There is a lot to do in Greece, as its one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for its rich history, beautiful scenery, and cruises. It's easy to get overwhelmed and you will definitely want to take multiple trips to see all the sights.

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As to not overwhelm you, we only picked 10 awesome things to do in Greece, and this list includes everything from visiting the beauty of nature to its historic temples. Get out your notebook, because these sites are worth remembering to check out!

10 Hike Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in all of Greece and is famously known as the home of the Greek gods. Every year, thousands of visitors make the trip to climb to the mountain peak.

If you wish to climb to the top, you should definitely do your research so you're as prepared as possible. The peak is often covered in clouds and snow. You may not get to see Zeus's throne, but you have a chance to get amazing views. Definitely bring your camera!

9 Explore The Museum Of The Olive And Greek Olive Oil

This museum is pretty unique and specific. It made it this list because you probably won't find another museum dedicated to olive oil anywhere else on the planet. The museum is located in Sparta and centers on the culture and technology that encompass the production of the olive and olive oil. You will be surprised how linked the food is to Greek and Mediterranean identity.

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What you can find this museum includes rare fossilized olive leaves, ancient documents about olives, and how the olive is a symbol in mythology.

8 Go To The Epidaurus Theater

This ancient theater is considered to be the perfect location for the best acoustics. It's believed that the stage and seats were constructed all the way back in 4th century B.C. The theater can seat anywhere from 13,000 to 14,000 spectators. Back in the day, the location was used for music, games, and songs that worshiped the demigod, Asclepius.

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Today, the theater attracts tourists from all over the world. The best way to enjoy it though is to see a show.

7 Tour The Acropolis Of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is a citadel that you can easily spend an entire day exploring. It's believed the ancients buildings were first constructed sometime between 495–429 B.C.

When most people think of traditional Greece, the Acropolis of Athens is what comes to mind due to its historical and cultural significance. If you're only in Greece for a short time, then this location should be at the top of your list.

6 Canoe At Lake Plastira

If you're in the mood for the great outdoors and some quiet, Lake Plastira is the place for you. It's also pretty romantic if you are looking to set a certain mood. There are a lot of activities to do here such as water bicycling, canoeing, and hiking. It is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes Greece has to offer.

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Depending on when you go, it is not typically a crowded place. Visitors often have found it to be peaceful and full of breathtaking views.

5 Travel To The Monasteries Of Meteora

These are some of the most beautiful monasteries in the world due to being built on the top of some gorgeous rock formations. At one point, there were 24 monasteries built on these rocks. Today, there are six left, and they're available for tourists to visit.

The largest monastery you can visit is the Monastery of Great Meteoron. One of its main buildings serves as a museum for visitors.

4 See The Delphi

The Delphi is an ancient sanctuary that once seated an oracle, Pythia, who made many decisions and consulted with leaders in far Greek history. The Greeks considered the Delphi to be the center of the world. The site has a ton of religious significance as it once served as a place to worship Gaia.

There are a lot of sites to visit around the Delphi such as the Temple of Apollo, an ancient theatre, the Stoa of the Athenians, the Altar of the Chians, and much more.

3 Visit Hephaestus Temple

Located in Athens, this temple is worth seeing due to being so well preserved. It served Hephaestus, who is the Greek god of fire, craftsmanship, and metalworking. Due to that, the temple has a lot of metalworking and pottery workshops. It is believed the temple was constructed around 449 B.C.

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Visitors have noted that this location is less visited by tourists than the Acropolis of Athens and it is well worth the visit because you actually can see the Acropolis from the temple.

2 Swim At Balos Beach

If you're tired of history, mythology, and museums, then a day trip to Balos Beach is not a bad idea. The beach and lagoon have restaurants and cafes around to visit and is a great place for swimming due to the lack of waves and rocks.

Just be sure to not clash with the cruises, because travelers have noted that it becomes a tourist trap at that time. It's best to try to go at a time that cruises don't stop there or else it will become very crowded.

1 Walk Around The Samaria Gorge

This national park is known to be one of the most scenic and has about 10 miles worth of hiking trails to explore. Bringing along hiking boots, a day pack, and trekking poles are advised by those who have trekked the trails before.

Be warned as it's not exactly a walk in the park. Past visitors have written on Trip Advisor that a hike here can be a little difficult for the less-experienced hikers.

The park in on the Greek island of Crete and has existed since 1962.

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