Jamaica is a destination for those who seek relaxation, culture, history, and entertainment all in one. Once a Spanish speaking country, the official language of Jamaica is now English. It is said to be one of the happiest places on Earth. Jamaica is a fun, joyful and energetic island that welcomes tourists all year around.

Montego Bay is the ultimate destination in Jamaica. A city is rich with resorts, beautiful white sand beaches, and tours of all sorts that tourists can enjoy. A collection of beautiful photos speak for themselves: there is so much to do in Montego Bay, or MoBay, as the locals like to call it.

Without having to drive far, you can find so many things to do like nowhere else in Jamaica.

20 Smaller Than Kingston, Montego Bay Is A City Of Perfect Size

Montego Bay, also called MoBay or simply Bay, is located on the northern side of Jamaica. Its population is around half a million people. Montego Bay is the most popular spot to visit in Jamaica, probably also because the airport is very close to this Jamaican gem.

19 Montego Bay Is Safe And Hospitable

Jamaica is a tourist destination that some find dangerous and deem not worth visiting. While it is important to be informed and careful, rumors such as those have to be taken with a pinch of salt. MoBay is a safe vacationing spot, as long as you don’t go looking for trouble.

18 The Perfect Vacation Spot For Families With Small Children

Montego Bay is a popular destination spot because it is so easy to relax and have a good time. A city with many resorts where the customer is king: what is not to like? The fuss-free atmosphere is especially attractive to families with small children.

17 Montego Bay Is The Perfect Romantic Getaway Destination

It is not only for families with children. You can rest assured that there’s room for everyone in Montego Bay. Before booking a trip, make sure you do your research and figure out which all-inclusive resort is for you. There are a lot of options for a romantic getaway.

16 The Spooky Rose Hall Great House Is Said To Be Haunted

Montego Bay has its fair share of history. This mansion was opened in the late 18th century and it’s a definite must-visit. Today, it houses a museum about slavery and a spooky legend (that proved itself to just be a fable) about a woman who still haunts the premises.

15 Montego Bay Has A Wide Selection Of Resorts Where Tourists Can Stay

As is the case with most destinations, it is really important what kind of accommodation you choose. Think about the tours that resorts organize and what’s included in the price you pay. It’s outright tragic when people don’t manage to unwind because they’re too stressed about their hotel.

14 Practicing Self-Care At Montego Bay Spas

Another reason why Montego Bay is the best place in Jamaica is its various spas and wellness centers. Many resorts have their own centers with various services available. Montego Bay’s spa centers soothe the souls of all kinds of tourists that flock there for a good reason.

13 It's Definitely Worth Getting A Hotel Room With A View Of The Bay

With so much to do and experience in Montego Bay (golfing, wellness, cuisine, and beaches), those who do it right don’t spend much time in their hotel rooms. Regardless of that, it’s important to get a good view of the bay while there as it is absolutely stunning.

12 Montego Bay Is A Great Wedding Destination

A destination wedding on a Caribbean island is but a mere dream to most lovebirds. Montego Bay is a popular and doable spot, as the plane tickets are not expensive, there are few language barriers and the staff at certain resorts will do anything for newlyweds.

11 Coffee And Pineapples: Visiting The Croydon Plantation

Croydon Plantation is a plantation where they grow coffee and pineapples. It’s popular amongst tourists because of good views of the nearby mountains and local fruit tastings. Besides pineapples, visitors can try sugar cane, coconut, mango, etc. The tour is not for the lazy: there’s quite a bit of walking to do.

10 A Fresh Coconut Is The Ultimate Vacation Drink

Drinking fresh coconuts is a must while in Montego Bay. They’re refreshing and extremely good for your health. They are often sold on beaches and while they might be a bit of an acquired taste, make sure you try drinking a few while vacationing in MoBay.

9 The Vendors Are An Extremely Colorful and Happy Addition

Montego Bay features delightful and colorful vendors that are a popular spot for tourists. This is where you can buy budget-friendly souvenirs with as little hassle as possible. Tourists like buying items that feature the colors of the Jamaican flag and accessories of all sorts.

8 Rainbows Make For A Common Sight In Montego Bay

Going through photos taken by tourists in Montego Bay, you will come across so many photos of beautiful rainbows above the sea. Even if there is a storm in Jamaica, the silver lining is that you get rewarded with sights like these. Not too bad, right?

7 You Have To Try Jamaican Cuisine While There

As MoBay is the go-to destination in Jamaica, there are infinite restaurants to choose from. Jamaican cuisine is flavorful and the most famous dish is jerk chicken. You have to eat local while in Montego Bay. Those who choose not to are missing out on an essential part of traveling.

6 Swimming In The Magical Luminous Lagoon

There are not many places on this planet where you can dip in water that is literally glistening. Luminous Lagoon got its name from dinoflagellates, microscopic organisms that glow in the dark waters. Tour boats take tourists there every night. Make sure you don’t miss it.

5 Golfing In Montego Bay Offers Amazing Views Of The Sea

There are several golf courses visitors can choose from in Montego Bay and its surrounding area. Golfing is especially special because of the views of the sea and excellent customer service. There are also beach clubs and golf shops to visit once the golfing is over.

4 The Weather In Jamaica Is Amazing All Year Around

To be honest, all Caribbean destinations are sunny all year round and that’s what makes them so attractive. The best time to visit is winter, as that’s when it’s cheapest to fly. The summer is more expensive, and while the temperature is perfect even then, it’s also the hurricane season.

3 The Most Romantic Time Of The Day Is Around Sunset

Resorts with amazing customer service will make sure that you have the best stay possible. The above photo shows a private dinner for two as the sun is going down. Montego Bay offers amazing sunset views, so make sure you take time to appreciate this magical time of the day.

2 Sam Sharpe Square In Downtown Honors An Anti-Slavery Activist

Sam Sharpe lived in the 19th century and he led the famous anti-slavery Christmas Rebellion in Jamaica. He’s a national hero whose image can be seen on the Jamaican $50 bill. He was born a slave and fought profusely to bring attention to the wrongdoings of the government.

1 Montego Bay Is A Must If You're Considering Going To Jamaica

Montego Bay is also great because it is an amazing starting point for seeing the rest of Jamaica. The airport is close and it is very easy to get around. The city is bursting with energy both day and night and it has a true Jamaican spirit.