The term 'millennials' is undoubtedly bound to trigger many of you reading this - which is ironic because 'trigger' almost certainly feels like the kind of term you'd use if you were a millennial.

In many ways, it's not really fair to throw as many accusations at them as we do, because in truth, they're just living the life that they know and were brought up on. There's no harm in that, right?

But instead of getting deeper into the ins and outs of these debates, we thought it'd be better to have a look at some locations throughout the planet that probably wouldn't be great for millennials to visit.

Essentially, we've listed the following 25 destinations/entries for one of two reasons: either the millennials won't appreciate their surroundings, or others won't appreciate their presence there (and sometimes it's a little bit of both).

25 Philadelphia, United States - Not The Right Crowd

Seeing a bunch of millennials coming over purely to run up the Rocky steps probably doesn’t go down too well with Philly residents.

Philadelphia is a diverse and fascinating city with a rich backstory and committed local residents aren’t going to take too kindly to youngsters not appreciating that.

24 Undeveloped African Nations - Sad State Of Affairs

While we can completely appreciate folks who go over to countries in need in order to help them out via the means of charity, a lot of people go over there for the wrong reasons.

In some ways millennials can react positively to seeing how the other half lives, but other times they just dive further and further into their own materialistic tendencies.

23 Alaska - Far Too Dull

Because what on earth are they going to do in Alaska?

Not only is it impossibly cold over there, but as well as that, most millennials just won’t be able to find as much to do as they would in other locations around the United States.

22 Old English Pubs - Don’t Even Try It

If you walk into a traditional old English pub and start trying to use all different forms of social media, then you’re going to be in for a bad time.

First off: locals don’t take too kindly to new folk entering their humble abode and as sad as that may seem, it’s just the truth. People go to the pub in order to catch up with friends or family members – not to be bothered by over enthusiastic teens.

21 Paris, France - Hopes Too High

We’re talking exclusively to those ‘Instagram influencers’ out there who thrive off of great content which makes them money.

You’ll probably go to Paris thinking that you are going to have the time of your life full of many great ‘posts’, but you’d be wrong. In fact, Paris doesn’t live up to the hype for most.

20 Family Holidays - Think About Your Audience

This one really is quite simple: when you’re on a family holiday you shouldn’t be spending 24 hours a day on your phone, and you should also try and engage in doing things that you otherwise wouldn’t care for.

We don’t know how much time you spend with your family on a day to day basis, but you need to consider the era they were brought up in as opposed to just yours.

19 The Theatre - Don’t Rain On My Parade

Going to the theatre is absolutely wonderful and we will believe that until the day we die. It's not the place for millennials, though.

First of all, you shouldn’t even be bringing your phone to the theatre, and second of all, the majority of millennials just aren’t going to understand or appreciate the kind of material that they’re seeing.

18 Vienna, Austria - Pretty Unremarkable

There are a lot of wonderful cities spread across Europe, but Vienna is just kind of different. It just seems to have a different vibe to a lot of other places spread around the continent.

That’s mainly because it isn’t really a ‘party’ city, and if there’s one thing that millennials love to do, it’s party.

17 Uninspiring American States - You Wanna Feel Motivated

You’ve got your standard states that are known around the world by a series of stereotypes, but you’ve also got the likes of Idaho, Delaware, Iowa, West Virginia and beyond that don’t have too many tourist features that would attract the masses.

They’re just kind of there and are uninspiring... to millennials.

16 A Polo Game - Be Respectful

There are plenty of sporting events you could go to and spread your millennial wings at (by partying, taking videos and photos, being quite loud) but polo isn’t one of those games.

Polo is a little bit more sophisticated than most of the events you’ve probably considered going to in the past, and therefore, it requires a certain kind of audience.

15 The Cinema - Shhh!

Get off your phone and watch the movie!

It’s not that hard. Even if you aren’t being particularly loud, the light from your phone is almost certainly going to annoy people.

If you’re spending money on going to the cinema then what’s the point of not watching the film?

14 Chinese Countryside - A Whole New World

Aside from the fact that you almost certainly wouldn’t have any signal, it just feels like millennials wouldn’t be able to appreciate their surroundings. Over hundreds of thousands of years there have been stories told and memories made in villages and towns across the great country of China, and they probably won’t even take the time to look into it all.

13 National Trust Houses - Beautiful Areas

National Trust is a charity that aims to preserve historical locations across the United Kingdom, and they do a fantastic job of it. There are a series of world class houses spread across the country, with each being more beautiful than the last.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t a big fan of walking around them or learning about the history of the facility, then you may be out of luck.

12 Barcelona - No Tourists!

Long story short: they don’t like tourists.

It’s not like they hate them to the point where they’ll actively seek them out and be rude to them, but the locals of Barcelona prefer to be surrounded by other locals from Barcelona.

Most of the time it’s not a personal thing, and it’s more about wanting to protect their own privacy.

11 Las Vegas - A Set Agenda

Look, if what we said earlier about millennials liking to party is true, then going to Las Vegas might seem like an excellent idea. Unfortunately, the people of Vegas don’t tend to have the same mindset.

The popular saying is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, which is probably why they don’t want to see cameras popping up everywhere they go.

10 Amsterdam - Don’t Take It For Granted

You’re just not ready for it, guys.

People who go to Amsterdam are often really chilled out and laid back and don’t tend to have much of a care in the world. Millennials, on the other hand, appear to panic about just about everything that comes their way or serves as an obstacle to them.

Amsterdam is a wild and unpredictable place and if you’re someone who likes to be in control, then this definitely isn’t going to be the place for you.

9 Twitter After A Major Event - Poor Representation

We’d like to try and advise all of you to not go on Twitter whatsoever, but we know that’s more of a pipe dream than anything else.

What we can try and do, though, is actively discourage millennials from going on Twitter after a major event. The reason is that you’ll end up scrolling through a variety of tweets from a series of different strangers, and you’ll use that to form your own opinion.

8 Detroit, United States - Think About It

A lot of millennials have this idea in their head that the United States is a country where everyone is just having a great time 24/7. While the first part of that sentence may be true, the second part certainly isn’t.

Case in point: Detroit. This one great city has suffered a major decline in recent years in terms of their population, as well as an increase in poverty and crime.

7 Singapore - Not A True Sign Of Asian Culture

If you’re looking to visit a built up city with many futuristic qualities, then Singapore is the place for you. If you want to go somewhere that gives you an insight into the Asian culture, then Singapore almost certainly isn’t for you.

6 Chinese Tourist Spots - Overwhelmed By The Reaction

If you want to give millennials a reality check, then take them to a popular tourist destination in the wonderful country of China.

You will be flooded with requests to have your picture taken with a group of locals, all of whom will automatically assume that you’re some kind of famous person.