Agritourism is an exciting thing that travelers should experience at least once. Even for those who are not into farming or anything related to agriculture, this type of travel is a great way to stay connected to nature and appreciate it better.

While farmlands are mainly set up for food, they can also serve as an interesting attraction which is why many farms around the world are now being set up like beautiful artworks. Many of these beautiful farms, however, were not created intentionally but just turned out to be beautiful after cultivation.

Without further ado, here are some beautiful farms around the world to witness the combined beauty of humanity's efforts and nature’s work.

10 Gorreana Tea Plantation, San Miguel, Portugal

The reputation of Gorreana Tea Plantation encompasses being the oldest operating tea plantation in Europe. It is also one of the finest farms in the world.

The farm is positioned on a hillside and contains several beautiful rows of tea shrubs which is even more beautiful with the added view of the Atlantic Ocean.

9 Luoxiagou, Kunming, Qujing, China

Located in Southen China, Luoxiagou features a red land that gives its farmlands a view that looks like a colorful painting.

The red soil is great for cultivating vegetables and the various patches made by the different farmers in the area add to the colorful scenery which is best seen during sunset.

8 Spider Web Rice Fields, Cara Village, Ruteng, Indonesia

Just like the name implies, this rice field in Indonesia takes the shape of a spider web and can be found in different parts of Asia.

The farmers usually do not cultivate their rice farms with a spider’s web in mind.

They simply cultivate the farm using their traditional agricultural practices which then results in this unique web-like shape that now draws in agritourists from all over the world.

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7 Ba Gua Tea Garden, Taiwan

Ba Gua Tea Garden is a famous tea garden in Taiwan known for its unique positioning on a mountainside and its unique design on the mountain.

Most visitors who come to this farm also get to see the Thousand Island which surrounds the farm.

While taking in the views, one can grab a cup of coffee or some snacks from the mountainside shop to spice up the experience.

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6 Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, Washington, United States

The Skagit Valley is best known for its stunning flower fields which glow beautifully in a wide variety of colors during spring.

Every year, this field hosts a festival called the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival which invites people from all over the world to come and witness the field as it blossoms in purple, red, yellow, pink, and green colors.

5 Jenne Farm, Reading, Vermont, United States

Jenne Farm is best visited in fall as the farm glows in beautiful yellow, red, and orange colors. Due to its natural beauty, this farm has been dubbed one of the most photographed farms in the world.

Several Hollywood movies from Forrest Gump to Funny Farm have used this farm for filming due to its scenery.

The scenery of this farm is best seen at sunrise or sunset and the sights of cows grazing peacefully in the fields and the endless views of the sky add to the charm one will experience here.

4 Cider Hill Farm, Massachusetts, United States

Cider Hill Farm is a working farm in Massachusetts dedicated to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

While one can simply enjoy the beautiful sights, there are also opportunities to help out with some farm work.

Every year from June to late September, visitors are welcome to join in harvesting apples, peaches, nectarines, pumpkins, and raspberries.

Besides the harvesting, the farm also offers opportunities for other interesting activities like hay riding, and weekend Apple cider pressing.

3 Hood River Lavender Farm, Oregon, United States

Lavender is a beautiful thing to plant but only a few farms like Hood River Lavender Farm help people see how beautiful the crop can be.

Located in Columbia River Gorge, this farm blossoms in beautiful purple colors during summer and also features a backdrop of mountains and scenic vineyards.

Visitors can visit to enjoy a glass of wine in an outdoor bar which is usually set up by the farm during summer.

2 Arcadia Station, Queenstown, New Zealand

Arcadia is perhaps the most beautiful farm in the world which is why it appeals to celebrities all over the world and even the world-renowned entertainment capital of Hollywood.

The farm is most popular for its role in Middle earth as it was used as the home of Beorn, the skin-changer in the Hobbit movie. There are many locations from the Hobbit movie one can visit in real life but this is arguably the most beautiful.

The farm is 257 hectares large and is characterized by vast green fields, a scenic lake, and a surrounding backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

It served as a sheep farm for decades until it was sold recently by the owner who also promised to farm and make the place a major tourist attraction.

1 Lakkatura Tea Garden, Bangladesh

Lakkatura Tea Garden is one of the numerous tea gardens in the world known for its scenery. With the farm covering approximately 3,200 acres, it is one of the largest tea-producing gardens in the country.

While its size is one thing, it’s the beauty of Lakkatura Tea Garden that makes it appealing to nature-lovers all over the world.

The farm is located in Sylhet, a highly touristy part of the country and tourists often visit this garden to take a tour through the plantation and witness the beautiful green vegetation that surrounds the area.