Some people go to Disney to ride the coolest rides, eat the tastiest food, and watch the most entertaining performances. Others go there for the photos.

Disney World in Orlando is loaded with tons of magical photo ops. Who doesn't come back after a day at the parks with millions of snapshots of Cinderella Castle? When does someone not take the opportunity to pose in front of the Tree of Life? Did we mention there are also tons of characters to smile alongside?

While it's always fun to strike a pose at the classic spots, there are even more great places to take a photo at if you search a little harder. Here are a few lesser-known locations worth adding to your Instagram.

10 Cinderella Wishing Well

Tucked away in an alcove near Cinderella Castle is Cinderella’s Wishing Well. The beautifully decorated centerpiece is embellished with a shiny rose-laced arch and golden versions of Cinderella’s animal friends.

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This romantic spot is tucked away from the rest of the Magic Kingdom on a lesser-used pathway, making it the perfect place to relax and take a snapshot. It’s also known to be a prime location for Disney World engagements.

9 Bubblegum Wall

While Magic Kingdom is home to the famed Purple Wall, Epcot is king of its colorful companion: the Bubblegum Wall.

This Instagram-worthy location is located near the park’s entrance by Spaceship Earth. It features a bright pink and light purple backdrop that makes its photo subjects stand out.

If you’d rather pose in front of a cooler color pallet, the Blueberry Wall is just a few steps away.

8 U.K. Phone Booths

Epcot’s World Showcase features food, entertainment, and gift shops based on countries around the world. Next time you walk by the United Kingdom Pavilion, you’re going to want to head toward the right edge where some classic red telephone booths have made their home. These booths' vibrant color and authenticity make it a prime spot for photos.

Earlier in Epcot's history, the phone booths actually worked!

7 Tangled Floating Lanterns

While you’ll probably pass by the incredibly themed Tangled area during the day, you’ll miss out on a prime photo opportunity if you don’t come back at night.

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You can actually hold a glowing lantern that resembles the ones from the “I See The Light” number in Tangled during select times. This photo opportunity puts you in the center of the magic as other lanterns light up behind you.

6 Neon Mickey Wall

The parks aren’t the only place with great photo locations. The resorts have just as many cool fixtures to pose against!

Inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort is the Neon Mickey Wall, where everyone’s favorite mouse is lit up and ready to be used as a backdrop. The glowing wall can be found outside the Fantasia Store, which is easily accessed via the monorail.

5 Hollywood Studios Cadillac

Want to go for a drive?

Located in Hollywood Studios is a golden 1941 Cadillac that’s too fine to miss. When the car first released, it cost around $1,500 brand new. Today, it exists as one of the classiest photo locations on Sunset Boulevard.

It’s an especially good snapshot spot if you’re visiting the park during Dapper Day, which is a fan-created event that encourages visitors to dress up in their best vintage costumes.

4 Zoomed-Out Expedition Everest

Of course you can take a photo right in front of Expedition Everest, but for the best view, it’s better to head away from it, deeper into Asia. When the pathway forks, go left toward Discovery River. That’s where you’ll find the perfect location to get a snapshot of the mountain and the water in the same pic.

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This off-to-the-side spot is so prime, sometimes Disney will even send its own photographers to capture guests' adventures here.

3 Disney’s Boardwalk

This charming Disney location features a dueling piano bar, an ice cream shop, a dance hall, and more. In other words, there are so many good photo ops here, it might just be worth a visit.

While parking is limited at the Boardwalk, it can be accessed via Disney’s complimentary transportation system. If you’re going to take just one photo, make sure you include that glistening lake in the background.

2 Torii Gate

This vibrant red Torii Gate located at Epcot can be found near the back of the park in Japan. It gives guests a full view of the World Showcase Lagoon and even keeps the famed Spaceship Earth building in view.

If you stop by during sunset on a clear day, you might be treated to some magnificent colors in the sky. Either way, it's worth a visit.

1 Fantasia Topiary

Don’t rush into Hollywood Studios so fast that you miss this!

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Right in front of the park entrance is this Sorcerer Mickey topiary surrounded by broomsticks. Not only is it a nod to Fantasia, but it is also a reference to the park’s original icon, the Sorcerer’s Hat.

It’s worth stopping by. After all, the vibrant background will have your photo subjects popping, and the classic movie theming makes it a must.