Worldly famed as ‘’the Hollywood City,’’ southern California’s Los Angeles is an irresistible travel destination. The ‘Entertainment Capital of the World boasts more than two dozen beaches, most of which may be just as iconic as some world-class attractions, such as Disneyland. With a magnificent coastline extending from Malibu to South Bay, Los Angeles' beaches are one of its major draws. Whether on the lookout for fancy snorkeling, swimming, or catching some waves surfing, these are the ten beaches to visit in Los Angeles before summer is over!

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10 Santa Monica State Beach

Visiting Santa Monica State Beach is one of the must-dos when vacating Los Angeles. Receiving travelers from all corners of the world, this beach offers several water sports and other outdoor adventures. Located towards the west of Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica State Beach extends for three and a half miles and is a perfect family getaway destination, as there are several kid-friendly activities, such as roller coaster rides. Adults can engage in beach volleyball and swimming, surfing and paddleboarding. Santa Monica Pier is the icon of this beach and will keep vacationers busy.

9 Paradise Cove Beach

Tucked beneath Malibu cliffs, Paradise Cove Beach is one of the few beaches where beer and wine are permitted, and visitors can enjoy sipping alcohol, as long as it’s nothing stronger. This is one of the best places in Malibu for relaxing. Mostly under Paradise Cove Beach Café’s management, which offers travelers all the amenities, those looking to go surfing and swimming can always visit the beach for free. There are beach beds, lounges, and private terraces, which can sometimes cost up to $800 during peak tourist times.

8 Zuma Beach

Featuring white sand and clear waters, Zuma is a popular place for locals and travelers alike. While Zuma is a favorite summer spot, it is actually less crowded than other popular beaches in Los Angeles, especially during weekdays. With incredible weather, calm waters, and high tide, Zuma Beach is an excellent spot for surfing and swimming. Travelers should just be careful and keep checking the safety flags to ensure they’re green and not red or yellow, as that indicates the possibility of riptides.

7 Venice Beach

Venice is one of the city's most popular beaches and visited attractions. The beach offers travelers a lot of fun adventures that are not just busking in the sun and splashing water around. Covering more than a mile, the beach’s boardwalk features incredible food eateries, colorful shops, and several street vendors selling different items. The beach boasts an outdoor gym where travelers can go lift some weights if they want to. There is a bike route running parallel to Venice Beach that travelers can ride along on a beach cruiser. The trail extends for nine miles and runs up the city’s southern end, on Redondo Beach.

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6 Dockweiler State Beach

Dockweiler State Beach is perfect for vacationers looking for a quiet beach destination where they can relax without disturbance by crowds. The beach's sounds of crashing waves are always soothing for the soul. There are several activities travelers can engage in, such as beach volleyball, bike riding, enjoying a bonfire, and smoking a barbecue. Travelers can also watch airplanes because many of them frequently pass overhead from the Los Angeles International Airport, which is located nearby. Picnicking is another activity to indulge in when visiting Dockweiler State Beach.

  • Amenities: picnic facilities, fire rings, volleyball nets, showers, and restrooms

5 Manhattan Beach

Located in the trendy town of Manhattan, this gorgeous beach is a favorite spot for visitors and locals with glowing cars and big sunglasses. Manhattan Beach is the birthplace of beach volleyball, and there is always a lot going on here, making it the classic southern California beach. There are picturesque beachfront homes, which are among the most spectacular on the coast. Being one of the busiest beaches, finding parking is always a challenge and free parking is almost impossible. So, visitors should be prepared to face the scarcity of street parking.

4 El Porto Beach

Nestled on Santa Monica Bay and recognized for its scenic backdrop and incredible atmosphere, El Porto is definitely among the best beaches to visit in Los Angeles before summer ends. It is the most impressive beach in Los Angeles for having several activities to offer visitors, including wave surfing, strolling around, biking, beach volleyball, and swimming, among others. It is located north of Manhattan Beach and south of Dockweiler Beach in Playa Del Rey. Fires and dogs are not allowed on the beach.

  • Amenities : Lifeguards, volleyball courts, bike path, restaurant, restrooms, and showers

3 Carbon Beach

Carbon Beach is locally known as 'the billionaire beach' because it is surrounded by very wealthy residents. It is not a private beach but is frequented by rich people who visit for relaxation and engage in the adventure opportunities it presents. The calm waters have no rocks, making it an excellent beach for swimming. Located in Malibu, this place is always quiet, and it’s great for an evening or morning walk or job.

2 Point Dume State Beach

No vacation in Malibu would be complete without a visit to this beautiful beach that is a portion of the Point Dume National Preserve. Boasting dramatic cliffs, some of the most impressive stretches of coastline in southern California are found here. Located at the end of Malibu, Point Dume State Beach features crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming in summer. It is also a perfect place for scuba diving, and travelers may be lucky to spot sea lions.

1 Malibu Surfrider Beach

Just as its name suggests, Malibu Surfrider Beach is a popular surfing destination, and it is one of the best in Los Angeles. Located in the heart of Malibu, the beach's vibe is cool, and there is a lot to do, which is not surfing. Travelers can engage in bird watching, go picnicking with friends or family, or simply gaze at surfers as they ride the perfect waves that impressively curl up along the beautiful shore. There are many places to eat after spending some time on the beach. With plenty of things to see and do, Malibu Surfrider Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches to visit in Los Angeles before summer ends.