Bella Vs Gigi Hadid: 20 Most Stunning Photos Of The Victoria's Secret Models On Vacation

Today we thought we'd take a look at how the famous models Gigi and Bella Hadid vacation and trust us — there's not one bad pic of the two. The ladies seem to always be camera-ready, even when they're riding jet-skis and they don't know their photo is being taken. Either way, we thought we would compare some photos of the sisters on vacation to see which one of the two ladies gets the better Insta beach pic, which one has the cooler bikini, and which one gets to vacation with Kendall Jenner! Either way, you'll see that pretty much both girls are absolute vacation goals and their beach pics definitely make us very jealous.

Alright, now here they are — 20 most stunning photos of Victoria's Secret models Bella and Gigi Hadid on vacation!

20 Let's Start Off With The Fact That Gigi Knows How To Pose For That Perfect Beach Insta

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Well, considering that Gigi is a world-famous model, we'd be quite surprised if she didn't know how to pose for that perfect Instagram picture. Gigi knows all the tricks — like pointing her toes on one foot and holding her hair back with her hands!

19 But Bella Hadid Tends To Get More Creative

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While we definitely loved Gigi's Insta pic — we have to give it to Bella, using the shade of a palm tree to get that cool pattern is pretty creative! There's no doubt the sisters can look great in pics, but coming up with a unique concept definitely makes the vacation photos way cooler!

18 Here's Gigi Having A Yummy Drink In Paradise

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We've all been guilty of this — taking cool photos at the beach to make our friends jealous and Gigi seems to be no different. We'd definitely love to be on that beach right now sipping on some water from a coconut and enjoying the warm weather!

17 And Bella Loves A Refreshment On The Beach As Well

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This list will definitely show you that what Gigi can do, Bella can do as well — and sometimes even better! The 23-year-old model posed for her photo with a yummy cold drink and a cool straw hat making it pretty much impossible for us to pick which sister's photo we like more!

16 Here's Gigi On Vacation With Kendall Jenner

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Anyone who follows Gigi Hadid on social media knows that the 24-year-old model is pretty close friends with Kendall Jenner — and as you can tell from the photo above the two have also gone on some luxurious vacations together. But then again, what's being on a fancy yacht to two famous models — it's something they do all the time!

15 Something That Bella Is Also Familiar With

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If you thought Kendall was only friends with Gigi you were obviously wrong. Kendall and Bella are also pretty close, and the two have been spotted partying together in Cannes where they pretty much looked like ultimate friendship goals while sipping on their drinks on a boat!

14 How Gorgeous Does Gigi Look In This One-Piece Swimsuit?

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We love a celeb who can rock a one-piece swimsuit, and Gigi Hadid is definitely one of them! For her Fourth of July vacation, the model decided to rock this stripy swimsuit which she paired with some super funky sunglasses and we bet all eyes were on her!

13 But We Like Bella's As Well

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While Gigi's bathing suit was colorful, Bella decided to rock a completely different look with an all-white bathing suit. And let's be real — we all know that white is the type of color that very few can pull off — and the model certainly does!

12 Gigi Loves Having Fun On A Jet-Ski

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While Gigi Hadid loves relaxing and sunbathing on the beach, the model is also occasionally up for some fun vacation adventures — and jet-skiing certainly sounds like one. The blonde beauty definitely looks like she knows exactly what she's doing while riding those waves on the jet-ski!

11 But Not As Much Fun As Bella

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While Gigi looks like a professional, Bella definitely seems to be the one that's having way more fun. The model was spotted on a jet-ski with her friend and the two seriously looked like they're having the time of their lives — look at their smiles!

10 Gigi Loves An Intricate Back Design

Via; dailymail.co.uk

Obviously, because they work in the fashion industry the two sisters are very familiar with what the latest trends are, so we're not too surprised to see that Gigi Hadid rocked a black bikini with an intricate back design. We love a simple bikini with a twist!

9 But She's Got Nothing On Bella's Wrap Bikini

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Alright, while Gigi's bikini was pretty cute, Bella's definitely wins this battle. The model was spotted rocking a black wrap bikini while on the beach and honestly — where can we get one? The bikini looks so cool that we wouldn't even mind the awkward tan lines!

8 Here's Gigi Slaying Us In A Red Wetsuit

Via: thesun.co.uk

Most wetsuits are usually either black or gray and they look pretty boring — but not Gigi Hadid's. The 24-year-old model was spotted rocking a vibrant red one on the beach and it genuinely made us wonder why all wetsuits aren't in a fun color like this!

7 And Here's Bella Rocking A Black One

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Of course, Bella looks amazing in her black and green wetsuit, but we just can't stop thinking about Gigi's red one — this time the older sister definitely wins! One thing is for sure, both ladies look absolutely incredible in wetsuits — and if you've seen people rock them on the beach you know that not everyone does!

6 Gigi Loves Taking Her Guys On Vacation

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Gigi, who has dated plenty of famous faces, from Joe Jonas to Zayn Malik is also frequently spotted with her boy toys at the beach. In the pics above you can see the blonde beauty on a beach date with Australian singer Cody Simpson — and we have to say it, we absolutely love her bikini!

5 But Bella Can Do That As Well

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While Bella mainly just dated Canadian singer The Weeknd over the years, she was also spotted having fun with other guys — as you can tell from the pics above. While we're not sure who the young man in the photos is, he certainly must have been special if Bella decided to go for a dip with him!

4 Here's Gigi In A Fun Bright Orange Swimsuit

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But enough about boys, let's go back to some fashion talk! How amazing is this orange swimsuit that Gigi was spotted in while relaxing by the pool? Seriously, we're totally obsessed with the mesh cutouts on her shoulders and waist — such a cute detail!

3 And Here's Bella Rocking One As Well

Via: popsugar.com

While Gigi's orange swimsuit was quite unique, Bella's seems rather simple — but pretty, regardless. Of course, when it comes to which sister won the battle, we once again have to give it to Gigi, because her orange swimsuit was just a tiny bit cooler!

2 Lastly, The Sisters Seem To Especially Love Going On Vacation Together

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While we can compare the sisters all we want, it's clear that the two are not competing as they always support each other no matter what. And besides frequently working together, the two also love going on vacations with each other, as you can see from the photo above!

1 Because Nobody Takes That Photo Like Your Sister

Via: celebzz.com

We love this pic of Bella taking a photo of Gigi while they're on vacation — you bet it turned out amazing. Seriously though, who could be better at taking your Instagram pics than your sister who also happens to be a model and knows all about angles and lighting!

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