Adventure seekers don’t travel like everybody else. When it comes to exploring the world, backpacking is a way to get outdoors and in touch with nature. Folks who love to get out there and do it are down-to-earth and eager to embrace their surroundings. There’s so much to see and do in this great wide world.

No first-class accommodations necessary for these up-for-anything types. They’ve got all they need in their trusty backpack, from clothing to toiletries to non-perishable snacks. There is no chance of getting stuck in traffic or being held up by the usual bothers the more traditional travelers face.


But what’s so special about a backpack anyway? Sure, it’s convenient, and some people swear by it. But the burden on one’s back can put a damper on the trip. Depending upon the nature of your travels, why not consider using a suitcase instead? Choose one with wheels for the ease of it all, and you may just say, “Bye, bye” to your backpack for good.

These five reasons below why it’s better to “backpack” with a suitcase make sense. Backpackers may think it’s nonsense, but once they realize that suitcases have their perks, they may jump on board and give that old backpack a break.

Let’s Check Their Posture In A Couple Of Years

It may be nice to have your hands free, but backpacks can weigh a lot. These young backpackers are OK for now, but all those pounds add pressure to their bodies. It can be difficult to stand straight with decent posture when all that stuff packed inside the backpack is like a ton of bricks. Those who backpack for weeks on end surely feel sore by day two. With a wheeled suitcase, there’s no strain or stress on the body. Simply tug it along and even sit on it when you need a break. It’s like a two-in-one travel companion!

This Stuff Has Got To Be Slowing Them Down

These ladies have a lot of stuff. They surely want to see as much as they can while backpacking, but with so much carry-on gear on their bodies, it means they’ll be moving pretty darn slowly. That’s just time wasted when they could have already been at the next spot. With a handy suitcase, they can zip along and get the most out of their outdoor adventure.

There is so much to see in this amazing world, and when the pace is snail-like, some of the best spots will never be reached. These two could make even more memories if they’d lose the big backpacks and get smarter with a sleek suitcase.

They Coulda Shared One Suitcase Instead

These gals look happy to be on their way with their backpacks full, but they’d have an even better time traveling if they’d only swap their backpacks for a suitcase. They don’t seem to have too much stuff, so they could combine their items into one suitable suitcase. As they move along during their journey, they can switch who tugs the suitcase along, making the time spent far more manageable for both of them. Using one suitcase means they can even consider sharing some items inside, making the load even lighter. Imagine how big their smiles would be if that were the case. C’mon girls, at least think about it!

Suitcases Are A Lot Sturdier

Things will go badly pretty fast if you get a tear in your backpack. The situation will only get worse as you stuff more things inside. It would be a major bummer to be walking around to find that the whole thing has fallen apart. All of your personal items would be on the ground, and you’d have no way to get your stuff together to carry it. A well-made backpack should stand up to any condition, but not every backpacker goes for the gold. Some choose backpacks that are cheap and flimsy, and they will learn the hard way that it’s important to invest in a backpack that’s decent. Better yet, choosing a sturdy suitcase will eliminate this issue. The wear and tear won’t be as brutal, and your stuff will remain safe inside.

You Could Always Go For The Combo

Not ready to ditch the backpack completely? Perfectly understandable. Why not do a hybrid compromise and carry along both? You will be able to lug around more items and work your way up to getting rid of the backpack entirely. If you enjoy using both, then stick to the convenient combo method. Every backpacker has their preference, so see what works for you. If a suitcase just isn’t your style, then stick to your usual travel routine with your favorite backpack. Most importantly, enjoy your trip and safe travels!