There are many vacations that can be considered family-friendly, although it depends on the age of your children and what their interests are. While some elementary-school-aged kids would cheer at the thought of exploring Athens or Rome, others are more interested in a hotel pool or going to the beach. But sometimes parents want to get away just the two of them, and it makes sense to pick a destination that makes for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime type of trip.


Whether your kids are going to stay with their grandparents for the week (and get spoiled with treats, of course) or you know an awesome sitter who can come by, here are two vacations that are absolutely worth hiring a babysitter for.

Experience Beautiful Tel Aviv (And Get An Incredible Deal)

Going to Tel Aviv would definitely be a vacation that is worth hiring a babysitter for, and thankfully, there's a really good flight deal on through Leave from JFK in New York on Tuesday, February 25th and come home on Tuesday, March 2nd, and you'll get your plane tickets for $640 USD.

How should you spend your time in Tel Aviv? My Adventures Across The World recommends walking around the area of Neve Tzedek. From the photos on Trip Advisor, this neighborhood looks truly adorable. From the colorful buildings to The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, there's a lot to see during your time here.

The blog also suggests taking a walking tour of the city through Get Your Guide. It's in English, takes three hours, and you'll also see Jaffa which is considered the "Old City."

You can stay at a hotel called The Lusky which has 27 rooms. You could even get a room with a small kitchen if you want. You're close to Neve Tzedek, according to Trip Advisor, and this is a well-loved hotel.

Travelers arriving in Tel Aviv should definitely stop at Nina Cafe Bistro, which serves up coffee, herb salad, gnocchi, and breakfast dishes. Another favorite restaurant is Dallal Bakery. With latte art, outdoor seating that includes a charming wooden table plus stools at a counter, and all kinds of pastries, it's easy to see why people love eating here.

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Spend A Week In Tokyo, Japan

Of course, while finding a flight deal is always a cause for celebration, there are also those destinations that you have always been super curious about. You want to book a trip immediately even if it's not the absolute cheapest, and you know it'll be worth it. There are endless possibilities, right?

When thinking about what kind of trip to take, it's helpful to ask some other people what amazing places they've been to. In a thread on Reddit, someone said, "2 months in Japan. I guess that's more of a backpacking trip than a vacation but it was still pretty epic."

While parents who are taking a trip without their little ones might not want to see it by backpacking, what about spending a week in Tokyo, Japan? This would be another epic vacation worth hiring a babysitter for. You could stay at Hotel East 21 Tokyo, which even has a shuttle if you want to go to Toyko Disney Resort as well (which could be fun). A Trip Advisor review points out that not only is the hotel near lots of restaurants but a grocery store as well. The hotel has seven places to eat, including Bakery shop Un, where you can get bread, cookies, and cake, according to the hotel website.

According to The Culture Trip, tourists heading to Tokyo can go to the Tokyo National Museum which is located in Ueno Park. You can also go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. It's also worth visiting the Sensō-ji temple which the website says has an "iconic red lantern."

Wondering what food to try in Japan? For breakfast, go to Suke6 Diner. Order waffles, an omelet, the English breakfast (which you can order without meat), and sides of bacon, sauteed greens, and avocado. Another good restaurant for sushi is Ise Sueyoshi. The food is arranged on each plate like art, and many super happy customers posted on Trip Advisor that they enjoyed hearing from Chef Yuuki about the ingredients that he was using.

Of all the places that parents could go without their kids, both Tel Aviv and Tokyo would be incredible trips where they would make some great memories. Spending a week in these two cities would definitely warrant hiring a babysitter to look after the kiddos.

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