10 Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is located in southwest Florida and is as gorgeous as it is entertaining. The beaches are piled high with the softest sand along the coast, and clearly, the sunsets are worth the wait. The only downside to this beach is that the water isn't the usual crystal clear blue because this particular gulf stream collides with the local river.

On the bright side, Fort Myers Beach draws in all sorts of crowds. If you hang by the eyesore that is the Lani Kai, you'll be in the party-centric part of the beach, while at the opposite end, you'll find a more low-key and mellow atmosphere that's reserved for sand and sun.

9 New Smyrna Beach

This beach usually gets passed over in favor of its neighbor, Daytona Beach. But New Smyrna Beach is only fifteen miles south of the popular spring break destination and it offers a lot more stretch room.

Not only does this beach have parks and shops to explore, but its pride lies in its efforts to keep their beaches clean. From bike riding, surfing, and checking out the local eateries, this beach is worth the drive if you're on the East coast.

8 Cocoa Beach

Another beach on this coast that not that many are posting about on social media is Cocoa Beach. If you have ever thought about picking up a surfboard, this beach is the perfect place to learn. It's in a prime location, where the waves are subtle enough for newcomers, but high enough to give experts a thrill. There is even the Florida Surf Museum that you can check out before you hit the waves.

7 Vero Beach

This beach is a discreet offshore location that is overshadowed by West Palm Beach in the south and Daytona Beach up north. It's smack dab in the center of the Sunshine State and possesses some of the most serene views this side of the Atlantic.

The great thing about Vero beach is that it is welcoming to its visitors, and tourists get that authentic beach life feel. Water sports are big here, so you can try your hand at sailing or even kite surfing.

Who doesn't want to try kite surfing?

6 Marco Island

Marco Island is on the West coast of Florida and is the last (and smallest) of a string of island a few hours south of Tampa. Sanibel and Captiva Island are widely known for their tropical lifestyles, but Marco Island is where you need to go for the best views.

There is also a hotel at the precipice of Marco Island that is said to be the absolute best place in Florida to see a picturesque sunset.

5 Cayo Costa

This destination is located in one of Florida's many state parks and has miles of untouched beach. The water is crystal clear at Cayo Costa, and like many west coast beaches, the sand is soft and dazzling white. And if you're an outdoor excursionist, then this beach is where you'll want to set up camp.

Cayo Costa offers some of the best fresh-air activities that give you a bit of sand, sun, and sweat. Here you can hike, canoe, kayak, go tubing, horseback riding, and more. Or you can simply stroll along the shore and see what types of unique seashells you can find.

4 St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is actually a pretty popular wedding destination, and it's not unusual to see people exchanging their vows with this elegant waterfront backdrop. It's close to Clearwater Beach (about a ten miles away) which is one of Florida's famous coastal hot spots. But you'll find that St. Pete Beach offers the same type of scenery, just on a more subdued level.

This beach is a perfect place to find quiet serenity, but there is still plenty of hole in the wall restaurants where you can get to know the locals and try out some of Florida's freshest seafood.

3 Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is an actual beach town that is a welcoming spot for family vacations. You won't find a calm quite like the one in this old-timey slice of paradise. The atmosphere is consistently serene as if time doesn't exist, which leaves you the freedom to enjoy the sunsets and the wildlife in their entirety.

If you're looking for a bit more adventure, you can always take a scuba diving lesson or go bar hopping at the local restaurants that can be found up and down Mexico Beach.

2 Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a vogue spot for couples' getaways with its nest of luxury hotels and cabins. Plus there is an endless range of golf courses. It's rich with history, being one of the many chains of Atlantic islands off the east coast of Florida where Europeans first settled. It has an immaculate lighthouse that travelers can visit as well a boardwalk that gives its visitors plenty to do.

The appeal for this beach is its castaway ambiance. You'll feel as if you literally stepped into your own world, where you have nothing to worry about except which wine tasting you'll go to next.

1 Grayton Beach

In between Destin and Panama City Beach is where you will find Grayton Beach. It's situated along the panhandle and is truly a local's paradise. Besides its atypical glass-like waters and painted sunsets, Grayton Beach has sand-capped dunes that will make you think that you've somehow transported back up North. Except instead of hiking up snow-capped mountains, you can sail by canoe or kayak underneath a brilliant blue tapestry. This beach tends to draw in a younger crowd, but there is definitely enough sandy real estate that you can find a place to lay out to enjoy sunbathing in peace.