It’s a good problem to have: trying to choose between staying on one island paradise over the other. While two of the most popular destinations in the Bahamas, Exuma and Nassau, both have their strengths and weaknesses, the right one for you will come down to the kind of traveler you are.

Nassau, the capital city, is located on the island of New Providence and offers a high-energy vibe ideal for those looking for an action-packed vacation. On the other hand, the 365 Exuma islands offer rest and rejuvenation against the backdrop of stunning views. For those looking for a truly relaxing getaway, read on to find out why Exuma could be the perfect choice.


It Feels Like A True Island Getaway

A lot of people choose the Bahamas as a travel destination in the first place because they’re looking for an island getaway. If you’re dreaming of getting some R&R in a lush tropical paradise, it might be worth choosing Exuma over Nassau. While both destinations have their strengths, Exuma ultimately has a quieter, more relaxing vibe.

You’ll find stunning island scenery in both destinations, but Exuma offers landscapes that look like they belong on a postcard. Imagine beaches with bone-white sand and turquoise water that you can contemplate in peace and quiet.

While Nassau is typically known for the vast amount of attractions on offer, Exuma does boast one or two natural wonders itself. Be sure to check out the Mile-Long Sandbar, which is the most famous sandbar in the Bahamas. It’s the immaculate views of crystal-clear water and stretches of soft sand that attract people from all over the world to the Mile-Long Sandbar.

Although tourists flock to Exuma, there tend to be larger crowds in Nassau. Exuma allows you to escape from humanity for a little while. The islands still attract high volumes of tourists, but there seems to be a common and unspoken understanding that everybody is there to relax.

The locals living on the Exumas are famed for their friendly and welcoming approach toward island visitors. This adds to the sense of relaxation that is missing in destinations affected by mass tourism, where locals may be less inclined to extend a welcoming hand to travelers.


Both destinations offer high-end resorts, but the accommodation in Exuma tends to be more varied. You’ll have the option to choose from resorts with private beaches or houses with sublime views over the ocean.

Quite a few Airbnbs have popped up in Exuma in recent years, which might be an option to consider if you’re still looking for some rest and rejuvenation without the typical resort lifestyle expected of the Bahamas. You can still find extravagant resorts that will cater to your every need in Exuma, just as you can on Paradise Island, but it’s nice to have options when it comes to accommodation.

It’s Perfect For Nature And Animal Lovers

Aside from the serene vibe that emanates throughout Exuma, the opportunity to get up close and personal with local wildlife is another point of attraction for those tossing up between these islands and Nassau. If you consider yourself an animal lover or jump at the chance to spend time in nature, Exuma may be your perfect choice.

One of the most popular attractions in the Bahamas is Pig Beach, located in Exuma. The uninhabited island is home to a colony of feral pigs (that are much cuter than they sound), and visitors have the opportunity to pet and even swim with them.

In addition to being the kind of experience that only comes along once in a lifetime, Pig Beach is also famous amongst social media users looking for the ideal photo to post on Instagram. If you only snap one picture during your time in the Bahamas, let it be on Pig Beach.

Exuma is also well-known for the colorful sea life living in its waters. Those who visit will also have the chance to frolic with nurse sharks, which also makes for a decent Instagram photo. This may sound like an activity reserved for the daring, but don’t let the name put you off. Nurse sharks are typically small in size, friendly, and used to swimming with humans. The experience reflects Finding Nemo more than Jaws.

Nature-lovers will be in their element wandering around Exuma and discovering hidden beaches, coves, and lagoons. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park might be universally known already, but it’s still one of the best places to go in the Bahamas if it’s untouched nature you’re after. Not only will you get the chance to witness some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet, but you’ll also learn about the local ecosystems and sea life in the park.