Backpacking is a rite of passage for many people. Whether you're a college student who's taking a break to travel or a retired person just looking to explore the world and have some alone time, backpacking can be a very meditative and fulfilling experience. You also get the privilege of exploring a side of the world that you've never been exposed to.

Asia has gained popularity over the last few years as a travel destination. South Korea, in particular, has gained popularity for being rich in history, culture, and very affordable tourism. This is perfect for the backpacker on a budget.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't go in without a financial plan. Here are a few costs to consider if you're venturing into South Korea as a solo backpacker.

10 Getting Around On The Day-To-Day ($35-70)

This can vary a lot. You may end up spending a bit more on trains ($57 to be exact) and flights. However, according to The Broke Backpacker, you can score flights for around $35! If you want to hop on a bus, you can score tickets for as low as $27. It's recommended that you grab a T-Money card for easy access to buses and the subway system, as well.

9 Scooter Your Way Around The City (Under $1)

Scooters are gaining popularity in Asia as an efficient way to travel. We recommend this if you want to avoid any crowding or just want a bit of adrenaline. According to Tunnel Time, the company Kickgoing Scooters offers trips for 1000 Won ($1.15), with your first five minutes free and 100 Won ($0.10) for each additional minute. You could easily get a nice zoom around the city without breaking the bank.

8 Affordable Areas To Rest Your Head ($15-25/night)

Hotels are nice, but they tend to be a little pricey. A room in a hostel will only cost $10-15. Private rooms tend to cost a bit more, but not by much. Some places to consider are The House Hostel in Sokcho and Busan Backpackers in Busan. If you're in Seoul, the Beinkea Premium Hotel Dongdaemun's nightly rate is around $64. As they say, there's an exception to every rule.

7 Accommodations So Cheap... You Won't Spend A Dime ($0)

If you've ever wanted to get paid to travel, maybe consider teaching abroad. Native English speakers are desperately wanted in South Korea to teach. If you've got a degree and a TESL under your belt, head over to South Korea. You'll start off working after school and weekend contracts (known as hagwon) before transitioning to public schools (and a regular work schedule). The school will usually provide you an apartment, as well as airfare reimbursement.

6 Volunteering For Your Room And Board ($0)

If you want to save money and give back, think about volunteering while in South Korea. It's usually only a few hours a day and, in return, you get your room and board free of charge. World Packers is a great organization to look into. They have hundreds of volunteer opportunities across the globe, and they can even help you find work opportunities in other sectors, such as NGOs and eco-projects.

5 Keeping A Budget (Yes, This Is Important!) ($45-50/day)

Now, this is the part that no traveler wants to hear. Keeping a daily budget will ensure that you have enough money to get through your trip. It's recommended that you stick to $45-50 a day. One way to keep your daily budget is to be careful around nightlife. It's best to indulge before going to bars and clubs. If you're in the mood to sing, karaoke booths are much cheaper than karaoke bars.

4 Travel Insurance (Better Safe Than Sorry) (Cost Depends)

This is something that might seem like a waste of money, but it's better to be safe than sorry. One website to consider is World Nomads. Just enter your information and it'll give you various quotes for different insurance packages. It will outline all of the details of what you're covered for. You should also look into Safety Wing, which is tailored specifically for backpackers and nomads.

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3 Keeping Your Stomach Satisfied (Less than $5)

While abroad, trying new food is part of the experience. However, it's easy to bleed money while feeding yourself. One option to consider is the amazing South Korean street food. You can get a pretty filling meal for around $3 or $4, including an amazing Korean barbecue! You can also enjoy such foods as Korean fried chicken, Bingsu (shaved ice), and Sundubu jjigae (tofu and seafood stew) in little eateries that will cost you less than $10.

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2 Tourist Attractions To Keep You Busy ($0-120)

South Korea has many more expensive tourist attractions, but also its fair share of free activities. There are many opportunities to go hiking and walking if you just want to explore the city on your terms. If you want to check out the Gyeongbokgung Palace, a ticket is only around $3! However, if you're in the mood to hit up a spa or a flight to check out Jeju island, bear in mind that those might cost you more.

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1 Fees To Keep In Mind ($3-55)

The easiest way to lose money is through fees. For example, ATM fees cost around $4. One way to avoid that is by ensuring that your debit card won't charge you with transaction fees. If you're Canadian, another option to consider STACK, a prepaid Visa card. Pocket WiFi can also drain your bank account as it can cost you around $55! If you desperately need the Internet, make sure that you factor it into your budget.

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