Articles by Vanessa Elle


10 Most Amazing Airbnbs In Europe

With the rise of Airbnbs, travelers now have more options when it comes to accommodation. Staying in someone else’s home allows you to feel more at home yourself because you don’t have to contend with...


10 Etiquette Customs To Follow In China

The largest country in the world by population, China is an exciting destination shaped by thousands of years of tradition, many of which are still upheld today. These traditions influence the etiquet...


10 Etiquette Tips For Afternoon Tea In England

Attending afternoon tea is a pastime that most foreigners want to try during their visits to England. The practice dates back to the 1840s when a duchess asked for sandwiches to help her ward off hung...


10 Things To Know Before Going To Egypt

Boasting some of the most famous historical landmarks in the world, Egypt is a popular travel destination for visitors from all over the world. They arrive by the millions each year to visit the famed...


10 Things About America That Confuse Foreigners

Home to several of the world’s most famous cities and landmarks, the United States is always on the receiving end of an influx of tourists. People come from all over the world to see sights like the S...


Top 10 Delicacies To Sample In Greece

When we think of Greek food, we tend to picture the classics: tender lamb on the spit, gyros stuffed with lamb or chicken and salad, fried halloumi, Greek salad, and the super-sweet Baklava, a walnut ...

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