Over 6000 uniquely wondrous Greek islands combine to offer travelers and locals alike every experience imaginable beneath an endless sun. Appetites will be satisfied, adventures will be savored and time travel will feel possible amongst this stunningly beautiful realm carved into the perfect blue water.

Island hoppers have the luxury of choice; able to sink slowly into the sand and relax, take to the mountains in exploration, acquaint themselves with the vibrant underwater wildlife or simply eat everything on offer before politely asking for more. There is no shortage of options, but here are 10 islands worth visiting right now.

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10 Milos

Home to perhaps the most dramatic coastline amongst the vast array of Greek Islands, Milos boasts over 70 pristine beaches that flow into crystal clear water the beauty of which seems almost mythical.

Not yet a huge tourist destination, this is an island that allows travelers to escape the crowds to some extent while still bathing in the glow of the wondrously picturesque landscapes. Try the hot springs when deep relaxation calls and relax in the tiny boathouses that serve delicious coffee all day long.

9 Sifnos

Everything comes back to food in Sifnos. All over the island are incredible potteries that finely craft the earthenware pots used in the cooking here. Many of the traditional cuisines are slow-roasted within these perfected pots inside wood-fired ovens and the flavors they create are astounding.

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Seafood is a huge drawcard here with calamari, eel, lobster and vibrantly colored fish pulled fresh from the ocean and devoured before even leaving the jetty. No one departs this island feeling hungry. 

8 Tinos

An island of over 50 villages, Tinos is famous for its marble crafts, basket-weavers, delicious food and boisterous tavernas. Despite being just 15 minutes from the vibrant island of Mykonos, Tinos is a much quieter area that still knows how to party.

The waters here draw surfers from all over the world, with one of the coolest spots to visit generally accepted to be Kolibithra Bay, where a VW Camper Van has been converted into an incredible bar nestled in the sand.

7 Naxos

Most visitors that wash up on the shores of Naxos have just one thing on their minds: endless beaches and crystal-clear waters. There are shallow seas ideal for families, wilder waves for the adventurous and calmer coasts for the more relaxed.

Here you can go windsurfing, galloping across the dunes on horseback, exploring in the hills or simply recline on the beach and watch day become night. Time and time again.

6 Crete

Given it is the country’s largest island, it is no surprise that a to-do list on Crete can easily grow into an intimidatingly long list of experiences, all unable to be turned down.

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There are ancient ruins, snow-capped peaks, beaches, markets, adrenaline-pumping activities, award-winning restaurants and so much more, all taking place under the year-round sunshine Crete is famous for. To explore all of Crete in an almost impossible feat.

5 Serifos

Visitors willing to put some strenuous effort in will be rewarded with near-private beaches and other such settings in Serifos. Many of the most idyllic spots are only accessible along bone-jarring roads or dirt tracks, but the prize for completing the journey is some of the most wondrous scenery in all of Europe.

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This is not the island for those seeking nightlife, but rather wanderers in search of the quiet life. A delicious meal soundtracked by the gently rolling winds and perhaps even a show in the open-air amphitheater with a refreshing drink on hand.

4 Folegandros

Once ashore at Folegandros, follow a straight line to one of three iconic village squares and begin your visit in a comfortable chair outside a local café while adjusting to the lifestyle this incredible island promotes. The locals will be excited to welcome you and may even share some of the hot gossip circulating through the streets.

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The beaches here are made more of stones that sand so it is not the ideal destination for sunbathers but it offers so much more that you may not even notice. The bars here are authentic and vibrant, the food second-to-none and the sunrise is worth staying up all night to witness.

3 Astypalea

To find yourself in Astypalea, following the crowds will not work. The path less traveled is the way here, with the tourism-trade significantly lower here than many other Greek islands.

This simply means visitors can enjoy the farm-to-table meals, wild hiking tracks, old-time fishing villages, ravishing beaches and endless lagoons with only the birds to talk over them. Astypalea has been referred to in the past as ‘the happiest of islands’ and this idea is sure to rub off on all who visit.

2 Ithaca

A destination that fully reveals itself to those who valiantly clamber aboard a seaworthy vessel, Ithaca also has fantastically forested hills that open up like an inspired thought to hikers and those harboring a love of nature.

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For those on the water though, the sparkling coves and their pristine waters are a must explore and the pier-side cafes, bars and restaurants will look after you upon return. No need to bring your troubles to Ithaca, they will find no place to thrive.

1 Rhodes

An island with a truly remarkable history, Rhodes tells its tales through its stunning architecture and ancient structures. The medieval citadel is an almost overwhelming sight to behold, with its battlements still able to be traversed and its winding alleyways still asking to be explored.

Tourists looking for a trip through time will find everything they are after here but those in search of a relaxing beach holiday will not be disappointed either. With time on its side, Rhodes knows how to cater to everyone that is lucky enough to visit.

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