Airports are wildly fascinating places. Not only do they serve as gateways to the rest of the world, but they're also unique ports at which one can explore, dine, and shop. Some airports feature more amenities than others while the best are so encompassing that they feel like small cities. When it comes to the best airport in the world, there is seemingly no shortage of things to do, to the point where one wonders if they're in an airport, or an all-inclusive resort.

Speaking of the best airports in the world, there was one that was voted above all of the rest in 2022. This airport features dynamic shopping, incredible botany displays, and architecture that is far beyond its time in regard to airport construction.


The Best Airport In The World In 2022: Singapore Changi Airport

According to Travel Pulse, Singapore Changi Airport is currently reclaiming its title as the best in the world after dropping from its number one spot back in 2021. Prior to that, it was an eight-year front runner, consecutively winning the Skytrax award for the best in the world for nearly a decade. To do so is no easy feat but with Singapore Changi's extensive architectural advances, incredible botanical displays, and modern amenities, this airport has made it look simple. In fact, it has garnered such a reputation that the airport itself is a tourist attraction for a number of reasons. One of which is its stunning waterfall, which is surrounded by lush vegetation that hangs over balconies spread across multiple floors overlooking the tranquil display. The entire airport is modern and futuristic and truly looks like something from a world in the distant future.

Some fast facts about Singapore Changi airport:

  • Travelers can find a rooftop jacuzzi and swimming pool at the Aerotel Transit Hotel. It's open from 6 AM to 12 AM and is a great amenity for travelers with layovers.
  • Fancy a sightseeing tour of Singapore? The airport offers one called The Heritage Tour which runs five times daily, featuring stops at Little India, Chinatown, Merlian Park, and Kampong Glam.
  • The airport was the first of its kind to introduce the aerobridge, another nod to its modern construction and incredible architectural engineering. This is what prevents travelers from having to descend a flight of questionable stairs when exiting their plane!
  • Singapore Changi Airport is also home to the largest slide in the world, which travelers are able to ride for free after spending $10 at the airport.

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What It's Like Flying In Or Out Of Singapore Changi Airport

Understandably, travelers would want to spend as much time as possible exploring Singapore Changi Airport. There's so much to see and experience here without ever leaving the confines of the airport itself, which has made it a welcome layover stop for many travelers.

  • Tip: For those traveling through the airport, download the iChangi app for easy navigation.

One of the main highlights of the airport, and something it has been praised for regularly, is its living rainforest. This indoor display features live exotic plants, coupled with the largest indoor waterfall, called the Rain Vortex, in the world. This is part of the Jewel Changi Airport which was recently incorporated into Singapore Changi Airport back in 2019.

For those hanging around the lobby of the airport, it's not unusual for small robots to roam the corridors offering travelers amenities such as beverages. This is yet another nod to the airport's truly futuristic stake in airport design - and something that many people thoroughly enjoy during their layovers here. Within Terminal 3 alone (there are four, with a fifth slated to be completed by 2030), there's enough shopping to make any mall rate green with jealousy. Stores line multiple floors, and the overlooking balconies resemble high-end luxury shopping more so than an actual airport terminal.

The Jewel showcases the Rain Vortex in a way like no other, with travelers able to get up close to its 130-foot cascade. Surrounded by flora that one might otherwise only see in a rainforest, it's hard to believe that one is standing in the middle of what is actually one of the world's busiest airports. This airport has everything - including 'trails' that visitors can hike to see different vantage points of the falls. After it's all said and done, the options for restaurants and food are endless - just as endless as the airport's all-encompassing environment.

Those traveling through Changi Singapore Airport are in for a unique experience, to say the least. While it looks like it has regained its status as the top airport in the world, it's still a destination that's worth visiting - status or no status.

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