When most North Americans think of those golden arches, our minds quickly go to crispy French fries, McDoubles, and oodles of McNuggets gracing our tastebuds. And while McDonald's has locations all over the world, their menu differs depending on the country they're in. Now, just because McDonald's was founded in America, doesn't mean they have their American favorites on menus across the globe. In fact, these 10 meals are only found in McDonald's in America.

Some of these meals are only found in certain regions of America, others simply didn't work out and are no longer on menus at all, while others can still be found on menus all over the gorgeous US.


Oddly enough, the McLobster is out-of-box enough to be perfect for the McDonald's menu; however, you can't just walk into any McDonald's and order this moist sandwich. In the states of New Hampshire, New England, Maine, Massachusets, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, you'll find this North Atlantic filled-lobster sandwich, mixed with mayonnaise. Accompanying the lobster is a toasted bun and lettuce.


Every region of America is filled with different meals that are kind of a staple in their household.

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The East Coast loves their seafood just as much as the South loves their biscuits and gravy. This is why a few McDonald's locations in the South added breakfast biscuits covered in a gravy with sausage bits

8 Haupia Pie

Even though haupia pies are served in certain McDonald's' in America, that doesn't mean that many Americans have had it already. Only served in Hawaii, this McDonald's dessert is filled with a coconut-filled pudding, wrapped in their classic apple pie crust. It's crispy, flakey, and is filled with a robust coconut filling.


Just like the McLobster, McDonald's was also playing around with the Crab Sandwich. The global chain tested the sandwich out on the West Coast, primarily in San Francisco back in 2017.

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The sandwich was filled with snow crab meat, celery, seasoned mayonnaise, and butter wrapped in lettuce on a toasted bun with tomatoes. McDonald's started playing around with fish sandwiches due to certain religions not being able to eat red meat.


What is the Homestyle Burger, you ask? At 410 calories (we expected worse, to be honest), this burger is topped with American cheese, bacon, grilled onion, tomato, lettuce—and what makes it the Homestyle Burger—special sauce that kind of looks like mayonnaise. What's interesting about this burger is it's accompanied by chips, which is odd since most of McDonald's burgers are right next to oily fries.

5 Hatch Green Chile Double Burger

McDonald's seems to know their customers inside and out, which is why they wanted to give something back to the people of New Mexico. Since New Mexico is known for their bold food choices, McDonald's added green chilies to their burger and called it the Hatch Green Chile Double Burger. Aside from the simple addition of chiles to the burger, it also has mustard, ketchup, American cheese, and onion — all on top of a bun.


There are a ton of Americans who love their steak and eggs. Not only do steak and eggs go well together, but it's perfect for brunch or just someone who can't decide between lunch and breakfast. After combining steak and eggs, they created the Steak & Egg Burrito for their breakfast menu back in 1991. However, although the Steak & Egg Burrito may seem like a popular menu option across the country, McDonald's only serves it in New York, Arizona, California, and New Mexico.


Although Hawaii is an American state, it's not exactly attached to another state, making it quite a trek to get there and experience their culture.

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At certain Hawaiian McDonald's though, they serve up saimin. Created by island immigrants in Hawaii, saimin is a hot noodle dish, filled with egg noodles, hot dashi, and green onions. Think of it as the Hawaiian Ramen Noodles.


If there's one thing Americans all love, it's ranch. There was a time where people were putting Ranch dressing on everything. From fries to chicken fingers — Ranch dressing wasn't just for vegetables, it was for anything you wanted. McDonald's decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a BBG Ranch Burger. The burgers were topped off with a Mcdonald's made BBQ ranch sauce, cheese, and totilla strips. It's pretty simple when you think about it, but it was packed with some serious taste. In 2013, this sassy burger was even placed on McDonald's Dollar Menu.


Not many people head over to McDonald's for a "healthy" salad. When you want McDonald's, it's usually because you're looking for something quick and tasty. Back in the late '80s, McDonald's was trying to brighten their image so they created a menu of Premium Salads.

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The salads were typically filled with shredded lettuce and topped with cherry tomatoes, crispy chicken (or grilled chicken), and any other accessories they wanted for the particular salad. These days, North American McDonald's' has a ton of different salads, but they are sometimes fattier than their burgers!