Air travel has seen an increase over the years as airline companies now offer more destinations to the growing list of Air travel-hungry passengers. The competition has become particularly tough for airlines as passengers will obviously go for the ones with the best services. While there are different opinions regarding airlines, reliable ratings are necessary to determine the top airlines so passengers can have better options to choose from. - One of the most reliable rating companies uses a couple of factors such as passenger feedback and the expertise of a team of aviation editors to rate airline companies around the world. According to the ratings company’s most recent top airlines list, these are the airlines on the top spots.

10 British Airways

The flag carrier of the United Kingdom is notable for its innovation and satisfying service. Its 200+ destinations in 75 countries mean that it flies to almost everywhere in the world. The airline has also been cited as having one of the best customer services in the airline industry while the flight experience is often described as pleasant and comfortable in all classes with notable improvements in premium packages.

9 Eva Air

The second-largest airline in Taiwan is exceptional for cabin innovation obviously due to its hello kitty designs which are visible both on the exterior and interior parts of the airplanes. The airline’s premium economy class and accident-free record since its founding in 1989 are also some of the key reasons why passengers all over the world consider it a safe airline.

8 United Airlines

Ranking as one of the largest airlines in the world by all standards, United Airlines comes out as the winner for the best eco-friendly airline. Its easy flight-booking process, convenient SDC Policies, global route network, and amazing lounges with their luxurious amenities are also worth noting.

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7 Virgin Atlantic

As it stands, innovation is key in the airline industry and Virgin Atlantic leads the industry in terms of this essential factor. The company’s relentless design improvements have made it stand out from others. From its sparkling red cabin crew to the airline’s red tail fin and unique signatures, everything in Virgin Atlantic is a sight to behold. Since the start of its operations, the company has stood out and was always first in many things including - the first airline where female flight attendants were not required to wear makeup and one of the first airlines where flight attendants were not required to wear hats and gloves. Think of Virgin Atlantic as an airline of dreamers, creative minds, innovations, and adventures.

6 Cathay Pacific Airways

The business class of the flag carrier of Hong Kong is one of the most outstanding in the industry. Its amazing lounges, exceptional service, and satisfying meals place it ahead of many of its peers. It has been a recipient of many awards, some of which include’s Best Asia Pacific Asia Airline for 2016 and Best Business Class for 2013 and 2015. Its award collection also includes Top Airline for 2014 awarded by World Airline Awards.

5 Emirates

The largest Airline in the Middle East follows up on its slogan “Fly Emirates, Fly Better” by presenting premium economy in its list of increasing offerings. The Airline’s long list of international destinations, amazing business class, and unwavering dedication to sponsoring sporting events also places it at the top of the airline industry.

4 Qantas Airlines

The largest Airline in Australia is recognized for its excellent safety record and also for featuring amazing lounges for which it was awarded the Best Lounges and Best Domestic Airline Service awards. Being the third oldest still operating airline in the world is also one more reason why Qantas Airlines is popular among passengers flying in and out of Australia.

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3 Singapore Airlines

The flag carrier of Singapore has constantly made it to the top airline list due to its amazing offerings. With its spectacular suites furnishings, it claimed the first class award in the most recent top airlines awards. Singapore Airlines also came out at 32nd position on Fortune Magazine’s 50 most admired companies making it the top global airline to make it to this prestigious list released on February 2, 2022.

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2 Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand makes up for its small size and limited offerings with excellence. The airline constantly tops the list of airline winners despite being one of the least big airlines behind. Its premium economy and continuous innovation have made it an industry-standard worth emulating. Air New Zealand’s most recent take-homes include - Best Economy, Best Premium Economy, and Best Airline in the Pacific. Air New Zealand also came top of the list of safest airlines in 2022.

1 Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has been at the top of the airline industry for a long time offering superb service to passengers worldwide even during perilous times. This has made the airline a consistent winner of some of the world's most prestigious airline awards. While it came out 3rd in the list of safest airlines in 2022, Qatar Airways pocketed the Airline of the year award for 2021 and also came out top in Best Business class and Best Catering.

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