls Somewhere In The Middle

This resort has you having a good time before you even check into your room. Upon arrival, you are treated to welcome drinks. Every room at the resort comes with its own mini-bar for guests to enjoy. If you like to eat, then you should know that the buffet is always changing, thanks to the amazing chef. They also have 4-impressive restaurant options to choose from as well.

12 Comfort Suites Paradise Island Is Not One Of The Best

If you are looking to stay on Paradise Island, then this is your only choice for all-inclusive resorts. That may send fear into some people, but rest assured, this resort has good marks. Past guests have raved about how the property is kept very well-maintained and that the food is exceptional, per TripAdvisor. The service is also excellent.

11 Hideaways At Palm Bay Has Some Interesting Activities

This resort has been boasted as being the best bang for your buck. This resort is located in the Exumas, another popular spot in the Bahamas. They have a private beach just for guests, and they also have a bar and grill right beside the pool. No one has to go far to find something to eat and drink here. Which is what a lot of people are looking for when choosing a resort.

10 Exuma Palms Hotel Has Pigs, Enough Said!

This is a newer resort in Exuma, but they are still doing a great job of bringing a unique experience to guests. The resort has an on-site marine biologist who is there to educate everyone on life around the island. They also are known for their swimming pigs, which is enough to make anyone want to stay here.

9 Breezes Resort And Spa Is Definitely No Sandals

This resort lies on almost 1000-ft of sand that is whiter than white. It has been called very charming and perfect for anyone looking for a getaway. This is another all-inclusive resort that really means all-inclusive. There are no hidden fees while you are there. Plus, they have many activities for guests including, tennis, snorkeling, rock climbing and they boast a night club.

8 Club Med Columbus Isle Is Falling To The Bottom

Club Med Columbus Isle has a lot going for it, and it helps that ‘Club Med’ is in the title. This is one of the best all-inclusive resorts for those who are on their honeymoon, as it is a romantic destination. It is also a great place to stay if you like diving, as it is one of the top-5 diving destinations in the Caribbean. It is an environmentally friendly resort, which earns it points, too.

7 Pelican Bay At Lucaya, Does It Have Pelicans?

The name of this resort may be a bit misleading if you are expecting to be greeted by a bunch of Pelicans. This is another resort that is located on Grand Bahama Island, and it is known for being one of the most hospitable. The architecture blends right into what we all know and love about the Bahamas, and that is color (oh, and good food).

6 Warwick Paradise Island Has All The Culture

Warwick is sought after for two main reasons. The first is that it is another all-inclusive resort that is for adults-only. The other reason is that it is only a 30-minute drive from the main airport in Nassau. There may not be a lot of activities at this resort when compared to some of the other ones on our list, but the marina views are beautiful and sought after by a lot of vacationers.

5 Island Seas Resort Needs The Horses To Draw You In

Island Seas Resort does not have the best ratings when it comes to all-inclusive resorts, but it may be best for someone who is traveling on a budget and is not too picky. It is a condominium-type resort. The good news is that the main center of the town is located within 2-miles of the resort for when you need to get out of your room for a bit.

4 Grand Lucayan Is Great For Baby Boomers ...

The Grand Lucayan Resort is located on the island of Grand Bahama, and it is a great deal for those who want a nice trip without spending too much money. The pool at the resort is boasted as being one of the best. If you are not happy with swimming in a pool, there is a private beach available for guests to sink their toes into.

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3 Memories Grand Bahama, But Don't Let Grand Fool You

Memories are something you definitely want to leave vacation with, and it turns out you will make them here. Will they be bad or good? Memories Grand Bahama seems to fall in the middle when it comes to all-inclusive resorts. There were a lot of guests who enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the resort, but some found it lacking, per Google reviews.

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2 Sandy Toes Is Scraping The Bottom

Sandy Toes has a name that sounds like it is something we are all looking for. That is a nice, tropical vacation where there is a beach we can enjoy. Sandy Toes is where you want to go if you are looking for great service. Guests have raved the service that they have experienced from all the staff at this resort.

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1 St. Francis Resort Is Not That Exciting

St. Francis Resort seems to be the place to go if you are looking for something a little more low-key than the larger all-inclusive resorts. Guests have stated that their stay there felt like they were in a small bed and breakfast. They stated that the resort had a private feel to it, and you never felt like you were around thousands of people. The beach was quiet and that there were great trails nearby to enjoy.

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