Backpacking through Europe seems like a totally dreamy thing to do. Since forever, people have been talking about going on backpacking trips, and it once seemed like a challenge that more bohemian travelers would take on. But anyone can do this and Europe is definitely an exciting place to backpack through.

Reddit is a wonderful place when you want advice, especially when it comes to travel. People share their personal stories and want to help each other have the best vacations that they can, and many have posted about what it was like to backpack through Europe. Whether they did this for weeks or months at a time, people have a lot to say on this topic, and they're interested in giving really detailed accounts of what they saw and did.


Read on to find out why backpacking is the perfect way to see Europe, according to Reddit.

It's More Affordable (If You're Careful)

One reason why backpacking through Europe is a recommended way to see the country? It's more affordable... if you're careful about the money that you're spending. Sure, you could technically backpack through Europe while eating in lavish, fancy restaurants and staying in nice hotels, but that would kind of defeat the purpose as you would be shelling out a lot of cash.

People on Reddit recommend staying in Airbnbs and hostels as this is a good way to save money. One post gives two really helpful suggestions: find a hostel that has breakfast without an extra cost and take buses to get around whichever city you're in. How much do hostels cost? The Walrus Bar and Hostel in London, for example, costs around $35 USD for one night and there is a no-cost breakfast as well. It's easy to see that this would be a huge savings over hotel rooms, and if you book an Airbnb, you'll have a kitchen which saves on restaurants as well.

Someone gave this awesome advice to budget a lot for one day and another, spend a bit of money. As long as you're not spending too much money on where you're staying each night, you can definitely find a nice restaurant or pay for a tour. You still want to have a great experience.

You Can Be A Free Spirit And Explore This Beautiful Place

According to As We Travel, someone who goes backpacking is basically going on a trip with a backpack instead of any other kind of luggage. While some will hike while backpacking, others won't, but hostels and relying on buses, the subway, and getting around on foot are common themes. It does sound dreamy not to have to lug around tons of bags and too much stuff.

Backpacking is definitely the best way to see Europe as you can be a free spirit and explore this beautiful place.

This Reddit post says it all: "Don't stick to your itinerary if you hear about a fantastic place somewhere else. Listen to people. Ask them about stuff."

Because of the nature of backpacking (staying in a hostel, perhaps traveling on your own or with only one other person, being used to talking to strangers), you'll be interested in going with the flow. Another user posted on Reddit and shared their opinion of why being chill while backpacking through Europe is so great. They wrote, "Sometimes our best travel experiences come from recommendations from locals on the road, who may open their home or share an experience with you, all things you won't know about until you arrive. It'd be a shame to miss out on everything because you've pre-scheduled the heck out of your itinerary."

And that will bring on the best times since planning too much could mean missing out on what's right in front of you. It could be as simple as planning to go to a famous restaurant in one European city and then stumbling upon another one that appeals to you more... and then having an incredible meal that you won't forget. Backpacking is unique and special as it basically forces you to let things happen during your trip.

It also seems like backpackers are more interested in talking with people who live in the city that they're visiting, which will be cool. You can make new friends and have an even deeper and more well-rounded understanding of the town or city where you are.

Looking to backpack through Europe? According to Reddit, this is a really good way to see it as you can save money by staying in hostels and Airbnbs, walk around and take buses, meet some new people, and refrain from planning too much. These things will all result in an incredible backpacking trip.