While the Kardashians and Real Housewives provide entertainment to one demographic, the Discovery and History Channel have discovered an entirely different demographic of viewers to appeal to. Shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers take place out in an isolated part of the world, where the cast has to regularly perform dangerous tasks in order to make a living.

By using nature to complement human trials and tribulations, there is quite a lot of potential for tension and drama that viewers can just eat up!

Bering Sea Gold, just like any reality TV show, has its behind the scene moments that it would like to keep just there: behind the scenes! But we're here to do a little exposing. Here are just a handful of those moments.

14 Scott Meisterham Doesn't Win Any Popularity Contests

In reality TV, there's always someone who gets the "villain" edit. In this case, it's Scott Meisterheim. And he doesn't even really need it! He's gotten belligerent and aggressive with the production crew. He's known as "an angry drunk" and that "he doesn't like us shooting this part of his life".

13 Shawn Pomrenke's Fought The Law...And Lost!

Shawn Pomrenke is the resident convict in this cast of characters. He has been arrested for multiple DUIs. In one incident, he was caught without his court-ordered car breathalyzer! The good news is that, since 2013, he doesn't seem to have had any run-ins with the law.

12 Reality TV In Alaska Is More Lucrative Than You Think

You would never think that Alaska would provide a lucrative scene for reality TV. However, the attractive scenery, the adrenaline-packed jobs, and the difficult climate can make for exciting television. During their first season, the show got over $300 K in state subsidies for filming, as well as employing locals.

11 The Nome City Council Has Some Qualms With Vern Adkison

Despite the celebrity and jobs that this show is creating, not everyone is a fan of the show. Josie Bahnke, Nome's city manager, wrote a letter to Verne Adkinson, criticizing the mining industry and outlining the negative impact on the town. Suffice it to say, Adkinson was not happy!

10 The Birth Of Brad Kelly's Child Was Embellished

Reality TV likes to heighten the drama and the stakes for ratings. Despite the show providing plenty of drama and tension, they brought Brad Kelly's family into it. The difficult birth of his child, while difficult, was not as dire as the promos lead viewers to believe. Both mother and baby seem to be doing fine!

9 Alaska DNR Isn't Very Friendly With The Cast

Alaska's Department of Natural Resources is not of Bering Sea Gold. If you visit Alaska's government website, the show is mentioned! The site seems to take a dig at the show, reminding people that gold claims are not for public acquisition "regardless of what the Discovery Channel Series may convey".

8 Steven Pomrenke's Bank Account Is Stacked

Despite what history might claim, mining for gold is an insanely lucrative business. Steven Pomrenke and his ship, the Christine Rose, regularly bring in million-dollar hauls! Turns out, his net worth is about $ 5 million. It seems like he's on easy street, show or no show.

7 Yvonne Adkinson Is Also A Convict

This cast is rife with legal problems. Verne Adkinson's daughter, Yvonne, was involved in a felony bust in 2014. After a three year trial, she was officially charged in 2017 and served a two-year prison sentence. What does the future hold for Yvonne? We're not quite sure yet.

6 Scott Meisterham Doesn't Have His Kids At The Forefront Of His Mind

Scott Meisterheim doesn't make it difficult to paint himself as the villain of the show. He left his family to strike gold (literally!) in Alaska. However, a warrant was put out for his arrest at one point because he owed $21,000 in child support! Quite the family man, huh?

5 California's Mining Industry Has Suffered Because Of Them

How does a show in Alaska cause issues in California? Well, the show popularized the controversial practice of dredge mining, which involves suctioning gold from the ocean. This influenced a wave of miners to apply this practice in California, where it had been banned. California's Water Board was less than impressed!

4 Government Sued John Mehelich

Bering Sea Gold's tense relationship with the Alaskan government was once again strained when Captain John Mehelich's boat sank, filling Cordova Harbor with 450 gallons of oil and spreading debris everywhere. Mehelich was slapped with a $1.6 million fee for the subsequent cleanup. Mehelich's financial future is still very unclear.

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3 John Bunce's Death Was Handled...Less Than Tastefully

Reality Tv, for the ratings, tends to spin tragic events distastefully. This was the case with the diver, John Bunce, who took his own life. The producers chose to edit the promos in such a way that it implied that his death occurred on the job. Fans were not pleased with the dishonesty.

2 The Reunion Show Fight Was...Not Staged?

Fights are often staged on reality TV shows for the explosive drama (and equally explosive ratings). However, this was not the case here. During a reunion episode, an altercation between Verne Adkinson and Scott Meisterham turned physical. It was so volatile that police and ambulances needed to be involved.

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1 Emily Has Other Dreams Than Mining

Emily Reidel has a secret passion and talent: opera singing. She initially got into dredging as a way to make ends meet, as well as help her earn her bachelor's degree. However, as her fame on the show has grown, it's unclear whether she's still pursuing her vocal dreams.

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