We often see social media uploads of our favorite celebrities holidaying over white sandy beaches, clear waters, and tropical palm trees. More often than not, they are somewhere in the Bahamas and although it may look like they are spending a fortune on activities, the reality is, they are not. This means you can live like a celebrity as well; from wining and dining, to spa treatments and shopping, there are endless possibilities to live it up on these amazing islands.

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10 Aura & Baha Mar

The Bahamas are well-know for it’s party atmosphere, and no matter what budget you are on, there is something for everyone. From funky everyday bars to high-end boutique bars and clubs, the Bahamas does not fall short when it comes to nightlife. However, if you do decide to live it up in paradise, then you will want to head to Aura Nightclub in Atlantis; 2 bars and VIP areas as well as one of the biggest dance floors in the whole of the Bahamas is not too shabby. If you’re looking for a place with more space, check out Baha Mar; 10,000 square feet of space to dance and mingle as well as boutique décor and some of the best beats in town.

9 Downtown Nassau

Shop till you drop in Downtown Nassau. Endless shopping at reasonable prices means that you can get that ‘celebrity-on-holiday’ look without the messy price tag that comes with it. Head to the Mall At Marathon for a mix of boutique and casual shopping, however still providing excellent quality clothing. If you are in town and looking for a bargain while still feeling like a celeb check out the Towne Center Mall.

8 Food Haven

If you want to eat like a celebrity, hit up one of the many A-list restaurants on the island. If you’re up for some Japanese fusion, head to Nobu, just opposite the Atlantis Casino. There have been several celebrity spotting’s here, and it is no surprise why.

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It is one of the finest Japanese eateries in the Bahamas and definitely worth your dollars. Sticking with the Asian theme, Shuang Ba serves Chinese cuisine, authentic as it comes. Perhaps Jay-Z and Beyoncé dining at The Graycliff restaurant are sufficient evidence that most A-list restaurants in the Bahamas will make you feel like a celeb yourself!

7 Head to the Platinum Coast

On the west coast of the Bahamas is what’s known as the Platinum Coast. This is due to celebrity spotting’s and tropical palm trees keeping guard over the sandy beaches and impeccably clear waters. It is also home to some of the Island’s most renowned hotels, resorts and golf clubs, so despite if you are there to do some celeb-spotting or not, the Platinum Coast will make for an amazing time in ultimate seclusion whilst you are in the midst of perhaps one of the richest parts of the island…so live it up without any price tag!

6 Spa Time

When in the Bahamas, you must ensure you take time for a spa treatment. Luckily, there are a few spas around that will be easy on your wallet while still making you feel like a celeb. Not only are most spa treatments in the Bahamas cheaper than elsewhere, they also use traditional Bahamian ingredients which comprise of unique properties to make you glow.

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Try the Mandara Spa at Atlantis and simply let your body and soul relax and melt in to relaxation. You can even have a massage to the sound of waves are crashing right in front of you.

5 Super-yacht

If you are like 99% of the population and are just an average joe, spice things up a little with a cruise over the pristine, crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas. Hiring one of these bad boys is actually not as far-fetched as it sounds. Perhaps after your spa day, you can spend one more day in relaxation mode and charter a superyacht for a day with family and friends. You can discover heaven underwater by snorkelling with the array of fish and other sea-life swimming among the vibrant, robust coral.

4 Hole-in-one

For an all-round celebrity experience in the Bahamas, book a stay at The Ocean Club by Four Seasons. Anyone who knows the Four Seasons brand will know every single resort is simply world-class. The Ocean Club takes one step further, meaning it is really in a league of its own. Attracting high-end clientele, including the likes of celebrities, business executives and top governmental personnel, and words cannot do this resort justice. It literally has everything you need to live it up in the Bahamas without the price tag only very few of us can afford.

3 Bougainvillea House, Out Island

Attracting the likes of Penelope Cruz, this secluded beachfront villa on the Out Islands of the Bahamas, is certainly one way to live your best life. This villa is best reserved by groups of friends, sleeping up to 18 guests at $214 USD per person, per night.

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Or, if you want the whole house between a few people, it will be a bit more per person, but a more intimate experience will be had. What’s more, Bougainville House served as the backdrop to the 2016 issue of Sports Illustrated 2016 – swimsuit edition.

2 One & Only Ocean Club

Blockbuster film, Casino Royale, is one of the reasons the One & Only Ocean Club is on the map. James Bond’s recent adventures were filmed here and it is not just him that has guests pulling their phones out; Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Angela Bassett and Kerry Washington have all been spotted here. You don’t have to spot a celebrity when staying here to feel like a king or queen, the resort encompasses and has achieved the many things required to feel this way without seeing a celeb first-hand.

1 Don’t stress, you got this

From pictures and social media posts by celebrities who visit the Bahamas, it may seem out of reach for most of us to really enjoy our time here; multi-million dollar superyachts, expensive looking spa treatments, high-end bars and clubs as well as Michelin Star eateries. However, if there is one tip for us average people, it’s really not as expensive as it looks, so don’t fret over it. Chances are, the photo you saw of Leonardo Di Caprio on a 10-million-dollar yacht was not his, it was just a hire yacht, and you can do that too! That expensive looking spa treatment by Beyoncé may have only looked unaffordable, but that might just be all for the picture! So, the bottom line is that can afford more in the Bahamas that you think, so live it up while you can!

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