Traveling throughout Spain is one of the best decisions any traveler can make, and while cities like Valencia, Madrid, and Seville offer up some great moments, we'd totally head over to Barcelona for the full city meets beach experience that every tourist will enjoy.

Visiting Barcelona offers tourists with a great mix of Spain meets Catalonia, and an array of delicious foods, landmarks, a Spanish twist with the Catalunia language and loads of free things to do within the Spanish city. Whether you are more of a city traveler or prefer spending time by the beach, Barcelona offers you the best of both worlds, making it the best option for just about everyone and anyone.

Although we'd recommend staying in Barcelona for as long as you can, 4 days allows you to soak up just enough of the city for you to get a proper feel of the best spots and hidden gems to visit and leading you to want more and more. Here are is the perfect 4-day itinerary for your next stopover in Barcelona, Spain.

13 Buy Yourself A Barcelona Travel Card

Getting around Barcelona can be done in a number of ways! Whether you love to walk the walk, take taxi's or use ride-share services then Barcelona has got you covered, however, it will certainly cost you a pretty penny. Barcelona is luckily home to one of the best public transit systems in Europe and offers tourists an exceptional Metro system that can get you to and from anywhere in the city. If you're traveling in Barcelone for 4 days, we'd recommend getting a 4-day "Hola BCN" travel card that will end up costing you only 7.25 Euro per day with unlimited travel.

12 Start The Day With Delicious Churros & Coffee

Once you have got your travel card covered, then you are free to quite literally roam around just about anywhere in Barcelona. Although this sounds tempting to do right off the bat, we'd recommend getting some food in your belly first. Barcelona is home to some of the most delicious baked goods, however, if you are feeling something sweet, we'd recommend hopping into any café and picking up some churros and chocolate with a nice coffee to start your day off right.

11 Make Your Way To La Sagrada Familia

After enjoying your small, yet satisfying breakfast, it is time to get on with your day. First stop, La Sagrada Familia! This is easily one of Barcelona's most recognized landmarks and for good reasons. Not only can you enjoy the stunning monument located in the Eixample District, but you can actually tour the inside of the iconic spot. Your best bet is to book in advance and purchase you 20 Euro tickets to avoid any lines, which will make your experience far easier and chaos-free.

10 Walk Through The Neighborhood & Stop For Lunch

La Sagrada Familia will most likely take up a chunk of your morning, but that's alright, it will be extremely worth it! Take the rest of your time to walk around the neighborhood and stop for some lunch. If you are looking for a place close to La Sagrada Familia, we'd recommend Aitor Restaurant, which offers up some delicious tapas and drinks at a reasonable price, all while allowing tourists to enjoy the view of the stunning landmark.

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9 Head Over To Park Guëll & Watch The Sunset

After a fun-filled morning of delicious food and touring the most stunning monument in all of Barcelona, it's time to continue on with your journey. Start heading north of the Eixample District towards Gracia for a visit to Park Guëll. This gorgeous park, designed by none other than Antonio Gaudi, offers tourists with exceptional views of the city. We'd totally recommend ending your evening here and standing atop the park to witness the Barcelona sunset. Quick tip! If you aren't fond of visiting the Park Guëll in the evening, you can score yourself free admission if you arrive before 8 a.m. during your stay.

8 Early Morning Visit To Casa Batlló

After enjoying your first day in Barcelona, it's time to get some rest and refresh yourself for a fun-filled day of more sightseeing. We'd recommend waking up early on your second day and wearing some walking shoes because there is still lots to see. Take the metro from your accommodation to Casa Battló, a fantastical, curving dragon-roofed apartment block that was also created by architect, Antonio Gaudi. While a visit inside is not always necessary, it still is possible. Snap some shots of the stunning outside, and then make your way over to the Gothic Quarter.

7 Spend The Afternoon In The Gothic Quarter

If there is one neighborhood that is a must-see during your stay in Barcelona, it is none other than the Gothic Quarter. This area is walking distance from Casa Battló, so getting there poses no issues. Although there are many tours to follow, we'd recommend winging it and getting lost in the narrow medieval streets that are filled with trendy bars and Catalan restaurants. This part of your trip is also a great moment for any photographers who love quaint areas with stunning architecture and lots of history behind its buildings.

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6 Dive Into A Delicious Seafood Dinner

Starting off your day early and walking about Barcelona can certainly make your belly growl, so it's best to stop for a delicious late lunch. While Barcelona is home to some of the best restaurants in Spain, we'd recommend trying out one of the countries most renowned dishes, paella! Picking one restaurant would be far too difficult, however, luckily for you, you are bound to find great paella at just about any authentic Spanish restaurant that serves it. Another quick tip! We'd recommend venturing away from tourist spots as most restaurants serving paella here won't offer you as great an experience as more authentic spots would, such as Can Ramonet in the Barceloneta district.

5 Get Yourself Tickets To A Barcelona FC Game

After a day of sightseeing and eating your weight in rice and seafood, we'd recommend ending the day with some more excitement! If you can schedule your trip around a Barcelona FC football match, then do it. Even if you aren't a fan of the sport, nothing beats the feeling of being in a stadium as big as Camp Nou. There is no need to score yourself the best tickets since a seat anywhere in the stadium will provide you with the ultimate soccer experience.

4 Visit Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona's Main Square

Let's go on with your third day in Barcelona! If you are someone who enjoys an art gallery, museum, or a day of shopping, we'd reserve your morning to do just that. The fashion scene in Barcelona is great, so picking up a few items wouldn't hurt. Once you've gotten that out of the way, head on over to Plaça Catalunya, which is known as Barcelona's main square. There are tons of things happening here whether it be street performers, people watching or festivals of sorts, Plaça Catalunya is full of action and a great place to spend your day.

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3 Barcelona's Port Is A Great Spot To End The Day

Considering just how intense you're first few days in Barcelona have been, we'd recommend taking things easy today. After spending a few hours roaming around Barcelona's main square and neighboring areas, it'd be best to grab a small bite at a spot that stands out. Don't stress yourself with getting too much done today and simply enjoy what the city has to offer. However, if you are, in fact, looking for a remarkable spot to end your day, we'd totally say do so at the Barcelona Port. The sunset is absolutely beautiful and witnessing the boats, cruise ships, and fishermen in action are quite the sights to see.

2 Rise & Shine, You're Going To Barceloneta Beach

After seeing just about everything Barcelona has to offer, it's time for some rest and relaxation. While we don't suggest sleeping the day away in your hotel or Airbnb, you'd benefit more from visiting one of the many Barcelona beaches. Grab that swimsuit of yours, a towel, and head on over to Barceloneta Beach. This is one of Barcelona's most popular beaches for swimming and lounging and has an array of nearby shops, restaurants, and ice creams spots to enhance your experience.

1 Finish The Trip Off With A Flamenco Show

As you near the end of your trip to Barcelona, there is only one way to end things off on the highest of notes, and that is with a flamenco show! There are so many great venues that offer incredible flamenco performances, such as Tablao Flamenco and Palau del Flamenco. Enjoy the experience with some drinks and delicious tapas all while diving into a major cultural moment that is ingrained in Barcelona's history.

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