The Adirondacks are known for their breathtaking summit views and the mountains can be seen from every surrounding area, including Vermont on the opposite side of Lake Champlain. With a stunning lake backdrop and dense forest surrounding, hiking through the Adirondacks is both a rewarding and grounding experience.

These mountains might look tall but that doesn't mean every hike through this wilderness is rated on a scale of moderate to difficult. There are some hikes that are far easier than others with just as much scenic payoff. Alternately, there are some hikes for higher summits that require a bit of experience and definitely some serious stamina to summit - but they're all completely worth it.


Mount Arab, An Easy Hike For Big Views

Although this trail is only about a mile long, it pays to have such a short hike. This hike is near Tupper Lake and can be found pretty easily, and one climb up the nearby fire tower will reward hikers with surrounding views of their picturesque surroundings.

Due to its minimal skill level, it's a good family-friendly hike and a great choice for beginners. There's another surprise waiting at the end of this hike, though - a museum awaits hikers at the top with the history of the surrounding area.

Mount Haystack Is The Third Highest In The State

It's not the tallest but it's definitely up there. This glorious mountain is among others that are well-known for their views and this hike sits at a lofty 4,960 feet. While the hike itself isn't as easy as Mount Arab, it's worth it for great views without an extremely strenuous hike. It's not often hiked by beginners due to its fairly steep ascents, but the summit of this mountain provides magnificent views you can only get from a fair height such as this.

Hanging Spear Falls Is A Waterfall Worth Hiking For

It might have a strange name but Hanging Spear Falls is a worthy experience for waterfall lovers. The falls themselves span a height of 950 feet, and the longest trail hikers can take is only six miles, which is roughly half the length of most Adirondack trails.

This hike is easier than the taller summits and remains relatively level until the final stretch to the falls. It can be found easily in Newcomb as long as you follow the trail guides.

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Cascade Mountain Is A Great Introduction To The Adirondacks

Cascade Mountain is a favorite by many who frequent the Adirondacks. This hike is just under five miles in its entirety and is rated as an easy hike, much to the delight of both experienced and novice hikers alike.

The trail is also close to the main road, making it easy to spot and providing some reassurance to those who are new to this New York wilderness. The flat summit is an easy place to gather, making it less intimidating than some others in the surrounding area.

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Mount Marcy Is An Intense 14-Mile Hike, But A Favorite For Many

For the ultimate in views and to claim the title of the top in the Adirondacks, Mount Marcy is the tallest mountain in the range. Although it's the tallest, it's still rated as a moderate hike. The length of this hike is just under 15 miles, though, so hikers should be sure that their endurance and stamina are up to the challenge.

While the approach is gradual, the final push to the summit does have its steep spots. The original ancient name for the mountain was "Tahawus" which translates to "Cloud Spitter."

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