Canada's international city of Vancouver was made for any tourist. Whether travelers are looking for incredible hiking trails or a foodie tour around Grandville Island, Vancouver is the city of endless experiences. Tourists heading to this Canadian coastal city won't be disappointed by its endless array of dining options, diverse culture, ties to its local Indigenous communities, and connection to nature. So, Wanderlusters, take note: these are the adventures to seek out when heading to Vancouver.

9 Stanley Park Bike Tour

Taking a peaceful walk around Vancouver's Stanley Park is undoubtedly an excellent way to see this massive green space, but a bike tour is the next best thing. The Stanley Park Bike Tour from Cycle City Tours will take visitors on a 3-hour excursion around the park. Biking for up to 12 km (or about 7.5 miles), tourists can learn more about Stanley Park and its preservation of the region's temperate rainforest environment. Along the way, cyclists can also check out the Lost Lagoon, Beaver Lake, and the world-famous Vancouver Seawall!

8 Vancouver Whale Watch

  • Address:  Suite 210 – 12240 Second Avenue, Richmond, Steveston, BC V7E 3L8
  • Average Price (in CAD):  Starts at $155 per person

Vancouver Whale Watching is not located in the heart of downtown Vancouver but rather in the neighboring area of Richmond. However, by using local transit, getting to Richmond to embark on a whale-watching tour with Vancouver Whale Watching is as easy as counting to three. Whale-watching is a popular tourist activity around Vancouver due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. While embarking on this tour, guests will be mystified when they encounter the beauty of whales, from Humpback Whales to Orcas. Visitors may also spot some cute sea lions and seals during their tour!

Tourists looking for whale-watching tours closer to downtown Vancouver can find excursions from other companies operating out of Granville Island and the surrounding area, including Prince of Whales or Wild Whales Vancouver.

7 Vancouver Mystery Games

  • Address:  207 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7
  • Average Price (in CAD): $35 per person

Interested in escape rooms, puzzles, and mysteries? Vancouver Mysteries along West Hastings Street have created a city-wide scavenger hunt that combines all three elements! Tourists can pick their "tour" and embark on a scavenger hunt to gather clues, decode puzzles, and answer riddles scattered throughout the city. This is a perfect way to explore Vancouver and its diverse neighborhoods, especially around Gastown.

6 Harbour Air Seaplane Tour

Looking for a fun way to see the city of Vancouver without extensive walking? Luckily, Harbour Air Tours offers seaplane tours for travelers wishing to get a unique view of the city...from an aerial perspective! So travelers can strap on their seatbelts and soak in the panoramic sites of Vancouver, which are usually less than an hour. Otherwise, visitors can also take a tour from downtown to tour Tofino, Victoria, Bowen Island, or even the Gulf Islands.

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5 The Grouse Ground

  • Address:  6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9
  • Average Price (in CAD):  $61 per adult

Some may call the Grouse Grind Vancouver's "Mother Nature's Stairmaster" and there's an excellent reason. The Grouse Grind is a 2.9 km (or 1.8 miles) trail with 2,830 steps! Over 150,000 hikers tackle this hike every year, which can take up to 2 hours (one way) to complete. Those that can conquer The Grouse Grind will be rewarded with an incredible view of the park, on top of the Peak of Vancouver.

4 FlyOver Canada

  • Address:  999 Canada Pl #201, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1
  • Average Price (in CAD):  $25 to $34 per adult

Nicknamed "The Ultimate Flying Ride," FlyOver Canada is an exhilarating ride that resembles a roller coaster. This experience allows visitors to "fly over" and witness the most iconic landmarks and scenic sites throughout Canada, like Niagara Falls's majesty in Ontario or the craggy mountains of Banff's Mount Louis. FlyOver Canada is a perfect experience for group travelers or tourists traveling with family.

3 Vancouver to Victoria

  • Average Price (in CAD):  Varies depending on the mode of transportation

Undoubtedly, there are countless things to do and enjoy in Vancouver. However, Victoria is an incredible city that deserves a visit, even if it's for one day. Located on Vancouver Island, Victoria is accessible by plane and ferry. It can cost a pretty penny taking a flight to Victoria but is a convenient option, with charter flights leaving from Vancouver regularly. Otherwise, tourists can easily take the local ferry from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, less than an hour away from downtown Vancouver. Tourists can enjoy a 90-minute ride to Victoria, enjoying the beautiful sight of the distant mountains, forest, and the Pacific Ocean.

2 Gastown Food Tour

  • Address:  Waterfront Station, 601 West Cordova St., Vancouver, BC (Meeting Point)
  • Average Price (in CAD):  $109 per person (+ taxes)

Gastown is the oldest in downtown Vancouver and home to the intricate Gastown Steam Clock. Moreover, foodies can embark on a food-filled tour in the area and sample some local restaurants, gastropubs, bakeries, and bars. This 2.5-hour foodie tour can accommodate up to 16 people and make about eight stops at notable eateries across Gastown. When embarking on the Gastown Food Tour, foodies can enjoy a range of savory bites to delightful desserts.

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1 The Capilano Suspension Bridge

  • Address: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1
  • Average Price (in CAD):   $59.95 per adult

Many travelers may believe that a trip to Vancouver is not complete without visiting North Vancouver's Capilano Suspension Bridge. This massive suspension bridge spans over 450 feet and offers incredible views of the West Coast rainforest. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of British Columbia's most famous tourist attractions and is easily accessible from downtown Vancouver (there are shuttle services to the Suspension Bridge Park itself).

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