Bhutan is popular not only for its lush green valleys and sky-high mountains but also for jaw-dropping and thrilling activities. Apart from plenty of places to explore and multiple sights, the country also offers some exhilarating adventure sports for those who love the adrenaline rush.

A land famed for peaceful and serene vibes has a lot in store to make the voyage memorable for life. From trekking and rafting to mountain biking and whatnot, it is heaven for every adventure freak. For all the travelers who dare to enjoy invigorating adventure sports, the article will be wholesome to get the required information.


Keep reading to have fun at its zenith at Bhutan.

Mountain Biking In Bhutan

Best Place To Do It: Phobjikha Valley And Paro Valley

It requires mountainous roads and vivid landscapes to enjoy mountain biking, and Bhutan has all of it. Travelers can find numerously paved and unpaved roads in the mountains suitable for biking. The different trails at Phobjikha Valley and Paro Valley give a lifetime experience to ride amidst panoramic valleys and mountains. Travelers can find bikes on rent in towns and villages. From moderate roads to off roads, all types of pavements make mountain biking at Bhutan extremely fun and adventurous.

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Bhutan's Whitewater Rafting Trips

Best Place To Do It: Khansum Yulley

When it comes to water sports, river rafting is loved by all. In Bhutan, travelers can enjoy river rafting in Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers. The presence of great rapids allows a memorable rafting experience for the tourists. Travelers can get rapids of classes I and II at both these rivers, along with the picturesque views of Bhutanese mountains. The most exciting part is when travelers get around the thrilling rapids at the Punakha Dzong.

Rock Climbing In Bhutan

Best Place To Do It: The Nose, Thimpu

People who are not afraid of height can surely try Rock Climbing at The Nose located at Thimpu. Since 1998, Rock Climbing has made a significant place among the adventure sports in Bhutan, all thanks to the Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club. All enthusiasts can head towards The Nose, a natural climbing rock that offers a great spot to perform the sport. With over 13 different bolted and safe routes, travelers can enjoy varying heights.

Kayaking Bhutan's Waterways

Best Place To Do It: Puna Tsang Chhu, Sunkosh, Wang Chhu

For solo travelers, kayaking makes a great adventure sport that can be tried alone or with another traveler. Different rivers of Bhutan offer kayaking as a water sport that can be enjoyed along with the scenic vistas of majestic mountains. Travelers can immerse in the wilderness of slow-moving waters in the mesmerizing blues of Puna Tsang Chhu, Sunkosh, and Wang Chhu rivers. All these rivers later combine and become a part of the Brahmaputra in India.

Trekking & Climbing In The Bhutan Mountains

The Best Treks: Jomolhari trek, Druk Path Trek

Bhutan has a lot of peaks that welcome trekkers and hikers of different levels across the world. There are treks suitable for beginners as well as experts. With plenty of paved and unpaved trails, people can gain a lifetime experience. Trekking is one of the most popular adventure activities that most vacationers love to indulge in. From the spectacular views of Jomolhari peak to the vistas of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, trekkers can get amazing views with different hikes and treks.

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Bonus: Visit The Bhutan Suspension Bridge

Where To Find It: Punakha

Even though crossing the Suspension Bridge at Punakha may not sound quite adventurous, it is enough to pump the adrenaline. The best part is once a person crosses the bridge, it takes him into all the nearby villages. The suspension bridge is built hundreds of years ago by hand and is the longest in Bhutan. What makes it amazing is it is still intact and doesn’t make any noise when people walk through it. Crossing it makes one of its kinds of experiences.

For Post-Adrenaline Relaxation: Hot springs

Best Place To Do It: Paro

Who doesn’t want to have some relaxing time inside the hot springs? Being a mountainous place, Bhutan has plenty of hot springs where travelers can get inside and enjoy. The most popular hot spring attractions are in Bumthang and Punakha. Besides getting a breather, dipping in a hot spring also benefits the skin. It has medicinal properties and the power to heal skin disorders. One of the most popular hot springs in Bhutan is Duer Hot Springs, which one can reach after trekking for four arduous days.

Take In The Sights While Paragliding

Best Place To Do It: Kamshet, Ura Valley

No matter what, travelers should not miss getting the amazing paragliding experience in the mountains of Bhutan. Once travelers reach Kamshet, located at Ura Valley, plenty of authorized guides and people welcome all for paragliding. Flying over the forests and low hills and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Ura Valley is an experience of a lifetime that no one should let pass.

Best Time To Visit Bhutan For Maximum Adventure Activities

The peak season is from October to December when the weather is gentle and pleasant. It is the most suitable time to visit this country to enjoy most of the adventurous activities. The air is clear, and the sky is sunny, giving a great experience for activities like paragliding and water sports. Likewise, the temperature in April and May is also suitable for visiting Bhutan if one is more inclined towards trekking and mountain biking.

Bhutan is one of those Asian countries that always scores high when it comes to the happiness index. According to Business Week, in 2020, it was the happiest country in Asia and the 8th happiest in the world.

When there is so much to enjoy and explore, how can anyone miss visiting such a happy and divine place?

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