The Bahamas needs some serious help following their unfortunate hosting of Hurricane Dorian recently and the country's Ministry of Tourism & Aviation is urging vacationers to visit the unaffected islands as a means of providing assistance.

Dorian left over 50 people dead and the number could rise over the next few weeks. It's also reported that property losses could possibly reach $7 billion, while over 70,000 residents are homeless as a direct result.

Fortunately, most of the islands untouched but deputy director general of the Ministry of Tourism Ellison Thompson told USA TODAY that many persons have canceled their trips to areas that were not affected by the natural disaster and he believes it is because people think that all of the islands were ravaged.


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The ministry wants people to know that many of the popular tourist spots have not been touched and they should stick to their travel plans. Cruise ports, airports, hotels and other attractions in the central, northern and southern Bahamas remain open.

"The Bahamas is a country of 700 islands and cays beginning 50 miles off the Florida coast and stretching for 750 miles from Bimini in the north to Inagua in the south," Thompson said. "The distance between these areas are similar to the distance between Philadelphia and New York. If NYC has an issue, it doesn't affect Philadelphia."

“Maintaining a robust tourism industry will be vital in helping the country to recover and rebuild,” Bahamas Minister of Tourism & Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar added.

The ministry recommends visiting the following islands.

- Acklins and Crooked Island

- Andros

- The Berry Islands

- Bimini

- Cat Island

- Eleuthera and Harbour Island

- The Exumas

- Inagua

- Mayaguana

- Nassau and Paradise Island

- Long Island

- Rum Cay

- San Salvador

The ministry is also advertizing a tool called IslandFinder for the planning of trips.

D'Aguilar says the islands remain grateful for the support they have received so far but he wants everyone to know that the best way to assist is by visiting the unaffected locations.

Of course, there are other ways to help, with multiple organizations in the US funneling donations and visiting the locations rocked by the hurricane.