One thing about traveling is that there is always a constant need to see the best and most beautiful things for every new place visited. Whenever a traveler is able to discover new places and new things, then the purpose of traveling is fulfilled. When visiting a new place, the first step is to research attractive and beautiful things available in that place.

When visiting St. John, New Brunswick, travelers find a place with many things to see and experience, however, the challenge is in finding out exactly what to go for and where. Here is a list of the 10 most beautiful things to do here.

10 Stonehammer Geopark, Skywalk, And Reversing Falls

The reversing falls at the Saint John River is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary things one can witness in the area. It is a magical phenomenon to witness. The reversing falls bridge offers a great point to stand and watch how tides interact to form this amazing scene. With the area now having the Skywalk, there is so much to experience. Stonehammer Geopark is a UNESCO heritage site and it is a must-visit place to witness tides and the cliff's unique geology.

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9 Rockwood Park

Rockwood park is very beautiful and it is the largest urban park in the area. With Rockwood park being part of Stonehammer Geopark, it is so beautiful and there is so much to see here. The park is made of more than 50 walking trails that make the whole experience there interesting. Additionally, there are many activities to do that include fishing, swimming, skating and so much more.

8 Saint John Historic Home And Prince William Street

Here is where a person gets a chance to experience the history of Saint John. By visiting this area, and witnessing the homes one will be able to learn about the first settlers in the area. The architecture in this building and streets is very unique and shows the history of architecture and homes during that time. Prince William Street has been preserved as it also hosts several buildings with special styles that carry the history of the place. One of the places to visit along the street is the St. John Anglican church dating back to 1825.

7 Loyalist Trail

The loyalist trail offers the best experience of the early settler’s region and the history that has been created there. It is a trail that follows all the way to downtown. Here one will see many signs of plague and houses showcasing the ancient history. Additionally, it is a chance to see the picturesque gardens and loyalist cemetery.

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6 Saint John City Market

It is arguably the most interesting market one can visit in Saint John. This is a market popular for many reasons. The first is that the market was built as early as 1876 and has been the community’s heart for many years. This is because the market hosts greengrocers, bakers, great coffee, butchers, craft stalls among other things. Being the oldest market in the whole of North America, there is so much to discover here.

5 Irving Nature Park

Irving Nature Park is a place worth visiting for how beautiful it is. It is located just 11 km from the Bay of Fundy. It is a park that covers 600 acres with so much to see since there is a diverse ecosystem. By visiting the park, one will see many features such as forests, mudflats, salt marsh, sandy beach, volcanic rocks and so much more. With the park having over 250 species of marine and migratory birds, among other animals, it is quite beautiful.

4 Carleton Martello Tower

Carleton Martello Tower is a national historic site. It was built in 1813 and was used for protection from foreign invaders. Having been a defensive fort, and was built during the British empire, there are so many interesting things to see about the tower. It was made by strategic management that was used for planning firepower, air defense strategies, and many other things. Since it serves as a military museum from the second world war events, it has many artifacts and things to learn about history.

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3 Art Galleries

St. John has a great abundance of art galleries. Craftsmanship and art are very well valued in the region and there are many crafts marketplaces, art galleries, and studios to explore. The galleries are from some of the best artists such as the Jones Gallery. There are other galleries such as Buckland Merrifield Gallery. Another amazing gallery to visit is the Handworks Gallery which offers sculptures, pottery, wooden furniture, and more.

2 Fort Howe National Historic Site

Fort Howe National Historic site provides panoramic views of the town, river, harbor, and shipyards. That is not enough as there are other things to see and experience in this wooden blockhouse. It is a house that resembles a house built in 1777 at a time when the place was armed with guards in settling an attack from Americans.

1 Imperial Theatre

For someone who would like to see something really beautiful in Saint John and at night, they should go to the Imperial Theatre. It was established in 1914 and it is one of the grandest buildings in the region. It offers some of the best film shows and performances in the city. The theatre has been used in the town for many things over the years in some cases serving as a church, movies, and other things. However, currently one can enjoy a variety of concerts, and events such as dances, comedy, opera and more.

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