There are endless reasons to add Mexico to your bucket list, and one of them is the plethora of ancient sites that you can still visit in the country today. Left behind by great civilizations like the Aztecs and the Mayans, these structures have been standing for centuries and now act as a gateway into history.

The artifacts recovered from these sites, as well as the architecture and buildings themselves, have helped historians and archeologists to understand the rich history of Mexico a little better. Keep reading to find out which 10 Aztec structures you should visit while in Mexico, and which 5 Mayan sites you should add to your list.

15 Find Detailed Aztec Artwork At Tenayuca

If you’re looking for an amazing Aztec structure to visit during your trip to Mexico, Tenayuca has to be on your bucket list. According to The Culture Trip, the site was discovered in 1925 and boasts temples detailed with Aztec artwork. It is located in San Bartolo.

14 Visit The Fascinating Calixtlahuaca Near Toluca

The pyramids that remain in Calixtlahuaca are a testament to how brilliant the city was during the time of the Aztecs. Trip Historic points out that this site was originally home to the Matlatzinca people before the Aztecs took it over in the 15th century. The archeological site can be found near the modern city of Toluca.

13 The Cultural Celebration At Plaza De Las Tres Culturas

One of the best things about Plaza de la Tres Culturas is that it’s super easy to get to, thanks to its location in the main square of Tlatelolco, a neighborhood in Mexico City. Here you’ll find the ruins of the temple of Tlatelolco and a huge Aztec market.

The Pyramids Of Teotihuacán might be crowded with tourists, but it will be well worth battling it out with the mobs of people to get a glimpse at this famous Aztec site. Situated outside of central Mexico City, the site boasts two pyramids known as the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun.

11 See Palaces And Temples At Xochicalco

Xochicalco isn’t just an Aztec archeological site; it also once served as a center for the Toltec and Mixtec cultures. Here you’ll find palaces, temples, ball courts, and even a cave. It is located in the western part of the Mexican state of Morelos.

10 A Hidden Gem: The Amazing Cuicuilco

Cuicuilco may generally fly under the radar, but that doesn’t mean that this archeological site doesn’t have a lot to offer. In Nahuatl, Cuicuilco means the place of song and was originally inhabited by other civilizations. The Aztecs arrived around the 14th century.

9 Once A Center Of Religion And Politics: Santa Cecilia

Located in the State of Mexico, in a town called Santa Cecelia, the Santa Cecilia ruin is a fine example of early Aztec architecture. Originally, the site was associated with prominent figures in Aztec politics and religions, before the Spanish destroyed most of it so they could build churches with the plundered stone.

8 No Mexican Trip Is Complete Without A Templo Mayor Visit

Perhaps another one of the most famous Aztec ruins is Templo Mayor, which is conveniently located in the heart of Mexico City. It is said that Templo Mayor was one of the central temples in the ancient Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Today, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Mexico.

7 A Jewel From Aztec Mythology: Tula

The runs of the city of Tula can be found around 90 minutes to the north of Mexico City, according to Curious history buffs come from far and wide to see the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, the Mesoamerican god. Aztec mythology shows that the city was abandoned around 1150.

6 The Mysteries Of El Tepozteco

El Tepozteco is a small but fascinating archeological site that is located in Morelos. It features a temple and it said to have been built in 1502, due to the glyphs that were uncovered there. Some historians believe that these were only added to pay tribute to the fallen Aztec ruler Ahuizotl, and the building was standing for much longer.

5 Chichen Itza Will Leave You In Awe

Arguably the most famous ancient site in Mexico is Chichen Itza, the wondrous Mayan pyramid that sits on the Yucatan Peninsula. Many travelers choose to make a day trip to the structure since it is located so close to Cancun.

4 You'll Get Views And History At Monte Albán

Another one of the most famous and beloved Mayan sites in Mexico is Monte Albán. Situated high above the valley floor, a visit to this site will offer spectacular views of the city and mountains. If that’s not enough, Monte Albán is also home to palaces, temples, an observatory, and a ball court.

3 A Gem In The Jungle: The Mayan Palenque

Palenque has to be on your bucket list if you’re interested in witnessing the most fascinating Mayan structures that are still standing. Not only will you get to see the Temple of the Inscriptions, home to the tomb of the ruler of Pacal, but you’ll also observe local wildlife as you trek through the jungle to get there.

2 Bring Your Climbing Shoes To Coba

The ancient pyramid at Coba is a popular tourist destination, but it receives significantly fewer crowds than other more famous sites, such as Chichen Itza. According to Road Affair, Coba boasts the largest network of stone causeways in the Maya civilization.

1 The Wonderful Calakmul Is Near The Guatemalan Border

Situated near the Guatemalan border, Calakmul is definitely worth the trip. The site features a pyramid that is around 147 feet tall. Due to the remote nature of the site, you’ll also get a feel of what it was like hundreds of years ago before it became a tourist destination.