When it comes to wedding locations, you have a few different options. You could find a venue in the city or town where you live, you could find a nostalgic spot in your hometown, or you could go for a destination wedding. Many people choose to get married in another country as they think it seems like a much easier, more streamlined way to plan the big day. It can also be a good way to keep the guest list small and intimate.

But when you think about destination weddings, you definitely picture a couple saying "I do" on a beautiful beach, right? There are some other locations that have very different environments. These destination wedding ideas don't involve beaches, but they sound awesome.


The Biltmore Estate Would Be An Interesting, Charming Choice

According to Top Wedding Sites, you could have a destination wedding at The Biltmore which is in Asheville, North Carolina. This is a gorgeous location to get married at but what's even better is that your guests can stay here during a fun wedding weekend. George Vanderbilt lived here with his wife, Edith, and people began work on the house in 1889, according to the website. The chateau is of the French Renaissance style and has 250 rooms.

There are a ton of different options for your venue depending on what kind of vibe you want. You could go for the Antler Hill Barn which works for 60-150 people and has a bonfire area plus courtyards. You might go for Cedric's Garden which the website describes as "private garden oasis nestled in a charming European village setting." Or maybe you want something more traditional so you'll choose The Inn on Biltmore Estate where you have incredible views and use of the ballroom.

Choose Romantic Paris For A Dreamy Wedding Day

What about getting married in Paris? It's hard to ignore how impossibly romantic and dreamy this would be since it's the City Of Love. Venue Report suggests a really great venue: the Shangri La Hotel. Built in the 19th century, the hotel has views of the Seine River and Eiffel Tower.

You can choose to get married in the Grand Salon, which has a fireplace, crystal chandeliers, and a lot of marble and gold. You could also say "I do" in the garden during the months of June until September and have a really pretty outdoor wedding. There's a terrace and this is ideal for a smaller wedding of 50 people. You can have a cocktail reception with champagne and canapes and then a three-course dinner with a wedding cake. There are a few packages to pick from along with different cake flavors, including the Vanilla Intensity which the website describes as "composed of a biscuit, a light mousse with a whipped vanilla Chantilly cream placed on a shortbread biscuit."

Get Married At Magical Disneyland Or Disney World

Do you love Disney... at least enough to get married at Disneyland? You totally can, and it's a really cool and different kind of destination wedding. What's awesome about this is you will have a Disney Wedding Planner who will assist you with everything, so planning will truly be stress-free and fun.

There are a number of venues that you can pick out, such as the Magic Kingdom Lawn at Disneyland. If you choose to get married there, you could have a buffet dinner, walk down the lawn that is decorated with flowers, and you can enjoy both the ceremony and reception in the same place. This would be a beautiful wedding location on a nice warm day. And it's a great venue for a big wedding as you can have 300 people there. If Disney World in Florida is more your thing, pick the Croquet Lawn at the Boardwalk Inn. You can have 200 people here and Disneyweddings.com says you will "feel like you're getting married in your own private English garden."

Wondering what kind of canapes you would serve at your Disney wedding? According to Magical Kingdoms, it could include "Parsnip Hummus on Dried Salami Chip," "Vegetable-Red Pepper Hummus in Phyllo," and "Five-Spice Chicken and Sesame Seeds." These appetizers sound delicious and there's a lot of peace of mind knowing that Disney has hosted tons of weddings and done them all well.

When you're looking for a destination wedding location that isn't on the beach because you want something unique and different, these three venues should give you some great ideas. You could be walking down the aisle at Disneyland or Disney World, heading to the gorgeous Biltmore Estate for a wedding weekend, or booking your big day at a fancy hotel in Paris. Any of these locations would make for an unforgettable wedding.