We all want our backyards to feel as though they've been designed by the top teams on HGTV. It seems that 2020 was the year everyone rediscovered the Great Outdoors and as such, spent way more time in their own yards than usual. At-home projects became second to none and home improvement stores saw many people who were, for the first time, recognizing the space they had required a little bit of creativity to become their own personal oasis.

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This year, it's predicted that outdoor decor is going to be trending even more, with people finally being vaccinated and able to see their loved ones. While travel is slowly starting up again, many people are expecting guests this year, along with get-togethers, BBQs, and backyard parties. It's shaping up to be a more social summer for many and, as such, the backyard trends are reflecting ideas that are innovative and fun. Backyards are going through a transformative period right now and these are only a few of the trends that experts predict will be ongoing for 2021.

Adding Privacy And Protection From The Elements

The trends for 2021 have been undeniably influenced by the events of the previous year and the need for privacy while spending time outside was definitely on the upswing. Rather than putting up umbrellas and gazebos, people were going out of their way to create full pergola situations, build creative and artistic walls, and made use of tapestries and fabric panels for hot summer days.

Anything from work to working out was done outdoors the previous year so it makes sense that 2021 would build on that with more permanent structures. Backyards have essentially become an extension of one's actual house and, now, that's the way they're being made to feel, as well. The atmosphere of a backyard, in general, is now akin to walking into an extra room or house space, with a little more fresh air.

Outdoor Kitchens

It can be a pain trying to organize an outdoor gathering while the host is constantly back and forth from the kitchen to the patio. As a result of this, outdoor kitchens have been on the rise. The pricey additions are gaining in popularity and it's not all that unusual to find that someone has an outdoor stove, sink, or even a wood-fire oven.

It keeps the party going safely outdoors and prevents any social disconnect that can happen when people are constantly in and out of the house, and guests can be involved, too.

Growing Edible Gardens

There's nothing like being able to pluck a few tomatoes off the vine that's growing right outside one's back door. Edible gardens, AKA gardens that are filled with edible goodies such as veggies, herbs, fruits, and even edible flowers, are up and trending.

This likely has a connection with the fact that cooking at home has become so popular over the past year, as well, leading to increased plate creativity. There's something altogether different about being self-sustainable and being able to finish off a plate with some edible petals.

Utilizing Front Yard Space

For those who don't necessarily have tons of backyard space, making good use of front yard space has also been trending. It's not every day that a person can add a few benches and some gorgeous gardens to their front yard and consider it a place to be 'social,' but if the past year has taught us anything, it's that we'll be social outdoors in whatever space we can get. This has led to an increased interest in maintaining and upgrading our front yard spaces, if only for the sake of entertaining our neighbors from six feet away.

Splurging on High-Tech Outdoor Gear

This includes anything from high-tech grills to solar light torches. Technology now has a firm place in outdoor design and can do quite a lot to change up a space, not to mention make it more efficient.

Those who spend time outdoors are beginning to take notice of how much easier and streamlined their own yards can be with the use of some simple upgrades. It started with solar panels, and now we're at propane tank-fueled glass fire pits.

Winterizing Yards So They Can Be Used Year-Round

Anything to make a yard cozy for the cooler months has officially been trending and even home-goods stores have jumped on the bandwagon. Outdoor throw pillows, waterproof cushions, rugs, and even blankets have been of particular interest.

Awnings that provide some sense of shelter from light rainstorms and sheets that hold heat in are things people are investing in now, as well. Additionally, heat sources such as outdoor heaters and chic fire pits, as mentioned before, are adding a year-round vibe to many spaces.

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