Who doesn't love Oreo cookies?! They are a staple in most homes these days, being the number one selling cookie of the 20th century. The company brings in $1.5 billion in revenue every year, and these delicious sandwich cookies are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. It's safe to say that Oreos are a popular choice for snacking!

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People seem to have a habit of wanting to get creative when they find a good thing, and this is true for Oreos as well. The company has produced a lot of different flavors over the years, including Jelly Donut, Dulce de Leche & Banana, S'mores, Watermelon, Candy Corn, and Caramel Apple, to name a few. China, however, takes unique flavors to a whole new level. Here are 10 unique Oreo flavors you can find in China.

10 Wasabi

Wasabi? Yes, you read that right. Oreo created quite a stir when it launched its wasabi-flavored Oreos last year, as customers weren't quite sure what to expect. How do you pair cookies made from cocoa with the spice that is so familiar in wasabi? Then again, spicy candies like cinnamon hearts and the like are quite popular, so it could possibly work!

The overall consensus was that the sweetness of the cocoa cookies, that everyone has come to know and love from Oreo, just didn't mix with the spice of the wasabi. The wasabi on its own wasn't as frighteningly spicy as one might expect, but several reviewers said that the two flavors just simply didn't mix well together.

9 Hot Chicken Wings

Mmm, chicken wings... spicy sauce, crispy and cooked to perfection... sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. Wait, what?! Are they serious? Yes, they are. Oreo's other shocking flavor that debuted last year in China was their spicy chicken wing flavor.

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The reviews on this cookie flavor were similar to the wasabi flavor. Critics just weren't sure that the combination of spicy chicken belonged paired with chocolate cookies. While the spice wasn't too intense for reviewers, just the sheer combination of the two flavors wasn't well received. They were a little more popular in China, but the US just wasn't quite ready for the craziness.

8 Red Bean Cake

Oreo recently released six new flavors in China as part of a box set. The set is called China Six Flavors, and the variety is meant to mimic tasty snacks that used to be served to Chinese royalty in days past. The cookies come in a commemorative pack with Chinese details around the box, and each flavor of cookie is individually wrapped.

One of the flavors in this 6-pack is Red Bean Cake. Traditional red bean cake is a lovely dessert served in China, made from red bean paste that has been frozen. It is usually served during traditional Chinese holidays, such as Chinese New Year. The cookie company managed to replicate this traditional dessert in the form of an Oreo.

7 Green Tea Cake

Green tea has become incredibly popular in North America in recent years due to its nutritional value and low caffeine content. Green tea, however, has been consumed in Asia for many years. Ingredients in green tea have been proven to improve brain function and increase fat burning, and it is full of antioxidants and minerals necessary for good health.

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Another flavor that is featured in the China Six Flavors pack is Green Tea Cake. While we can't promise that these Oreos will have any of the brain-boosting powers of green tea, they will have the earthy flavor of green tea, mixed with their traditional cocoa biscuits.

6 Lychee-Rose Cake

Lychee is a popular Asian fruit that many people in North America have come to discover and love. It has a gentle, sweet taste without being too overpowering, and it is often featured in traditional Asian desserts.

The combination of the subtle sweetness of the lychee fruit paired with gentle floral tones makes lychee-rose cakes very popular. Oreo was clever when they decided to add this flavor into their China Six Flavors kit; it has been one of the favorite flavors!

5 Spicy Pepper Pastry

This is another one of those flavors that you might question when you think of Oreo's traditional chocolate cookie base paired with a spicy pepper pastry from China. These pastries are a favorite in China, and they consist of a fluffy pastry wrapped around a spicy pepper paste that has quite a kick to it.

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Again, it may seem a bit strange pairing these two flavors together. However, because this kit was catering to traditional Chinese snacks and treats that were usually served to Chinese royalty, it made sense to include this one. You will have to decide for yourself if it's a flavor you want to try!

4 BBQ Pork Pastry

BBQ pork pastries are a traditional dim sum recipe in China, adding savory flavors to mix with the sweet treats of dim sum. The inside of a BBQ pork pastry usually has a lovely mix of BBQ pork, soy sauce, sesame oil, and onions. The puff pastry around the outside is traditionally made with lard, and, while very tasty, it is not exactly the healthiest!

Now, can you picture this flavor mixed between two chocolate cookies? Neither could we. However, it has been well received in China, and the China Six Flavors pack of cookies is very popular. Time will tell if these unique flavors will make their way to America.

3 Vintage Haw

Haw flakes are a traditional Chinese treat made from the Chinese hawthorn plant. They are usually formed into thin, pink disks and served as a sweet and tangy treat for children and adults alike.

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This sweet treat was captured in yet another flavor in the China Six Flavors pack, and we agree that this combination with the traditional Oreo cookies is a great match! What do you think? Will Vintage Haw be one of your new favorites, too? You will have to wait and see if it makes an appearance on American grocery store shelves.

2 Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry ice cream and Oreo cookies are definitely a flavor combination we can get on board with! Luckily, this flavor isn't only available in China, although it did originate there. These cookies combine the delicious taste of the traditional Oreo cookie with a lovely, creamy blueberry ice cream flavor.

This delicious flavor is not part of the China Six Flavors, and it is available in more countries than some of the other kinds. See if you can find it in your local grocery store! Yum!

1 Orange & Mango Duo

There are certain flavor combinations that are just meant to be: chocolate and peanut butter, strawberry and kiwi, and, of course, mango and orange. The flavors of these two fruits can't be beaten, and they combine to make a deliciously tropical flavor.

Oreo decided to take advantage of this lovely combination to make their orange and mango cookies. They combine the two fruit flavors between their traditional chocolate cookies. They have released similar double-combination Oreos, including raspberry with blueberry and grape with peach.

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