Going to the beach can be one of the most enjoyable things about summertime. While you likely think about regular things to bring with you such as water, a beach towel, and sunscreen, there are other items that make beach day fun and comfortable that many people tend to forget when packing their beach bag. If you’re planning a trip to the beach, whether close to home or on vacation far away, there are a lot more things you should bring with you than just a swimsuit and towel.

These items won’t take up that much space but can make your day that much better. Here are the ten things everyone forgets to pack when going to the beach.


While many beaches are close to places where you can get medical help if you need it, there are many small medical issues that you won’t need to go to the hospital for. In these cases, having a small first aid kit on hand can really help. If you or someone else in your group gets a cut or a scrape, a first aid kit can fix the problem. It’s just a good idea to keep one of these with you anytime you’re going to be outside all day.


Going to the beach is a lot of fun, but it can be bad for your skin if you’re not careful. It’s essential to take sunscreen with you and use it as much as you need, but sometimes sunburns still happen.

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In these cases, aloe vera or a cream used to treat sunburns can bring relief and keep a sunburn from ruining the entire trip. While sunburns should be avoided as much as possible, it’s always better to keep one of these items on hand.


If you’re splashing around in the water all day, you’re probably going to be left with at least a wet swimming suits when it’s time to go home. While going to the beach is a great time, cleaning up afterward isn’t always. Sand can get everywhere and having wet clothes and swimsuits can be uncomfortable and make wherever you sit wet. Taking a small bag to put wet items in will help keep the mess under control and make cleaning up easier.


Having a sharpie on you is essential if you're going to a beach where there will be a lot of other people. This is especially true if your beach trip includes bringing children with you. You’ll likely have a lot of things such as beach toys and water bottles that you want to keep track of. While labeling your stuff obviously won’t ensure that no one ever steals it, doing so will help with making sure people don’t accidentally take your items.

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It will also help you be sure the things you pack up and bring home are yours and not someone else's' by mistake.


When spending the day at the beach, it’s easy to get hungry. Swimming and soaking up the sun can be draining and make you feel ravenous, so it’s best to bring a bit more food than you’ll think you’ll need. Of course, many beaches have places where you can buy food, but if you’re looking to save money by bringing extra food from home is the way to go.


Going to the beach should be about having an enjoyable time, and bringing a speaker with you to listen to music can keep the vibe positive and fun.

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Of course, you should be considerate and aware of other people around you and not blast your music. But, listening to music softly can help you enjoy the day. Or, if you’re in an area where no one else is around, you can play your music and have a party vibe.


Many phones these days are water resistant, but you’ll still want to keep them protected. Sand can get everywhere and make your phone and phone case dirty. And, if you need to go in the water but don’t have a place to store your phone, you’ll especially want a way to keep your phone on your while also keeping it safe.

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There are many different products out there that are designed to allow cell phones to be protected from water, and some of these will even allow you to submerge your phone with no issues.


When you go to the beach, you’re probably planning on doing so on a day when it’s warm out. Although, you can also enjoy the beach on some cooler days. Even during a warm day, many beaches cool down at night. The water can make the area chilly. It’s always a good idea to have a light jacket or sweater to wear if the temperatures drop.


While you might think about wearing sunscreen on your body, don’t forget to protect your lips, too. The sun, wind, and sun can also leave your lips with a sunburn or feeling chapped. You’ll definitely feel a lot better if you use a chapstick that has SPF. This will keep your lips from getting blisters and keep you from feeling miserable while out in the sun all day.

1 1. CASH

Depending on which beach you are going to, cash can be essential. There are many places where restaurants and smaller vendors still don’t accept cards. While most places do, it’s always better to be on the safe side and keep some cash with you. You might need it to pay for parking or to buy a snack somewhere along the beach. Also, it’s generally a good idea to have a couple of different forms of payment on your in case something happens to your card or vice versa.

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