Europe is known for its luxurious hotels, striking views, and gorgeous accommodations. Every country has something to boast and offer, and Italy being home to the best attractions might sound wonderful … and expensive. However, there are definitely budget-friendly hotels if tourists know where to look. In Tuscany, there are centuries-old buildings turned into hotels for cheap accommodations. And here’s a list of ten hotels that tourists should consider booking.

10 Hotel San Luca, Cortona

Hotel San Luca is the perfect place to stay because its location is perfect to easily roam around the attraction spots in Venice. It has Venetian features embedded in every room, from the curtains to room accessories. They offer a buffet breakfast each morning welcoming every guest with Italian-style meals. San Luca has the most accommodating staff despite being one of the budget-friendly hotels in Venice. They also guide tourists to the nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions in the city.

  • Cost: $63 per night

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9 Villa Rosa, Panzano

Villa Rosa provides the most authentic way to visit Tuscany. Its vintage vibe, surrounded by vineyards and nature, is perfect for any classic tourists who wish to experience Italy and its history. The hotel has a relaxing pool and other amenities that vacationers would enjoy. They also offer to taste the finest wines in Panzano and cooking lessons of Tuscany delicacies with the local chefs. Do not forget the cross-country tour around the Chianti territory.

  • Cost: $90 per night

8 Bed & Breakfast Le due Volpi

In the Mugello countryside in the north of Florence, B&B Le due Volpi makes a perfect alternative to Chianti hotels. The hotel features a comfortable farmhouse vibe, and a hotel this far provides guests the freedom to enjoy in peace and relax with nature. This bed and breakfast is near the historic cultural centers that every classicist would love. Since the area is located in the countryside, there are various horse stables that offer rides to guests and golf courses for leisure. After a tiring stroll, guests can relax in the garden or have a dip in the hotel’s swimming pool.

  • Cost: $90 per night

7 Inn Hotel Barberino di Mugello

Another alternative in Mugello is the Inn Hotel in Via Edison. This hotel offers one of the lowest rates in the area, but provides all necessary amenities like Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, with a pool area for leisure activities. The hotel has a mini-bar area for tourists who like relaxing with their favorite drinks. The tourists can stroll around the town’s popular monasteries, taste the popular cuisines, and get a glimpse of the nearby Motor Racing Circuit.

  • Cost: $70 - $90 per night

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6 Hotel Capelli, Montecatini Terme

Hotel Capelli is a 3-star hotel located in the Piazza town square. It offers complete modern amenities from comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and a terrace where tourists can sunbathe. The hotel restaurant is called Sala Giulio and it offers international cuisines so tourists have an array of choices. The hotel is also in the perfect location because it is located 6 minutes away from the town museum, Parc des Thermes, and Montecatini Alto.

  • Cost: $92 per night

5 Hotel Residence, Villa Rioddi

This 3-star hotel located in Volterra is ideally one of the best countryside hotels that offer various activities for vacationers. The building is centuries old, hence, the 13 rooms in the building offer a vintage vibe experience. It has a spectacular outdoor structure which is perfect for relaxation with nature. Vacationers can experience the hotel’s relaxing spa, a view of the Cecina Valley, and a stroll in the historical center of the town, which is two kilometers away from the hotel.

  • Cost: $97 per night

4 Hotel Belvedere Di San Leonino, Chianti

Hotel Belvedere was once a resident of the Falassi and Orlandi clan in the 1400s. Now, it is a popular hotel surrounded by vineyards and Chianti hills. The hotel features a lounge bar that houses classic Chianti wines and cocktails which can be enjoyed by guests in the lounge sofa. Although the building is centuries old, the rooms have modern touches to them but the vintage vibe was surely preserved on purpose. There are various restaurants in the hotel that feature Tuscan cuisines.

  • Cost: $100 per night

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3 Borgo San Luigi, Monteriggioni Siena

This hotel is dubbed as the place where everything is near and familiar. Starting with the hotel’s cuisines, it features a familiar Tuscan taste. Let’s not forget the typical Tuscan pool and the nearby familiar Tuscan locations in Siena, Florence, and Pisa. The hotel is built of antique furnishings that any classist would love. One of the things to enjoy here is the view of the vineyards where vacationers can enjoy while having their breakfast outdoors.

Cost: $100 per night

2 Casa Palmira, Feriolo Florence

Casa Palmira is a stone barn located on the old road of Florence. It has the perfect location where vacationers can easily access the Renaissance city. This bed and breakfast is perfect for family and friends. It has a comfortable living space with a fireplace to keep it warm, a kitchen where breakfast is served, and six huge bedrooms with king-size beds. Even if the hotel is far from the beach, its swimming pool is made of saltwater.

1 Sant’Anna, Camarena

This century-old monastery sits on a hill surrounded by a magical garden and fish pond. It sure has the countryside view every vacationer is looking for. Every room in this building was once a monk cell. Be sure to book early because only six rooms have their own private bathrooms and heating area. This hotel also boasts the nearby film locations where The English Patient was filmed.

  • Cost: $90

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