Bella Hadid and 19 Other Celebs Spotted Skiing All Over The World

Just like the rest of us, the rich and famous are also big fans of fun winter activities, and as this list will show you — plenty of them love skiing just as much as we do.

From reality television stars such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, over singers like Katy Perry and Rihanna, to Academy Award winners such as Angelina Jolie and Hilary Swank — this list is full of faces you will surely recognize.

And while some go skiing in whichever skiing outfit they just happen to find, others like Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss turn the ski slopes into a fashion show!

Alright, now here they are — Bella Hadid and 19 other celebs spotted skiing all over the world!

20 Let's Start Off With Model Bella Hadid

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The first celeb on our list is 23-year-old model Bella Hadid, who seems to be a quite big fan of skiing. The model was spotted skiing in Italy, and judging from the smile on her face — she certainly had plenty of fun on the snow!

19 Kim Kardashian Is Also A Fan Of Skiing

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Next on our list is reality television star Kim Kardashian. the 39-year-old mother of four was spotted on the snow with her daughter North, and judging from Kim's face (and leg position) — the star doesn't seem too confident on snow. But hey, at least North is having a great time!

18 And So Is Angelina Jolie

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Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie is yet another celeb who loves going on ski trips with her family. The 44-year-old mother of six was spotted skiing with her children, and considering that she was well bundled, up it definitely took us a few seconds to recognize her.

17 Katy Perry Love Posing In Her Ski Attire

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Let's move on to singer Katy Perry, who seems to be a big fan of posing in her ski look. The 35-year-old star wore a simple yet sophisticated gray ski suit, and once again — we only recognized her when she showed us her face!

16 And Speaking Of Attire, Paris Hilton's Is Pink

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One celeb who certainly doesn't mind being spotted while on vacation is Paris Hilton. The 38-year-old socialite was spotted rocking this pink look and honestly — we are loving it! Why do ski suits have to always be boring black or gray, when pink is also an option?

15 Mariah Carey Goes Skiing With Her Kids

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How cute are these pics of singer Mariah Carey on a winter vacation with her children? The 49-year-old star shared these photos of her with her daughter Monroe and son Moroccan while on a ski trip in Aspen, Colorado and honestly — the three are adorable!

14 Skiing Makes Heidi Klum Very Happy

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Next on our list is German model Heidi Klum who seems to enjoy skiing very much! The model was spotted rocking a sleek black ski suit in Aspen, Colorado — which is the place most of the rich and famous on our list prefer going to.

13 And Victoria Beckham Totally Rocks Her Skiing Outfit

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A famous lady who prefers skiing in all-white is fashion icon and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. The singer was spotted hitting the slopes with her daughter Harper, and both of them looked absolutely stunning. Judging from the pics, Victoria certainly seems to be great at skiing!

12 Gwen Stefani Is All About The Patterns

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Let's move on to singer Gwen Stefani who was spotted skiing while rocking this colorful look and to be honest we wish everyone dressed like her during winter vacations. We definitely love a celeb who knows how to rock a couple of patterns together!

11 And Jason Statham And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Go Skiing Together

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Next on our list are actor Jason Statham and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who also seem to be big fans of skiing. The two were spotted rocking matching hats while indulging in some fun snow activities, and while Jason was all about his snowboard, Rosie preferred skiing.

10 Kourtney Kardashian Looks Very Focused

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Another Kardashian who made our list is Kourtney. The reality television star was seen at a ski resort where it seemed as if she's learning how to ski. Judging from the determination in her eyes, we bet the 40-year-old learned all the tricks pretty quickly!

9 Kate Hudson Seems Pretty Relaxed

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How pretty is Kate Hudson's red ski suit? We definitely appreciate all these celebs who aren't afraid to choose a colorful look for their winter vacations. The 40-year-old actress definitely enjoyed the sun as she was skiing down the slopes with friends.

8 And Tori Spelling Is Carrying A Lot

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Speaking of ladies who aren't afraid to rock a colorful look — Tori Spelling is certainly one of them. The 46-year-old actress was spotted at a ski resort with her kids, and as you can tell — she was the one in charge of carrying all the equipment!

7 Nina Dobrev Seems Pretty Stoked

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Another female celeb who isn't following the boring black and gray ski suit trend is actress Nina Dobrev. The 30-year-old star was spotted rocking a beautiful patterned ski jacket which is honestly something that we would wear pretty much every day — regardless whether we're skiing or not.

6 And Rihanna Somehow Manages To Look Like She's In A Music Video

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We can't get over these pics of singer Rihanna skiing — how does she manage to look this cool? The singer shared some snaps of her while she was on a winter vacation and frankly — these shots look like they're straight from a music video!

5 Madonna Has Years Of Experience

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Next on our list of celebs who have been spotted skiing is singer Madonna, who definitely looks like she's been doing it her whole life. The pop diva seems very confident as she skis down the slopes, and we bet she enjoys going pretty fast as well.

4 And Rachel Weisz Is Getting A Bit Too Warm

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Let's move on to Hollywood star Rachel Weisz, who is yet another famous face spotted skiing. The 49-year-old Academy Award winner was skiing so much that she started feeling a bit too warm and she even had to unzip her jacket. Skiing is a serious business, folks!

3 Hilary Swank Is Taking A Phone Break

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Speaking of Academy Award winners, we have another one who loves skiing. This time we're talking about actress Hilary Swank who was also spotted skiing with friends, but as you can tell from the pics above — the 45-year-old star also frequently checked her phone because that's what humans do nowadays.

2 Kate Moss Is Serving Us Looks

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Heidi Klum and Bella Hadid aren't the only models who are into this winter sport — 45-year-old Kate Moss loves skiing as well. The iconic model was spotted skiing in the French Alps, and in true fashionista manner, she was rocking a furry black hat!

1 And Lastly, Zoe Saldana Seems Pretty Tired By The End Of her Skiing Day

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To wrap our list up here's actress Zoe Saldana who enjoyed her day of skiing but definitely seemed visibly tired by the end of it. We loved seeing just how many celebs are into the same fun winter sport as the rest of us, it makes us think we have something in common!

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