Few American states can match the historic catalog of South Carolina. From being the initial point where the first shots of the Civil War were fired to its beautiful beaches, vacationers have a wide range of options to explore.

Beaches along the South Carolina coastline experience a beehive of activities all year round, thanks to multiple activities at the vacationers’ disposal.

Here are incredible beachside hiking trails to explore in South Carolina.

8 Nature Scenic Trail

Most hiking trails in South Carolina are found within parks, and the Nature Scenic Trail isn’t an exception. Located inside the Hunting Island State Park, this trail allows vacationers to interact freely with mother nature. Stretching over a mile long, the trail covers enough distance to show what the South Carolina Coastline has to offer. As short as it may be, the trail takes quite some time not because it is hard but for the beautiful views, vacationers can’t get enough of. Toward the end of the trail is a raised wooden bridge used as a watchtower. Tourists can enjoy those scenic views of the larger park from up there.

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7 Sculptured Oak And Yaupon Trail

How about exploring two trails at a go? That is exactly the case inside the Myrtle Beach State Park. Vacationers who enjoy forested areas have a large area of maritime forests all to themselves. The Sculptured Oak Trail has multiple oaks, and hollies among others, without forgetting the region’s extensive dunes. Also, there is a separate trail inside the same park, but it’s a bit shorter. Covering approximately 0.4 miles, the Yaupon Trail is not short of scenic views. With different varieties of Flora and Fauna, vacationers have a lot to explore from the trail. Best still, this part of the park is wheelchair-accessible.

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6 Kent Mitchell Nature Trail

Bald Head Island is a place that’s famous for its rich history. Covering approximately 800 acres, this park is the perfect example of maritime conservation at its best. With trees dating over 300 years, there is indeed a lot to be explored here. Although not all sections of the island are available for hiking activities, the provided 0.5-mile route is more than enough. Although it’s a bit short, adventurers will still manage to interact with some of South Carolina’s hidden maritime gems. Connecting to the island via a ferry also means vacationers can experience the disconnect existing between the island and the mainland.

5 Gateway Walk

One would expect a graveyard to be a secluded area that cannot serve as a tourist destination. South Carolina does the direct opposite. The Gateway Walk is essentially an informal trail running through graveyards and gardens. This trail breaks away from traditional hiking that is mainly centered on nature. Instead, the focus is on graveyards and the iconic Holy City allowing vacationers to experience the religious and conservative side of South Carolina.

4 Brunswick Nature Preserve

By the time vacationers get to Brunswick Nature Preserve, they should have realized that time for some serious hiking activity is due. It is among the few trails that offer a real hiking experience, thanks to its elongated stretch. Extending 5.5 miles, this trail offers better views of the wild part of South Carolina. Although it is long, the walk around this trail is relatively easier. It's a pet-friendly destination since vacationers are allowed to bring their dogs with them provided they are restrained with a leash to minimize the risk of harming other hikers. The presence of a canoe launch area within the park means vacationers can as well take a break away from the trail and enjoy some water activity.

3 Mackay Creek Beach

Now that serious hiking has gained some momentum, the Mackay Creek Beach Trail will be a good way to maintain those high spirits. Stretching over 7.8 miles, this trail is not the right place to mess around. Those who dare the trail are treated to some scenic views of the coastline. The hike takes approximately three hours and pets are not allowed because of its difficulty ratings.

2 Botany Bay Beach Walk

One standout trait about this trail on the South Carolina beach is easy navigation. Stretching a mere 1.8 miles, the Botany Bay Beach Walk is an excellent way for adventurers to explore South Carolina. The fair terrain of the trail means vacationers barely finish an hour on it. This trail can get quite busy in the morning, but evenings provide the best chance for solitude. Also, it is accessible all-year-round, meaning adventurers have no substantial reason for missing out.

1 Sweet Gum Swamp Trail

At the tail end of a hiker’s experience in South Carolina is the Sweet Gum Swamp Trail. This trail is a mixture of a bit of everything. From a sequence of sand ridges to a fairly forested area, vacationers are treated to the best of Carolina’s wild. The combination of a maritime swamp and thick forest covers does the trick here.