The Bahamas may be one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, but there are still a few hidden gems in the country that many travelers still don’t know about. Often located off the beaten track, these islands and cays boast spectacular landscapes and attractions, just without the thousands of tourists that ruin the relaxed vibe. Read below to find out about some of the best-kept secrets in the Bahamas.

The Wonders Of Green Turtle Cay

Seasoned travelers returning from the Bahamas always speak of one hidden gem that needs to be on your bucket list. Green Turtle Cay is located off Great Abaco. You won’t be able to fly to this barrier island as it’s only accessible via boat or ferry, but that makes it feel all the more exclusive and all the more secret.


According to The Family Traveller, Green Turtle Cay is the ideal destination for those looking for action-packed adventures in a stunning setting. You can organize private and group tours that will take you out onto the water for a range of activities. Among other things, visitors have the chance to go snorkeling and witness the sublime coral reef, and hand-feed sea life including turtles, nurse sharks, and stingrays.

One of the main industries of the island is lobster fishing, so rest assured that there’s also an abundance of fresh lobster and other delicious seafood to eat during a day trip to the island. Some tour groups even arrange picnic lunches on the private beaches of Green Turtle Cay.

The Secret Paradise Of Long Island

If you’re going to the Bahamas, you can’t miss out on Long Island. A far cry from the Long Island in New York, this slice of paradise is the ideal place to relax in the sunshine. According to Escape Artist, Long Island has officially been rated as boasting some of the world’s top 10 most beautiful beaches.

Long Island straddles the Great Bahama Bank and features a variety of landscapes. Here, you’ll get to see the turquoise waters of the Caribbean side of the island, as well as the dark blue rolling waves on the side that touches the Atlantic Ocean. There are no less than 100 miles of island to explore so nature-lovers will never be left wanting more, especially when much of that land is made up of secluded beaches and untouched greenery.

Visiting Long Island can often feel like traveling back in time as you’ll find dirt roads, free animals roaming around, and several historical artifacts. Long Island is also home to Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole on the planet. If you are a scuba diver at heart, this is the destination for you!

The Non-Stop Party At Great Guana Cay

Many people visit the Bahamas because they’re looking for a chance to escape from their busy lives and enjoy some rest and rejuvenation. Of course, there are also those travelers who are looking to live it up and party hard while in the Bahamas. And they need look no further than Great Guana Cay, home of the biggest non-stop party in the West Indies.

One of the most popular places on the cay for those who love partying is Nippers, a local hot spot that you can only access by boat or ferry from Marsh Harbor. 1 Life 196 Countries points out that there’s a party somewhere on Great Guana Cay 364 days out of the year so you’ll never be left unsatisfied.

Aside from the party culture, the cay is also famous for its pristine landscapes. In particular, head to Sunset Beach for unrivaled views of the breathtaking Caribbean sunset. Another beach that is worth checking out is Bakers Bay, located north on the cay. Bring your camera because the views are incomparable.

The Magic Of Eleuthera Island, The Pineapple Capital Of The World

There are several reasons to visit the superb Eleuthera Island, home to surfing beaches, the historic Gregory Town, and Edwin’s Turtle Lake Marine Reserve. Locals know it as the Pineapple Capital of the World thanks to the endless sprawling fields of pineapples. Check out pineapple festivals, drink pineapple drinks, and of course, sample some of the sweetest and most delicious fruit in the West Indies.

Aside from the pineapple legacy that’s so strong on the island, another brilliant reason to include Eletheura Island on your Bahamas bucket list is French Leave Beach. Famous for its pink sands, this jewel feels private and secluded and really is the perfect place to escape into fantasy and bask in the beauty.

Located only a few miles west of Eleuthera is Harbor Beach, home to the world-famous Pink Sands Beach. Although not a secret, this divine coastline is worth coming from anywhere in the world to see. You’ll truly be left in awe.