Traveling can be tiring, even at the best of times. Some of us relish the opportunity to travel, whereas others would prefer not to. Nevertheless, sometimes it just must be done, whether it is to seal that big business deal or to relax on an island beach soaking up the rays.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of airport lounges to help us relax and recoup before that eagerly awaited flight, so read on and check out 10 of the best airline lounges in the world! You never know, maybe you have already been to one!

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10 Emirates Business Class Lounge, Dubai International Airport

Traveling business class is, well, to put it bluntly, life goals. With it comes many perks including complimentary use of premium airport lounges such as the Emirates Business Lounge, located in their hub in Dubai. Comprising of a full-board buffet, fully-fetched bar and lounge, there is no going wrong here. If you’re feeling like a glass or two of bubbly, try some signature Emirates’ champagne concoctions… after all, it’s midday somewhere, right? You don’t even have to be traveling business class to enjoy this lounge, either! If you are prepared to pay just a little, you can have access to these amenities during your stopover.

9 Lufthansa First Class Lounge, Frankfurt

If you are looking for the most refined airline lounge in the world, you’ll need to head to the Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt. Here, every little detail is taken care of for you; from rental car return to taking a shower before you fly and literally everything else you can think of in between, Lufthansa knows how to take care of its first-class passengers. You even get a rubber duck for shower time! Once it’s time to head to the plane, jump in a private Mercedes or Porsche.

8 Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, London Heathrow

One of the more recent airline lounges built at London Heathrow, the Cathay Pacific first-class lounge is one for the ages. To get you in the mood for what is to come once you reach Hong Kong, try some authentic dishes whilst overlooking the busy air traffic movements of Heathrow. The food alone will make you want to visit this lounge again, not to mention the array of relaxing spaces available whilst you digest your bowl of Hong Kong noodles before your flight.

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7 The VIP Lounge Club, Punta Cana International Airport

Perhaps the coolest airport lounge, the VIP Lounge is not affiliated with any specific airlines, per se. However, it services all premium passengers who pass through Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic. We travel to Punta Cana to relax and catch some rays, right? So why not continue this trend at the airport—sounds easy enough. The airport is arguably the only one in the world to have an outdoor pool overlooking the tarmac. It really does bring the resort lifestyle to the airport, but be careful not to miss your flight!

6 Emirates’ A380 First Class Terminal, Dubai

Emirates features again, this time with its first-class product. It is no secret that Emirates’ iconic A380 service is world-class. However, they have taken this to a whole new level. Emirates has devoted a whole pier to A380 first-class passengers, featuring a buffet at every gate, its own duty-free section, and spa area! A whole wing of an airport just for first-class passengers promotes a sense of ‘personalized privacy’.

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5 Japan Airlines (JAL) First Class Lounge, Tokyo Haneda Airport

Japan Airlines’ first-class lounge at its main hub, Haneda Airport, is a product of true beauty. A combination of traditional Japanese style and contemporary, industrial décor celebrates Tokyo’s fast-paced, changing atmosphere, while still maintaining its roots. Passengers will find a fully-equipped Sake bar, Japanese beer on tap, and world-class chefs employed to provide world-class food at the buffet. A visit to this lounge will undoubtedly leave you wanting more of the lounge, yes, but more so, Tokyo.

4 Qantas Lounge, London Heathrow

Just like the Cathay Pacific lounge in Heathrow airport, the Qantas Lounge is a recent addition to the array of airline lounges. It is the perfect place to relax during a stop-over or while you are preparing for a 12-15 hour flight to the land down under. The Qantas Lounge has more of a hotel feel rather than a lounge, with marble décor and walnut furnishings. Covering 2 floors, the lounge allows passengers to look out on to the busy airport with a scrumptious Neil Perry inspired hearty meal one mouthful away.

3 British Airways Concorde Room, London Heathrow & New York JFK

When a lounge is referred to as a ‘room,’ you know it means business. The British Airways Concorde Room has two locations, one at the British Airways hub of Heathrow and one across the Atlantic at New York JFK airport. Both lounges—sorry, ‘rooms’—offer restaurant quality food, bar service, ample space to spread out pre-flight, and, if that’s not enough, don’t be surprised if you spot a few celebrities as well!

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2 The Private Room Singapore Airlines First Class, Singapore Changi

Another ‘room’ makes the list, and this time operated by one of the best-rated airlines in the world: Singapore Airlines. It is important to note that this lounge is exclusive for passengers flying first-class with Singapore Airlines. Passengers flying first-class with other Star Alliance airlines must check-in to the main first-class lounge. Now, with that out the way, let’s see why this product by Singapore Airlines has made the cut. Outstanding restaurant-style eating area, home-style lounge space that is perfect for business and leisure and most importantly, sets the perfect tone for your upcoming flight with world-renowned Asian service.

1 Air France La Première Lounge, Charles de Gaulle, Paris

Rated 9.8 out of 10 by luxury travelers, the Air France La Première Lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the airlines’ feature lounge. Decked out with modern French design, a hip bar which has a nightclub atmosphere about it and, most importantly, spacious bathrooms. When it is time for your flight, no need to try and navigate your way to the gate, you will be driven to the plane in a private limousine in true French style.

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