You are planning a trip to New York City and are prepared for the adventure of a lifetime, from Times Square to an unlimited shopping adventure. You don't want to stay in just any hotel, but rather, you would prefer the personal experience of an Airbnb. Whether it's for the unique venue or the low price tag, either way, you don't want a basic and boring hotel.

We have compiled a list of Airbnbs to suit everyone's needs, whether you want luxury or a simple space, there is something for everyone. Each one is incredible and well worth the cost, leaving you with the experience of a lifetime. Keep reading to learn about ten incredible New York City Airbnbs where you can have the ultimate adventure!



This Airbnb was featured on Netflix and is as yellow as it claims to be. It is a townhouse and can accommodate up to 16 or more guests with its eight bedrooms. It is four stories tall and is priced at $900 per night, and becomes more affordable the more friends you plan on traveling with.

They offer all of the basic necessities, including cable and wifi and is located in Brooklyn, a mere 24-minute drive to the city amidst New York traffic.


This secluded spot is for a couple looking for a unique experience, but it is recommended only for summer and fall trips as the weather can be bad otherwise. It is a few feet from Riis Beach and also offers a bathhouse and a communal firepit.

The large tents come completely furnished with a bed and chairs, perfect for those who don't appreciate sleeping on the hard earth associated with regular camping. The rate is $195 per night and is a bit far from the city, but if you prefer a beach camping venue then this is the place for you.


The price tag on this monstrosity is a bit steep at $2,750 to $5,750 per night, but the amenities make it all worth it. They advertise it as a steal compared to the $10,000 dollar per night Four Seasons suite a few minutes down the road.

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This Airbnb has its own gym, pool, and lounge areas, complete with designer art decor and a marble bathroom. It will fulfill all of your pampering needs, especially as housekeeping comes in daily to take care of all of your messes.


This minimalist loft is located in the Soho section of New York City and is as chic as the surrounding area. It comes complete with a private elevator and heated floors and allows up to three guests. It is priced at $995 per night, but with its location in the city itself, you couldn't ask for a better deal.

The reviews by guests are incredible and no one left feeling the tiniest bit disappointed, so you are destined to have a great trip if you decide to choose this Airbnb for your accommodations.


This loft serves not only as a place to stay but also accommodates photo and video shoots. It is priced at $1,995 per night and can house you and four of your friends. It is part of the original Empire State Building and was where several famous artists congregated during the early 1980s, letting you live in a piece of history.

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It is in the heart of Downtown NYC and allows you the experience of staying in an art gallery. The reviews rave about how great the host is, speaking of his flexible and helpful nature as he makes every guest feel at home.


This rooftop beauty is located in Manhattan and is perfect for a rooftop view of the city. It is $33 a night for one person or $78 for two, placing it at the lower end of most budgets. It is an apartment located on the fourth floor of the building and is surrounded by plenty of restaurants for you to enjoy.

The D train is minutes away, allowing you easy access to anywhere within the city. It provides you with all of the essentials needed to make your stay perfect.


This van is perfect for people who prefer a different experience, for people who prefer to spend their nights in a converted van rather than a hotel. It is priced at $89 per night for up to two people and it can be parked anywhere in Manhattan.

The owner is also willing to give you a tour of the city for $95 on the way to your parking spot, including a mini pizza or vegan food option. There are no restrooms located in the van itself, but he provides you with gym guest passes which also include a pool.


This castle is located in Brooklyn and is perfect if you plan on traveling alone. It is priced at $65 a night and operates as a shared space, preventing you from having to remain alone in a foreign city. It offers free wifi, but you do have to pay for parking.

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It provides a private lock on your bedroom door for added security and comfort, and people love the owner of the space. It is a picturesque place and one you won't find anywhere else on the planet.


This tiny house can accommodate up to five people and ranges from $42 to $122 per night. The theme of the space is based on The Hobbit with its magical entrance and porthole windows.

The toilet is composting, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does provide for a look into living off of the grid. Although the toilet may not be ideal, they do offer wifi with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to serve all of your entertainment needs. It is located a bit away from the city itself, but it is well worth it for the unique aspects of the stay.


This houseboat is priced at $450 to $1,050 per night and can hold up to ten guests. You have access to the entire boat, as well as the surfboards and wet suits if you want to spend some quality time in the water.

Guests rave about how great the host is and the beauty of the location. The decor speaks to its beachy nature, capturing you with its interesting design and relaxed feel. The entire space is one-of-a-kind and you won't be disappointed when you leave this waterfront abode.

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