Arcade Bars have become the perfect middle ground for adults to explore multiple fun interests on a free night. The combination of getting to play a plethora of arcade games in between having a few drinks with friends led to Arcade Bars having major success all across the United States. There are places to play video games and indulge in a few alcoholic beverages in almost every major city in the country.

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We will look at the absolute best Arcade Bars in the United States. They range from places that have special themes to those that just have the best arcade games to choose from. Each of the locations is successful in their own right with residents in each city enjoying the experience. Meanwhile, gamer tourists visiting these cities for the first time will often try to check them out. Find out which are worth checking out with the top ten Arcade Bars in the United States.

10 The 1Up (Denver, Colorado)

Denver is known for having impressive bars and that is extending to Arcade Bars as well. The 1Up is among the best arcades for adults in the entire country. A combination of tremendous arcade cabinets and pinball machines give you the best of both worlds at the Arcade Bar.

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1Up features monthly tournaments and league play for some of the more popular games. It creates another dynamic of fun with a community of fellow gamers getting to know each other during the fun moments. Tap beer and 40-ounce malt liquor choices are the most common drinks ordered here.

9 Cobra Arcade Bar (Phoenix, Arizona)

The hit list of arcade games offered at Cobra Arcade Bar makes it the top Arcade Bar in Phoenix. They have a catalog of all the classic games like Simpsons, X-Men and NBA Jam to appease all the gamers with different individual interests wanting to hang out together.

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Cobra’s menu also adds some fun with cocktails tying into some of the games like Pac-Man and Street Fighter. The drink specials will allow to get a few beverages without overspending and the gaming experience is affordable as well unless you’re addicted to one!

8 Kung Fu Saloon (Nashville, Tennessee)

This Arcade Bar is a bit more one-dimensional when it comes to the games compared to the rest of locations on the list. Kung Fu Saloon only has a lineup of fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and other arcade cabinets of the genre.

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The limited games will not take away from the fun as the selection is still impressive. There are also strong food and drink options on the menu to give you a great dining experience. Kung Fu Saloon is in Dallas, Houston and Austin, but the Nashville location has the most hype for it.

7 Button Mash (Los Angeles, California)

Button Mash is top Arcade Bar in the Los Angeles area of California with many reasons worth visiting it. There are incredible arcade cabinets from every genre possible to ensure everyone gets to have a fun time. The games are not the only top draw as Button Mash provides a great dining experience.

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Aside from the adult beverages one can order in between gaming, the menu has some impressive food items. The Asian fusion food choices feature hits like tamarind chicken wings and Korean pork belly sandwiches. Button Mash gives you games, drinks and a legitimately good meal.

6 Coin-Op Game Room (Sacramento, California)

There are three locations of the Coin-Op Game Room arcade in the United States, but the one in Sacramento stands out as the best. The catalog of arcade cabinet games is impressive with almost every major game from the 80s and 90s in the location.

Food is another perk with the Neapolitan pizza receiving rave reviews. Coin-Op Game Room has an impressive menu of cocktails with themed names relating to the video game. The meal, drinks and gaming experiences all merge together for a tremendous Arcade Bar experience.

5 Emporium (Chicago, Illinois)

The success of Emporium in Chicago makes it the top Arcade Bar in the state of Illinois. There are plenty of reasons to visit this Arcade Bar beyond the already impressive selection of arcade cabinets. The décor is impressive and provides a fun atmosphere to make every gamer feel at home.

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Emporium also brings in a live DJ to improve the musical experience of the bar. It is among the more traditional top bars that also has the arcade element. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other since it is among the best Arcade Bar in the entire world.

4 Seattle Pinball Museum (Seattle, Washington)

Pinball is one of the more underrated aspects of the Arcade Bar experience. Quite a few cities have arcades just dedicated to pinball games in addition to the drinks. The Seattle Pinball Museum in Seattle is the top pinball arcade in the United States for good reason.

Most pinball arcades lack the bar element which makes this location even more appealing. You get to play almost 100 pinball machines with different themes from music to movie to television show references in between taking advantage of the weekly drink specials.

3 Player 1 (Orlando, Florida)

The variety of both drinks and video games offered to play ranks Player 1 high on the list for their great presence in Orlando. This Arcade Bar has a combination of the classic arcade cabinets that provide success along with the modern consoles like PS4, Xbox 360 and other games offered to choose form.

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Drinks at Player 1 include the craft beers, wines and plenty more options to appease everyone’s taste. The size of the location allows you to easily maneuver around the various games and bar area without feeling too crammed.

2 Barcade (Brooklyn, New York)

The original Arcade Bar opened in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York and remains one of the top locations in the world. New Yorkers are able to check out the hot spot full of arcade cabinets and pinball machines. They blend together the older games from the 70s and recent games from the 2000s to add as much variety as possible.

Drink specials on different days will add to the drinking experience as well. Its one flaw in Brooklyn is that it is typically packed with a huge group of people wanting to get in on the fun. Luckily, the variety of games means you’ll always have an option when your favorite game is being played by someone else.

1 Ground Kontrol (Portland, Oregon)

Portland is known for having many fun bars, but Ground Kontrol is the top Arcade Bar in the area. It features many different attractions along with the nearly 100 arcade cabinets to choose from. Friends have great nights enjoying some drinks in between gaming with many other activities.

Some of the fun events offered include a huge pinbrawl tournament, Rock Band karaoke nights and Hearthstone gatherings. Ground Kontrol is an amazing Arcade Bar for the different aspects of fun to come from it. Oregon residents have lucked out with this arcade.

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