That's right, Avengers fans, your next vacation destination will be none other than California to soak up all of that Marvel fandom. While 2020 took many new openings away from us, 2021 is quickly giving them back and among them is the new Avengers Campus at Disneyland, which is set to open up fully on June 4th, 2021. This new campus-style park will be open at the Disneyland Resort and promises to make each guest feel as though they're truly becoming part of the Avengers, complete with themed attractions led by the corresponding Avengers.


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This park attraction is every fan's dream come true as they soar through the city with Spider-Man, take on logistics with Tony Stark, and master the mystic arts with Doctor Strange. There's no doubt that this will be the lead attraction this summer and with so much to learn about being an Avenger, chances are, fans won't want to leave. When they do, though, they can rest assured that they'll leave with the knowledge of what it takes to be a true Superhero. Ready to take an inside look at the very first campus for future Avengers?

WEB-SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

The first of the attractions to make headlines is WEB-SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, which will give guests a chance to work their Spidey Senses. This attraction is part of WEB - Worldwide Engineering Brigade - which was assembled by Tony Stark in order to bring heroes, such as Spider-Man, together. The mission of WEB is to turn the average person into a superhero with the use of innovative technology, which is where guests come in!

Actor Tom Holland takes the role of Spider-Man once again to show guests what it takes to be Spider-Man in a family-friendly attraction that allows everyone to spread their wings - or their webs, in this case - and be their own hero.

Guardians of the Galaxy: BREAKOUT!

Marvel fans who have been to the park are probably familiar with this attraction, which has been open since 2017. Now, it's part of the Avengers Campus land and will once again take guests through a dizzying, height-defying journey through the galaxy.

Guests will travel alongside the Guardians and help Rocket as he saves his friends, while also enjoying the soundtrack and dialogue that made the movies so epic. With all the free-falls and thrills of this ride, guests will likely forget that they're still on earth, especially with six different storylines to follow.

Doctor Strange's Ancient Sanctum

No Avengers Campus would be complete without the teachings of Doctor Strange, of which a tribute is paid in the form of the Ancient Sanctum. During the day, this sanctum resembles exactly what will remember from both the comics and the movies.

At night, the Sanctum is alive with the mystic arts and the lights and sounds of all that go with it. The dazzling light display will make guests feel as though they are students of the Doctor himself, with a mesmerizing park atmosphere to match.

Pym Test Kitchen, Pym Testing Lab, And Food Carts

All of that Avenger training is bound to make a person hungry, right? That's where the Pym Test Kitchen comes in. The theme of this restaurant follows a similar design to the test lab where Ant-Man and The Wasp would have used Pym particles to change the size of various things and, in keeping with that theme, the food follows the same scientific 'process.'

Featured on the menu are things like small bites and starters that can be shared with a group or panini, called 'Pym-nini', that can be served by the slice (small) or ordered by the multi-serving sandwich (large). Additionally, there will be plant-based options and micro-meatballs with pasta, and that's only to name a few of its clever menu items.

Additionally, the Pym Testing Lab, which is located right next store, will be the one-stop shop for all adult beverages. These will come in the appropriate test lab beakers and will also feature mixed drinks in accordance with the theme of the brewery and bar. For those who just want something simple and quick, two food carts will be nearby: Shawarma Palace, a favorite of Tony Stark, and Terran Treats, a name that fans of Guardians of the Galaxy will surely recognize.

Campus Supply Pod

After all of that attraction-riding and themed eating, it's time for some shopping. The Campus Supply Pod will be the place for fans to find anything they could dream of in order to become an Avenger, from gear to merchandise.

There, unique Marvel-themed items will be for sale in-store, and fans can get a sneak peek on Marvel's website.

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