Missouri and Arkansas may not be exactly famous for their mountains - or lack thereof. But they make up for them with some stunning and intriguing cave systems underground. One of the most famous is the Ozarks Caves. These stunning passways into the underworld are other earthly and something everyone should check out when passing through the state of Missouri (also check out the awesome Missouri treehouses). There are numerous guided tours into these caves, but not only that, there is an unusual luxury accommodation option of spending the night in the belly of a cave! The cavern dwelling option is some way south in Arkansas.


About The Ozarks Caves

Some of us have been inspired by the fascinating tales in the book, Journey To The Center Of The Earth or the movie adaptions of it. If one has ever been captivated by that story, well there's a way to discover the insides of the planet and sleep there for real.

The Ozark Caves have been formed from eons of erosion by water under the surface and a filled with stalagmites, helictites, soda straws, and many other geologic marvels. They are home to a number of cave-dwelling species including the blind grotto salamander. Today they are part of the Lake of the Ozarks State Park and part of a group of "wild" caves. The Ozark Caves are one of three "tamed" caves in the state that tourists can actually visit.

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Temperature: A Constant 60° Fahrenheit or 15.5° Celsius

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge Accommodation

This unique option for cavern accommodation is unlike any place on the earth - or at least on the surface of the earth. One of America's great options for cavern accommodation is the luxurious Beckham Creek Cave Lodge. This lodge is tucked into a natural cavern overlooking the valley (so strictly speaking not actually within the Ozark Caves of Missouri mentioned above).

The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is Urban Revival-themed and is located in a bluff in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. It sleeps up to 12 people and is perfect for a weekend getaway, family experience, or honeymoon.

About The Lodge

The Lodge offers 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (3 of which are private). The Honeymoon Suite has a queen bed and private bath designed as an open living space. It is designed spaciously and includes its own sitting area. The bed is a custom-made round queen bed that slots into natural stalactites - as the room is made to utilize the natural formations of the cave. The rooms with the main "cave" theme and feel are the main living room and the Honeymoon Suite. The other bedrooms are for the most part regular rooms.

  • Check-In Time: 3.00 pm (Check Out 11.00)

The price of this cavern rental lodge doesn't come cheap. Including tax, it will set the occupants back $1,760 per night including sales tax with a minimum stay of two nights. The price does not vary throughout the year.

  • Price Per Night: $1,760
  • Pets: No Pets Allowed

For those looking to reserve this lodge, a 100% upfront payment is required with that being fully refundable up to 1 month before the stay. 50% refundable if canceled 3 weeks out and no refund within the last week.

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The lodge comes with a fully furnished kitchen, although there is no on-site restaurant. Facilities include a firepit, WIFI, a large living room with a natural waterfall rock formation, a big screen smart TV, and lofts and balconies.

Tours of The Ozark Caves

There are plenty of guided tours. They leave every few minutes and they last for around an hour. The temperature is a constant 60° so it may be a good idea to bring a sweater even if it is a hot day on the surface. The park provides Park interpreters to lead the tourists through the caves.

  • Distance Of Tour: Half-Mile
  • Duration of Tour: Around An Hour
  • Cost: $10 (Adult)
  • Child: $6
  • Tip: Bring A Sweater

What To Do In The Area

If guests don't feel like cooking themselves, then there are plenty of local restaurants close by. The lodge maintains a Guest Directory where guests can book directly with the local restaurants, local hikes, and the like. Local activities include canoeing, fishing, hiking, helicopter rides, and horseback riding. For those not wishing to drive here, the accommodation has its own onsite Helipad. Close rivers include the Buffalo National River and the White River.

Those excited about staying at Beckham Creek Cave Lodge will need to plan ahead if they wish to stay there. The lodge is fully booked for months in advance and then for the whole summer of 2022. Prospective guests will need to get in quickly!

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