Bars are not always that great, but some of them can be pretty fun to visit. There are some cool rooftop bars to check out in Montreal, and some bars in hotels serve up some interesting drinks. Since that is the case, a lot of people love to check out different bars, as well as the drinks that are served there.

In addition, some people love to work as bartenders. According to, there are some people out there who do not think bartending is a great career, but it can be. Some people want to take bartending jobs abroad, but there are some things that they need to know. Here are some of the things one should know about working as a bartender abroad.

10 Tipping Is A Bit Different In Various Countries

There are many great bars in Spain, but tipping there might be different than it is in other countries. In some places, guests in bars tend to tip based on how much their bill costs, but people in other parts of the world tip by telling bartenders not to give them their change back, according to Additionally, some places just don't like tipping much at all, or they at least do not expect it.

9 Bartenders In Europe Can Serve Drinks To Go

In the United States, there are some pretty strict laws when it comes to alcohol. That is why people cannot take their drinks outside of the bars they go to there. But according to, people can get their drinks to go when they are in Europe. The alcohol laws there are a bit more relaxed than they are in other parts of the world, which is one detail potential bartenders definitely need to know.

8 Certifications Usually Are Not Needed

Bartenders in various parts of the world need different things in order to do their job legally. Sometimes they need some type of certification, and other times they do not. According to, it seems that some parts of Europe do not require their citizens to get any certificate before they are legally allowed to start serving people drinks in bars. But getting one might lead to a person receiving a job that pays more.

7 During The Summer, People Prefer Hanging Out In Parks Rather Than Bars

The fact that Europe allows people to drink in public makes things much more different for bartenders in that area than ones that work in the United States. According to, bars over there have to compete with parks, since people love to go to them and hang out while they are enjoying their alcoholic beverages. They are much less likely to hang out in bars and buy more drinks if they are doing that.

6 Bartenders Who Work Abroad Will Hear Many Different Languages, And Probably Very Little English

According to some of the things that have been said on, bartenders who choose work abroad might not run into that many customers who speak English. This can create a bit of a language barrier for some people. In addition, they might also hear a lot of other languages, as well as different accents. That is because of the fact that there’s a high amount of tourism in that part of the world.

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5 Lots Of Drinks Are Served Without Ice

People who are originally from the United States might be a bit surprised when they go to Europe to seek work as a bartender. There are many reasons why this is true, but one of them is that people in Europe don’t use as much ice as the people in the United States do. This means that many drinks will be served without any ice at all, which might seem a bit odd to foreigners.

4 Aspiring Bartenders Don't Have To Worry About Much Competition In New Zealand

Those who wish to seek work as a bartender in Europe may or may not want to do so in New Zealand. In many areas, the competition for that kind of work is really high, which means finding a job is less likely. That does not seem to be the case in New Zealand, but there is a reason for that. According to Reddit, tipping is not something that people do much of over there.

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3 Finding A Bartending Job In Australia Is Not Hard

If a person is looking to go to a place where it will likely not take them very long to fund work as a bartender, then they might want to consider going somewhere like Australia. According to, getting a job in that field over there is not a difficult thing to do. But, some people might face restrictions because of their visas, which can keep them from having the job for a long time.

2 Bartenders Might Work With Backpackers Who Are Trying To Make A Little Extra Money

Since it does not seem like getting a bartending job in Australia is very hard, there are some backpackers who look into that kind of work while they are over there, according to Since they might only be able to hold the job for a short amount of time, this is actually the perfect kind of job for them since they usually do not stay in that particular area for a very long time.

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One thing that is important for any bartender to know is that there are different styles of drinks that they will need to know how to make. Furthermore, some types of drinks are more popular in different parts of the world than they are in others. According to, the people of Dubai and Tokyo tend to like things like craft cocktails. Another example is the fact that people elsewhere tend to prefer simple beers.

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