The world is full of architectural wonders, and some of the coolest structures out there are bridges. Some are driven over daily, as a way to get from one place to another. A couple are located at tourist attractions, where people must pay to walk over them. And many are iconic images, associated with specific places around the world.

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After browsing through some of the top bridges, it was decided that these 10 right here, which can be found in places like London and Singapore and even Texas and West Virginia, are some of the most beautiful ones that exist.

10 Tower Bridge In London

As people know from the kiddie song, there are bridges in London, and one of the most known ones is Tower Bridge. It was built in the 1800s, and today, vehicles and pedestrians can cross over it, as this is a suspension bridge and a bascule, meaning it can raise up and down.

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Obviously, the towers on this bridge helped name this structure, and people can pay to go up here, into the Victorian engine rooms, which is called the Tower Bridge Exhibition. Yes, this landmark on the River Thames is certainly a notable bridge to know and to see.

9 Dragon Bridge In Vietnam

Now, everyone has a different opinion on what makes something beautiful, so the bridges on this list may be historic and ornate or sleek and modern. This one, though, is like no other, and it belongs on this list … The Dragon Bridge is located in Da Nang, Vietnam. Work began on it in 2009, and it was ready to go in 2013. It is on the River Hàn, providing quicker access to spots such as the Da Nang International Airport and local beaches. Oh, and the best part about the Dragon Bridge? Every Saturday and Sunday night, it breathes fire and water.

8 Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge In Texas

Dallas, a bustling city in Texas, boasts museums, colleges, sports teams, annual events, tourist attractions, Fortune 500 companies, and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. This contemporary structure goes across the Trinity River and adds a pop to the already extraordinary skyline here. Since this bridge was completed in the year 2012, it has won awards and has been praised for its design that utilizes cables, steel and a curved arch that reaches up 400 feet. The six lanes on this bridge are used daily by those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and this white landmark can be seen from miles away.

7 Ponte Di Rialto In Italy

There are picturesque scenes of gondolas in Italy, and many of these show Ponte di Rialto (or the Rialto Bridge). It is one of the four bridges that go across the Grand Canal, and it is the oldest; this stone bridge has been around since the 1500s, but over the years, it has seen several changes and construction processes, as it began as a pontoon bridge in the year 1181. The covered portions of this structure lead to shops on either side, and this is one of the most visited places in all of Venice.

6 Cataract Falls Covered Bridge In Indiana

At least one covered bridge belongs on this list, as well: the Cataract Falls Covered Bridge in Indiana. It can be found in the Lieber State Recreation Area, and it has been around since the year 1876. Cars used to be able to go across this bridge, but since 1988, the road has bypassed it, meaning only pedestrians can use it now.

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And many people do come to this place, as it is photographed all the time, which makes sense; it is a quaint little thing, and Cataract Falls features two waterfalls that each have several drops within them.

5 Széchenyi Chain Bridge In Hungary

Another suspension bridge is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Hungary. It actually connects Buda and Pest, which are the western and the eastern sides of the city of Budapest. When this bridge came about in the 1840s, it was considered to be an engineering wonder, and it has benefited Hungary greatly; according to Top Budapest, it symbolizes awakening and advancements, as it linked these two sides in a great way. Going across the River Danube, this decorative bridge is certainly a gorgeous one to add to any and all bucket lists.

4 The Chords Bridge In Israel

Some people prefer contemporary designs, and the Chords Bridge is a modern marvel that is just amazing! It is also known as the Bridge of Strings or the Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge, as it is used by the Jerusalem Light Rail's Red Line. This bridge was completed in 2008, and it was built to be an iconic part of Jerusalem’s skyline and to cut down on some of the area’s traffic problems. Israel’s Chords Bridge also features a glass pedestrian bridge, allowing even more people to utilize it in even more ways.

3 New River Gorge Bridge In West Virginia

In the Appalachian Mountains, the New River Gorge Bridge (another one in the world that is quite beautiful) can be found. Vehicles can pass over it, and there is a steel walkway underneath the road portion of this bridge, allowing people to walk across. Since it is located in the New River Gorge National River area, there is also a visitor’s center, and some people even rappel or BASE jump here! The New River Gorge Bridge has been in West Virginia, since being completed in 1977, and for some time, it was the longest single-span arch bridge on the planet.

2 The Helix Bridge In Singapore

Since The Helix opened in 2010, it has received a number of awards and recognitions. Yes, this pedestrian bridge is a one-of-a-kind formation that can be found in Singapore. It features shaded canopies, four viewing platforms with incredible views and a light display, as well. At night, the double-helix structure is highlighted and illuminated, and there are also letters that are lit up in red and green; these letters - c, g, a and t - stand for cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine, which are the four bases of DNA (since this bridge looks like a strand of DNA)!

1 Brooklyn Bridge In New York

Of course, there is also the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. This bridge, which is a cable and a suspension bridge, has been around since the 1800s, meaning it was one of the first roadway bridges in the country and the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world. Back in the day, horse-drawn carriages went across the Brooklyn Bridge, but now, it is used by cars, bikes, and people. As the link between Manhattan and Brooklyn, this structure is one of the most known sites in the area, one of the most recognizable images out there and one of the most beautiful bridges that exists.

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