Many of us dream of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Whether we are jumping in to enjoy activities like snorkeling and surfing or whether we prefer to lounge on a towel with a drink in hand in order to work on that tan, a tropical vacation can be just what the doctor ordered!

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If anyone out there is planning that dream trip (or even just creating a drool-worthy bucket list), be sure to add these locales to that to-do list; each one is better than the next, almost too good to be true, and so gorgeous that it seems fake.

10 Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is on Whitsunday Island in Australia, and it is known for its white sand, which is mostly made up of silica, and its turquoise water. The sand is not only beautiful, but it also does not get hot, meaning a walk along this coast is more comfortable than most!

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At Whitehaven Beach, people barbeque, camp and swim, and there is even a swimming competition that is held here. Furthermore, this beach has been called the cleanest in Queensland and the most eco-friendly one on the planet—a couple of more reasons to visit.

Navagio Beach is in a cove, and some call it Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers Cove; a ship wrecked there (one thought to be, well, smuggling), and it sets here, abandoned in a creepy yet sort of beautiful way. But the backdrop of this ship… Now, that is the real draw.

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This beach is in Zakynthos, which is in Greece, and it is another one that has been in popular works, that could have been dreamed up and that seems too good to be real. Those blue waters are everything, and when enjoyed between these rock formations, this becomes a secret paradise.

8 Castaway Island

Of course, Fiji is the home of lots of pretty beaches, as well, and one of the most popular ones is Castaway Island. Fiji is actually made up of over 300 islands, and Castaway Island is one of 20 within a volcanic archipelago that is called the Mamanuca Chain.

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Here, there are palm trees, coral reefs, lagoons and beaches, where people go to relax and to snorkel. And just imagine being able to get into that water… Talk about a dream come true! While there are many spots worth visiting in Fiji, this should be at the top of the list.

7 Phuket

Phuket is an area that boasts everything from rainforests and mountains to beaches such as this one. Many tourists visit Thailand to enjoy seaside amenities, to soak up nature and to experience these clear waters (which, yes, look Photoshopped since they are so clear).

No matter what activity is done in this location, it will surely make for a great time, as the surroundings alone are something that not everyone gets to take in during a lifetime! So pin this to that Pinterest board, write down this name, and start planning a getaway to Phuket.

6 Kauai

Any beach in Kauai is going to offer up breathtaking views; this Hawaiian island is known as the Garden Isle, due its tropical cliffs and peaks. Lots of movies have been filmed here, lots of people come here to hike, and lots of people are probably already drooling over this beach picture.

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People may choose to scuba dive, kayak or take a helicopter over the water in order to see the caves, waterfalls, dolphins, whales and other spectacular things that this place has to offer. Yes, this beach may look fake...but it is so real.

5 Veligandu Island Beach

The Maldives has atolls, which are ring-shaped coral reefs that encircle lagoons, and each year, many people go to this place and, more specifically, to Veligandu Island Beach. The lagoon waters, the sea life near the reefs, the palm trees, the white sand, the tropical huts that honeymooners always dream of staying in… This spot has all of that and more.

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While an adventurous beach vacation is fun, Veligandu Island Beach seems like the place for serious R & R, and it is easy to imagine sipping a drink and napping in a hammock right there.

4 Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio, the next beach up, is located on Praslin Island, which is in Seychelles, a country in the Indian Ocean. This photo of it right here proves that it is another tropical locale that is almost too pretty, if that is possible!

This beach shows off big granite boulders, rather than coral reef, like many of the surrounding beaches, and it has that clear water, that smooth sand and that lush vegetation that appeals to many. Located near places such as Madagascar, Zanzibar and even Maldives, this is another destination to consider.

3 Elafonissi Beach

When it comes to natural beauty in Crete, there is everything from beaches to mountains and caves. As the largest island in Greece, this is also the home of Elafonissi Beach.

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Elafonissi Beach is described as a scenic lagoon. The water here is turquoise, the sand may be white or even pink, and the popular activities include lounging and partaking in different types of water sports. While this particular photo is not as luscious as some of the others listed out here, it does boast that number-one pull: clear, clear waters that are so pretty that look fake.

2 Eagle Beach

Next up, think about traveling to Aruba, in order to hit up Eagle Beach. This spot is known for its resorts and public areas that feature soft white sands, as seen here.

It is easy to hear the sounds associated with this image. It is easy to imagine the feel of the sand and the water. It is nice to envision booking a flight, packing a bag and landing here for a week of fun in the sun. If anyone has a travel bucket list, Eagle Beach needs to be added to that as soon as possible!

1 Grace Bay Beach

Another go-to tropical destination is Turks and Caicos, with its coral islands and underwater reefs. Obviously, scuba adventures are a big deal here, and many take it all on while visiting

This is a big and well-known spot with lots of resorts and restaurants and stores and such, but many would probably be fine with parking on the beach and not moving a muscle during the entire duration of the trip! Now, go make that to-do list, gather up that extra change for travel expenses, and get ready for paradise.

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