There's nothing like getting away on a spa vacation knowing the only thing that matters are the relaxing services one is about to experience. A spa weekend, especially, is designed to leave a traveler free of stress and feeling like a new person. Or, at least, as close as possible to someone newer than they were when they walked in.

Around the world, there are spa resorts offering wild services that range from hundreds to thousands, not including the cost of staying at the resort. So, the question is this: Why spend money on a service that can be found out in nature, especially if one knows where to look? Try considering these for a spa-centered vacation, courtesy of naturally-occurring events in nature.


Tense Muscles? Try Some Healing Hot Springs

For centuries, hot springs have been a source of healing and well-being in many countries. In Iceland, it's the geothermal water in the Blue Lagoon that eases sore muscles and brings about soothing comfort to weary limbs. In Arkansas, it's Hot Springs National Park that draws thousands each year to its naturally occurring warm baths to soak away the stress of the day. With so many people returning time and time again to these naturally occurring hot springs, there must be some truth to it, right? In fact, there is.

According to SLC Health, hot springs have a high amount of silica which is beneficial for many skin ailments. It's been shown to soften and moisturize the skin which is great for anyone suffering from skin irritations, such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Additional benefits include mental tranquility, improved circulation, and is a natural painkiller for achy joints.

  • Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
  • Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  • Banjar Hot Springs, Bali
  • Hot Springs Cove, British Colombia
  • Cascate del Mulino, Italy
  • Travertine Hot Springs, California

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Seeking Exfoliation? Plan A Beach Vacation

And by 'beach vacation' what is meant is to find a beach with good mud. What is 'good' mud, per se? Take the Dead Sea, for example: for centuries, this mud has been thought to offer incredible health benefits for the skin. It's so highly regarded that around the world, companies come out with Dead Sea face and skin products each year - and they genuinely do help. Of course, as with anything, there's a reason for this.

High levels of salinity have natural antibiotic properties, while Dead Sea mud also contains a helpful number of minerals that do wonders for the skin with regular soaks. Additionally, black sand beaches - or any beach with a volcanic makeup - can offer benefits due to nutrient-rich sand. Volcanic sand and sand, in general, offer great topical benefits for the skin including natural exfoliation. Rather than paying $70 for full skin treatment, travelers could create their own and have a great beachside vacation while they're at it.

Beneficial Beaches

  • Volcano Island, Sicily
  • The Dead Sea, Jordan
  • Punalu'u Beach, Hawaii
  • Ibusuki Beach, Japan

Overall Soreness? Waterfalls Make Pretty Good Masseuses

While we're at it, another natural feature of the planet that many people don't consider when it comes to holistic healing is a waterfall. Hydrotherapy is the practice of using water in such a way that it targets sore muscles and pressure points, and a waterfall is a natural version of something similar. With varying pressures depending on the speed and power of the flow of water, visitors might just find that they get those neck kinks worked out, free of charge.

If nothing else, the constant motion of a waterfall is enough to soothe the senses and bring out a true sense of tranquility. While the water might not be hot, using it in a beneficial way works in very much the same way as a rain showerhead or a pressurized shower might. Another great benefit of visiting a waterfall for holistic benefits includes the potential for a swimming hole. Not only is it relaxing to float around not far from a gorgeous landscape, but many waterfall swimming holes are shallow and intimate enough that one can laze away the day without worrying about having to swim against the current. With so many state and national parks across the U.S. being home to waterfalls, this is by far one of the easiest 'natural' spas to find. After a good hike, there's nothing more rewarding than relaxing in a beautiful place, underneath a waterfall.

  • Butterfly Waterfall in Butterfly Valley, Turkey
  • Treman Falls, Ithaca, New York
  • Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  • Cummins Falls, Jackson County, Tennessee
  • Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, Vermont
  • Oahu Waimea Falls, Oahu, Hawaii
  • YS Falls, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica

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