Movies may be depictions of fictional stories about artificial worlds, but the places where these stories take place are often real. Several international filming locations are taking advantage of trends in movie tourism.

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Famous landmarks from movies are popular for visiting fans, and a lot of those entries are restaurants. If you want to combine lunch with exploring your favorite iconic sets, here are 10 famous restaurants that you'll remember from some popular films.

10 Elat Burger, The Avengers

That shawarma place that Tony Stark suggests for a restful meal really exists. If you stay long enough to watch the credits, the final scene of the film is shot in a casual-looking little diner. Although it's sustained some damage in the battle, the determined owner insists on staying open in what might be a symbolic gesture.

The story behind this scene is an interesting one that we can thank Robert Downey Jr. for, as it was based on one of his improvised lines at the end of The Avengers. In the MCU, the official name of the place is Shawarma Palace and it's located in New York City. Its real counterpart is actually in Los Angeles.

9 Alien's Pizza Planet, Toy Story

This iconic location straddles the world of fantasy with reality. It's part of Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida but it's still a real working restaurant that often doubles as a movie set.

The exterior decor that includes a life-size rocket ship is fictional but the interior games and big servings of simple fast food are very real. It's a unique atmosphere that kids and adults can enjoy.

8 New York Grill, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Lost in Translation

There's a bottle of zinfandel on the menu called Francis Coppola’s Director’s Cut, a reference to the 2003 film starring Scarlett Johanssen and Bill Murray.

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This location is one of the most upscale in town, a place to relax in luxury and be seen with movie stars and famous social figures. The exterior is just as breathtaking, providing onlookers with a panoramic view of Tokyo.

7 Katz's Delicatessen, When Harry Met Sally

With a single unforgettable scene, both Meg Ryan and Katz's Delitcassean were famous. This restaurant was already a neighborhood landmark and has been in business for over a century.

If you visit the diner today, you can order from the same menu and even sit at the same table, which is marked by a sign that reads, "Where Harry met Sally... Hope you have what she had!" In a bit of interesting trivia, the lady who politely says "I'll have what she's having" is director Rob Reiner's mother.

6 Bridges Restaurant and Bar, Mrs. Doubtfire

The setting is so pivotal to this scene that it's no wonder the real restaurant is a point of fascination for movie enthusiasts. The main character in the movie runs from the bar to the dining room, changing clothes and getting more drunk as the scene careens towards an inevitable and jarring conclusion.

You can also choose between different seating areas if you visit the real restaurant in Danville, California.

5 Cremerie Restaurant Polidor, Midnight in Paris

A movie that mixes tourism, time travel, and famous historical figures is obviously fantasy, but many of the locations featured in the story are real. This restaurant was a favorite haunt of Ernest Hemingway in real life and features prominently in Midnight in Paris.

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The menu and decor are typically Parisian, so be prepared to share your movie tour with local folks relaxing with an afternoon meal and curious foodies who want to experience French cuisine.

4 21 Club, Wall Street

This pivotal scene in one of the 20th century's most iconic films wouldn't have been the same in any other location. The heavy, plush studded leather and heavy bronze accents reflect the gravity of Budd's situation.

In real life, this restaurant was formerly an upscale speakeasy and has hosted a number of celebrities. Steak tartare, the dish that Gekko orders personally for his new broker, is actually on the menu.

3 Kansas City Barbeque, Top Gun

The good news is that this bar was rebuilt and renovated after the devastating fire of 2008. The bad news is that the original jukebox, piano, and other memorabilia was lost. Vintage replacements recreate some of the magic in the old bar, and this is still the same location where the scene from Top Gun was filmed.

The location is actually in San Diego, near several other of the movie's famous locations. There are several walking tours and suggested sites for fans of the movie that are visiting this neighborhood.

2 Woody's L Street Tavern, Good Will Hunting

Before they were big stars, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were just two guys from Boston. The Woody's L Street Tavern was the place where they could relax with a pint and watch the Bruins or Sox game.

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In Good Will Hunting, the main characters spend a few memorable moments in the same place as a homage to the place that was a sanctuary in rougher times.

1 Twede's Cafe, Twin Peaks

This is the same humble Double R Diner where Agent Dale Cooper stopped for cherry pie and coffee. The same items exist on the menu, and fans regularly stop by to order the signature dessert made famous by the cult classic Twin Peaks.

The location has gone through some renovations after a fire in 2000 but still retains some of the same features, such as the rustic exterior and vintage outdoor sign.

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