Weighing the pros and cons of an all-inclusive vacation boils down to what type of getaway best suits your tastes. Younger folks frown on them since all-inclusive resort deals seem expensive and create the impression that you’re trapped in what the package offers. If you crave experiences outside what you’re paying for, expect to fork over a little extra.

But for families looking to set a vacation budget, they’re perfect. A bona fide all-inclusive will not contain any hidden costs or add more expenses to your bill during your stay, as long as you know exactly what you’re paying for. For families who count every penny that leaves the household, the big advantage for such a package is that it’s not likely to yield any additional and costly surprises.


Here’s another bonus for those looking for deals in January. It’s one of the cheapest months of the year to book since most resorts tend to get most of its traffic during the holiday season. For North American tourists, the most economically viable spots are in the Caribbean, and while you can get deals to places like Asia and Europe, their longer distances mean extra fuel costs that inflate the value of the package.

For that reason, we’re going to stick to that region and pick five all-inclusive resort deals that give more bang for your buck.

Fly To The Bahamas And Get A Trip Normally Priced At $1,400 For $900 And Some Change

Locals proclaim that life is better in the Bahamas and what better way to enjoy that experience than by spending three days at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar starting Jan. 24. This trip, normally more than $1,400, is currently available for $938 and what’s contained in this package is worth it, even though the stay is relatively short, and because of the markdown, meals are not included.

Still, that’s no reason to deprive yourself of the Bahamian magic of the shoreline, especially Cable Beach where the hotel is located. You won’t have a bad view from any of the balconies or you can choose from six pools, a first-rate spa or a chance to gamble in the Caribbean’s largest casino. Or try your hand at taking on the terrain of a nearby golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Stay At This Curacao Resort And Enjoy All Its Upscale Amenities... For Cheap

One of the lesser-known Caribbean destinations, this former Dutch colony island features one of the best deals you can find in the area, at $759 per person, sharply reduced from $1,689. This seven-day stay at Acoya Curacao Resort is available to anyone who wants to put that getaway plan in motion on Jan. 24.

Surrounded by tropical gardens and built around a lake, the hotel comes complete with an upscale restaurant, an elaborate deck to take in the sun, a spa, gym and sauna. A swimming pool is available, although checking out the waves or scuba diving via the services of Buddy’s next door might be more enticing for those wanting to splash around in more natural surroundings.

Get $300 Knocked Off The Original Package Price in The Dominican Republic

Several January deals can be had for less than a thousand, including this irresistible offering $459 for five nights starting Jan. 22 at the Bellevue Dominican Bay in Santo Domingo. That’s $300 off the original resort package sticker price.

Besides hotel rooms with all the basics, this resort includes buffet-style meals, a spa, aqua gym, four swimming pools (including two exclusively for children) as well as an arsenal of activities that include dance classes, archery, rifle shooting, aerobics, snorkelling, and table tennis.

You can also check out the sites of Santo Domingo, with its 16th-century architecture including the Zola Colonial, which was a primary residence for Christopher Columbus when he was exploring what was then known as the New World.

Enjoy Jamaica's Lush Greenery And Pristine Beaches For A Week

Folks looking for a rasta-style good time complete with dreadlocks and reggae can find quite a few January deals if they act fast. But one we found at the Samsara Cliff Resort and Spa in Negril looked too good to pass up. It consists of a week-long stay starting Jan. 19 for $979 per adult, a discount from the original price of $1,199.

Besides the requisite room basics, the hotel has a swimming pool, spa, sporting activities, and a restaurant. But the real draw is getting closer to the music culture of the island. This is Bob Marley territory and there's no shortage of tours to the late reggae superstar’s birthplace, home and studio nearby. But even if you’re not a fan of the culture, the lush scenery, and pristine beaches will still make the trip worth it.

Mexico Is The Best Deal And We Saved It For Last

In terms of the volume of all-inclusive packages, Mexico offers the lion’s share of what’s out there, with most of them offering deals for January. One of the cheapest that’s available for seven days starting Jan. 20 is the Costa Club Punta Arena in Puerto Vallarta. At $765 per person, it’s a bargain at slightly more than half the original price of $1,445.

Located in the heart of the city, the hotel prides itself on the Italian fare served in the restaurant on the premises and a pool the staff encourages guests to use in the morning as a pick-me-up. If you opt to stay in the hotel rather than check out the sights, take advantage of free cooking classes and dance sessions. Cap the night off with a family buffet at another restaurant in the hotel.