Baxter State Park is a vast showcase of the natural prowess of Maine. Lying in the North Maine Woods region of the state, hikers can immerse themselves in nature with numerous ponds, waterfalls, and spruce trees. The true star of the show here is Mount Katahdin which is not only the tallest mountain in Maine but is also the northernmost point of the famous Appalachian Trail. Such a fact may make the impression that Baxter State Park is only a playground for experienced trekkers, but there are actually more than plenty of beginner-level trails for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy. Here is a quick list of them. It should also be noted that parking reservations are necessary for major trailheads at Baxter State Park, so check the website ahead of time to ensure a smooth visit.

10 Caverly Pond Trail

Perhaps the most accessible trail in the park, Caverly Pond Trail, is found within a mile of the park entrance. It is ideal for those who just want to have a quick refreshing walk through nature. The trail is only 0.3 miles long, and visitors can complete it in just a few minutes, but it still includes amazing views of Mount Katahdin.

9 Daicy Pond

Daicy Pond's trail is a welcoming place for a quick walk while still featuring the beautiful scenery one expects in Maine. Visitors walking at a brisk pace typically get through the trail in approximately half an hour, but many people come to Daicy Pond to spend some time fishing, birdwatching or seeking easily accessible camping.

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8 Little Abol Falls

Little Abol Falls is another beginner trail, measuring in at a distance of 1.7 miles. Most finish the trail in around 50 minutes and are rewarded with the pleasant waterfall to take a break in front of and admire. Since this trail lacks activities like fishing and camping, it also serves as a more tranquil hike for some alone time.

7 Rum Pond Trail

Rum Pond Trail is a bit longer in terms of beginner trails at a final distance of 4 miles. It is still a very beginner-friendly trail with flat ground and offers a lovely walk past two ponds which takes most hikers close to an hour and a half to complete. Runners will often be seen on this trail due to its long distance.

6 Abol Stream Trail

Abol Stream Trail is a good mid-range hike for beginners at a 2.5-mile distance. The trail is easily walkable but still has a mountain backdrop to take in along with the pleasant stream near the trail. Picnic tables are plentiful on this trail, so it also serves as a good place for a mountain view picnic.

5 Sandy Stream Pond Trail

Sandy Stream Pond is another wonderful option to enjoy some breathtaking views of the mountainous area without breaking much of a sweat. The trail is only 1.3 miles long but is very popular due to the scenery. This relatively more Instagram-worthy trail tends to have a consistent crowd, so odds are that numerous other hikers will be present. Keep an eye out for beaver and moose!

4 Cranberry Pond Trail

Upon arrival at Baxter State Park, visitors will be quick to notice the seemingly infinite amount of ponds throughout their hike. Cranberry Pond Trail is a testament to this. The trail begins in the forest at Upper Tongue Pond, then at Cranberry Pond, Rocky Pond, and finally, Round Pond. This is another popular trail measuring at 2.7 miles. The numerous ponds also come with a small disadvantage in the form of mosquitos, so do not forget the bug spray.

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3 Blueberry Ledges Trail

Blueberry Ledges Trail does not demand advanced hiking skills, but it is one of the deeper ventures into the park as far as beginner trails go. The entirety of the trail spans 8 miles. It begins with views of Mount Katahdin before carrying hikers deep into the forest through walls of large boulders and, as the name hints, wild blueberries can be found in the summer.

2 Chimney Pond Trail

Chimney Pond Trail is perfect for novice hikers or visitors who want to make their way into some mountainous terrain without the commitment of journeying to the summit of Mount Katahdin. This 6.3-mile trail features some slight ascent as one makes their way to the staggering mountain scenes, but the photo opportunities are worth it!

1 Pamola Caves

This 1.1-mile hike is great for beginners who want to get themselves into rocky territory. It is a short trail but gets challenging due to the terrain. Here hikers can crawl around in the natural phenomenon of small ice caves and feel they are on a different planet despite the short trail.